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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

.MINE....ALL MINE!!!!!

The Day is all first day off since Christmas day. I was supposed to have the day after off as well but ended up going in for 4 hours to help close, so today is mine....... all mine.

I brought the hubster to work so I could have the truck, go to the bank and make a much needed deposit... Then I get to finally pay some bills. What a GREAT feeling. Ive had the money in the account to pay the bill for both our cell phones but never had the 10 minutes to sit down & write the check, nor did I have the stamps...always a day late and a dollar short!!! Can anyone relate? arggghhh! I need to work on time management.

I was blessed with such a surprize yesterday while at work, Ronnie took our tree down, vacuumed, did laundry,scoured the bathroom...ohh AND tackled the soaking and unforgiving casserole dish I baked homemade macaroni and cheese in the other day....then went to the Sprint store and paid our cell phone bill in person...all so I could do whatever I wanted or needed to do with "My Day Off" Is he a keeper or what?

When I come back from the bank, Im actually going to pull out my fabric, paints, and sit down and CREATE....CREATE...CREATE!!!!!! Ive got a couple of surprizes to make a friend, and I designed them in my sketch book awhile ago and they are just calling to be made. I have all the supplies, and I am soooo excited. Its been almost 3 and a half weeks since Ive fed my soul with sewing. Im also going to sew a primitive sheep Stacey from Goode Wife from Washington County designed and surprized me with...ohhh the pressure!!!!

Im also going to call my computer savy friend Allie and ask her if shed be willing to come over for an hour and download all of my pictures from my computer onto the blank cds I bought for this. The last time she was here, she promised to teach me how to organize and create file folders for them which means I can then post all the pictures I want and bore you all to tears with Opie, my latest designs, my family, etc....I cannot wait. If not today, then my next day off on Friday.

I know myself how just reading someones blog without pics can be sometimes...mmm...well downright boring or too much to read. so I personally thank you all for hanging in there with me, and believeing in me and my desire to learn all I can on this dang putter. I bore myself sometimes. HA! I know you all support me and care about me enough to leave comments, and encourage me. so I shall keep my commitment to myself and to you and prioritize meeting with Allie.

Im also excited about sharing some of Ronnies awesome work, he just got an order for a dreamcatcher and I will show you when hes completed it. He is amazing. He designs and makes exquisite Native American chokers for men and women, he makes dream catchers and sometimes incorporates a recovery medallion on the top sitting regally among the assortment of feathers, and beads. He recently completed a woodburnt piece of oval wood and he burned a pair of wild, western boots onto it. He made our brother in-law a beautiful medium size wooden box with a saddle on it. Wow...Mike loved it, since hes a race horse owner, and enthusiast. So it will be fun to show you Ronnies passion for creating as well.

Before I end, I wanted to share with you how wonderful our New Years eve was as we exchanged Christmas gifts with each other. Ronnie bought me a beautiful wide, gold bracelet, a soft. blue "Laura Ashley" bathrobe...(go Ronnie) and a pair of sheepskin clog slippers, a daily meditation book for the Christian Woman, and hes growing a sexy goatee for me.... I bought him 2 shirts, one with a Native American print. ( chamoix deerskin) kind of a clay color, a huge fishing net, (challenging to wrap) a gift card at Cabelas, (a hunting fishing store), a pair of socks w/reinforced toes and heels, a 6 pack of toewarmers cuz he welds outside in the bitter cold, and a bumper sticker that states he loves FISHING. my son bought him an awesome watch and "Mustang" cologne...thank you Jordan, now we can throw away his "Brut" which should have gone away when the High Karate did!

Embrace the day with a spirit of gratitude, and live it as the gift it is....The next time you visit, I hope my blog will be picture friendly!!!!


Anonymous said...

Kat you don't need photos....when I am reading the posts I am in your are amazing...and wasn't Rannie so nice to surprise you like that!!!! Yep definately better keep him. I am glad you have got to do some craft. (I haven't forgotten about your pendant....just looking for the perfect picture) xxxRobby

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

check your email! You won!
Happy New Year!!

Stacey said...

You enjoy Kat! You sure have been working hard and sometimes you just need a day to call yours! Don't let the sheep intimidate you~ he's a blank canvas! Go where he tells you and enjoy! I know you will help him to show his wonderful spirit through your hands! You know.. I haven't seen any art police out giving tickets....

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

He vacuumed, did laundry AND scoured the bathroom? Ummm... Do ya rent him out? :> )
Sounds like the perfect day!!!