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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Meet My Uncle....& Yours

Allow me to introduce you to my uncle...& yours!
"UNCLE SAM" who is 22 inches tall, loaded w/ charm and gentle reminders to help me to feel such gratitude for our beautiful country in spite of our horrendous high gas prices...& other political issues & concerns.
I look at Uncle Sam & Im blasted with excitement TO vote this coming November....
I say a silent prayer of thanks & ask for a safe return for our brave U.S. Troops still far away fighting for our freedom, our rights, our safety.
Sam has flax seed hair, I used real 100% cotton right off the bud for his bushy eyebrows, mustache, and fluffy goat-tee. I dabbed a pinprick of glitter right in the center of his bright baby blues that were painted with both acrylics and artists pencils. His nose was needle sculpted as was his mouth. His Flannel jacket sits comfortably over his cotton shirt sprinkled w/ teeny stars. His pants are sewn from red & white ticking, and hes sporting black painted boots tied with a piece of patriotic fabric strip. Hes gently rubbed and stained with my secret blend of primitive goodies, and his red, white, & blue yo yo button holders show off his gold plated buttons with stars on them. His stained tag proudly states his birth place...."AMERICA" & a small round tag on his shoulder announces his name "Sam"
Sam is a one of a kind "Scaredy Kat FolkHeart" design and hes dated & signed.
I am in the process of birthing his younger twin brother which will be similar as they share the same D.N.A. but his brothers attire will differ a bit to keep their Mama from gettin bored!
I am going to include shipping in the price of this delightful Uncle Sam so if anyone is interested, or would just like to stop by and say hello, please feel free to email me. Ill leave my addy at the end of this entry.
I hope you get a kick out of Sam and although my work is one of a kind unless otherwize stated, Im proud and humbled to say that because Ive learned so much from studying so many of you, that I cannot say this is "Mine alone" when it was all of you who continue to inspire & encourage me to tap into; the best thats yet to be.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Miracles of Recovery

Id like to share with you one of my many miracles in recovery.

This story doesnt have to do w/ precious Anola sitting on my lap, as much as it does with her daddy Matt.

3 years ago, I was at my regular 12 step meeting on a Saturday morning helping set up the chairs, literature etc...then I went outside to greet any newcomers. This particular meeting was being held at our town shelter. I immediately saw this young woman, very pale, wiping tears away, standing next to a tall handsome young man probably in his early 20s. I welcomed them, offered them coffee and they politely declined. I know the woman was looking at me probably wondering if I should be trusted because of my tattoos,& piercings, but the desperation she felt provided her the courage she needed to ask me if I worked here at the shelter. "No, Im just the door greeter at this N.A. Meeting" She said she was happy that there was a meeting here, (for her brother) but first they needed to find him an emergency place for him to stay.

Matt had been staying w/ his sister & brother in law but couldnt risk keeping him at their home w/ a brand new baby, while he was only into about the second day of a difficult detox.

The shelter didnt have room for him and they were completely at their wits end.

The poor girl was so stressed out, so I asked her to leave him there and come back for him in a couple of hours. This is where the best part comes.... one of them anyway...I asked Matt if he was serious about trying to get and stay clean and sober and the poor kid was so exhausted, so willing to do anything anyone could do. I told him to raise his hand at the meeting which he absolutely needed & share his emergency needs and desire to get clean. I wanted to see if hed work past the humiliation or embarrassment Im sure it took for anyone to ask a bunch of strangers for help of any kind...He passed w/ flying colors. I saw something in this young man that was real, I cant tell you what it was other than God asking me to trust Matts willingness and trust God. I did.

I invited Matt to join us at dinner that night so he could meet Ronnie who I thought would help him feel more comfortable being a guy, plus I already knew I was going to ask Ronnie after meeting him & seeing the desire in Matts spirit if Matt could stay in one of our several unused guest rooms until he found a sober house.

Now Its not normal even for me to bring home temporary lost souls to spend a night or several in our home, especially someone experiencing detox of any kind!!!!but ya know when ya just KNOW????? well I felt that, and if it bit me in the face, I still would win cuz I was being obedient to God, now convincing Ronnie to feel what I may have been alone in feeling was going to be the work of God, not mine, but my feelings were so strong, I was convinced this was a God shot, not a Kat shot.

At that shelter meeting Matt met a young man who was the house manager who ran a mens sober house down the street from us but a bed wouldnt be available for a few as I left Matt with his sister after the meeting I figured Id never see him again, but as I was preparing dinner, the phone rang & it was Matt, he was craving and nervous cuz he didnt want to use so he asked if he could come over a little early...3 hours early!!!! we laugh today about that...But I invited him over and was soooo proud of him for reaching out.

So long story short, (too late for that) we ate, Ronnie fell in love with him as I did and he stayed with us for about a week or so and moved into the sober house. We had the privilidge of watching him make several changes during his first year in recovery.

Then Im not sure why or what happened, I guess life, but I was saddened when we lost touch. I prayed for him, I had to let go and let God, I wouldnt allow myself to go to the dark side and assume he relapsed.

2 weeks ago Ronnie and I were driving down our street & Ron said "whos that at our front door"?, we didnt recognise the luxury car...HOLY MOLY it was my Mattie!!!! he was writing a note with his new number.... "Ive been busy, he said as we embraced" I went to school and became a US Marshall! "he works for a court house and transports prisoners. He graduated at the top of his class! and "Oh I wanted you to meet my girlfriend Nicole...oh and Kat..... I want you to meet my daughter"!!!!!!! OMG I looked in the back of his car and in the car seat there she slept 2 month old Perfect lil angel. "Anola". Nicole also blessed Matt with a ready made family because she has an 8 year old son Mikey, who is a charachter.

Nicole said to me as we embraced, "I couldnt wait to meet Matts hero "Kat", he talks about how you saved his life all the time" I know I was only a part of his journey but I also know I was only following what God put on my heart.

So our BBQ on Saturday couldnt have been more perfect w/ Matts new family & now mine.

Because Nicole had to work her part time job which she just went back to after being on maternity leave, and works full time AND goes to school....they came a little earlier than our other guests, and left after spending 3 wonderful hours with us, they left feeling as full of love as we did. I just love what miracles happen when we invite them in, or when we allow others to give us not a hand out but a hand up. I wanted to share a few photos of my new family. I wanted to share with you why I am soooo committed to trying to carry the message of hope.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Good Bye Mr. Mulburry

Ronnie sittin on Jordans su...suzukee. I cant even say the words and Ronnie teasing Jordan w/ feigned disdain for bringing a rice rocket into our Harley Davidson loyal family. Ronnie thought hed be nice enough to fill Jordans tank.

Back to our original story..I just think he looks great for bein an old fart an all!!!!

Wild woman Crystal!

Heres a few pics of part of our Mulburry tree that afforded that felonious bird I posted about 2 entries ago & several others to perch above my head, while Im on my deck sipping my coffee & lets just say they "Doo" whatever they want wherever they want. SO that part of the tree just had to go!

We thought wed put a bird bath on the stump, so Crystal leveled it off for us. Is there anything as cool as the sound of that chainsaw? well probably... but I sure love the memories it provided for me when I did work for that wildwoman. In the fall in some beautiful and very expensive homes, taking trees down and carrying logs and dragging brush, the sound of the wood chipper as we removed some of the stumps not thick enough to be considered logs, but to chunky to drag for brush.

Well Ive got to go bake Ronnie and Jordans birthday cake and get the beans & tater salad going, mmmmm I bought Ronnie the new Horseshoe set hes been BEGGING me for. Yesterday, the town safety inspector stopped by our house to see how we made out w/ taking the tree down and before long he loosened his tie and was playin Ronnie and man was the testosterone flyin!!!!!!

Ill be back w/ pics from our cookout celebration today.

Happy Birthday Jordan whos 25 tomorrow, Im still strugglin with takin off that baby weight!!!! and Happy Birthday Ronnie whos proudly 54 and looks MAHVALOUS!!!!!!my sexy old man....I loves ya honey... bunches and bunches!

My neighbor and old boss Crystal came over to help Ronnie take this bad boy down. She owns her own Landscaping-Tree removing service & I had the pleasure of working for her a couple of years ago to make some extra cash. Lets just say as froo froo as I am, and I held my own...ahhhhh it wasnt for me. But I sure did grow me some big pecs in the 31/2 months I worked for her.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Introducing JENN-DABRAH

I am THRILLED to introduce you all to my new Queen Bee Ive named Jenn-Dabrah which is to honor Jennifer from & Deb W. from The Laughing Doll. I pronounce my queens name as Zshawn-Dabra (very Polish sounding) (roll your tounge on the bra part) (there... thats it)
Im not sure exactly what I ever did that possessed Jenn to contact Deb, after I turned her on to Debs phenomenal work, but Deb wrote me one morning & told me to put my shoes on cuz it was time to go shopping...Jenn blew me away & generously blessed me with ANYTHING I wanted from Debs amazing website that sells her work at"The Laughing Doll" Please strap yourself in and check her out. Not to mention shes a sweetheart of a woman and her spirit just shines so brightly thru all of her work.
These pictures are just ok, and the ones on Debs website of course are of professional quality and STILL you arent able to appreciate the beauty, the color, or the spirit of her dolls unless your holding them in your own hands and oogling with your own eyes.
Even Debs presentation was an experience also, as I unwrapped the box w/ pink popcorn styrafoam pieces AND black fabric rose petals!!!!.... swimming in the box that carefully protected my queen with bubble wrap. Her wand that was sprinkled with german glass glitter was indavidually wrapped with elegant black & white striped tissue paper, & tied w/ a single piece of black ribbon & raffia. Nothing but 100% class and elegance.(another great lesson in the importance of nothing but the best from start to finish, thanks Deb)
Now I have to tell you, this is only one of many gifts I recieve from both Jennifer & Deb. I am humbled to be considered their friend. We check in with each other often,& support, encourage and share anything from how to handle an ickky situation in our lives seeking guidence, to something sweet that happened with our new kittys, kids or Jenns 80lb berinese(sp?) mountain puppy Lilly!
Jennifer is the funky and twisted (said in thee most loving way) artist that creates dolls so adoreable and one of a kind, you just feel so inspired to want to push yourself & create or design something mindblowing like either of these women.
I want to thank both of these fabulous women of grace & excellence, who bless me everyday in every way "loooong" before being blessed w/my shopping spree.

When Deb emailed me to share this gift awaiting me, I immediately went to her store & I freaked out cuz everything I felt a connection with was Deb offered to custom make me something special...and that was an understatement. Thank you ladies, from the bottom of my heart...I thank you.
Jenn-Dabrah will grace our home for years.
The gift of friendship engrained in my heart as well.
(please click on each picture to enlarge, & feast your eyes)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th

Now Im not really a superstitious kinda girl, so waking up this morning, I embraced my Friday the same way I do all the others, with a spirit of expectancy...Whats today gonna bring! (panting like my lil Opie with excitement)

I also know that...."Some days your the dog, and some days your the hydrant"....

Well Folks, Welcome to Hydrant Friday... while I was sitting on the deck celebrating all thats good in my life, sippin on my coffee and journaling.....well lets just say today I wouldnt be considered the dog!

Ronnie has GOT to do something with our low hanging Mulberry tree which produces all sorts of succulent berries swollen with...well whatever the heck are in these berries that are fat enough that when they fall, they plop in your coffee, & your head they feel like weapons of mass destruction...oh yeah...I almost forgot, the birds love em too. So much so, that when they sit up there and munch away, they also need to relieve themselves, and thats exactly what one of them did.
BAM right on the top of my freshly shampooed hair, slidin down the side of my face, along the stem of my glasses, and down the new tank top I was wearing for the first time!!!!!!
Im having a cookout next Saturday, I cant risk having everyone gettin pummeled with bird doo doo. and its not even white normal bird poop, (not to be uncouth, but Im here now) its bright Koolaid rasberry in technicolor from the flippin berries there scarfin down.
Now this may surprize you all, but I didnt handle it with the spirit of grace as one might think...ohhhhh nooooooo not this kid. Uh uh... I FAAAARRREEEEEKED! I went running inside to look at it...for whaaaat? to make SURE I just got crapped on???? WHAT WAS THAT ABOUT? I knew that happened when I ran my fingers thru my hair wondering when it startin raining!
So Im hysterically running around trying to get to the back door, but left in such a hurry, I didnt put my flip flops back on so Im traipsing thru the berries with my once clean feet, hoppin over them like they were land mines and Ive got company..Opies chasin me all over thinkin its time to play. ears floppin, tongue hangin out to one side thinkin hes got thee coolest grammie ever. the clean kitchen floor...taaaarashed w/ berry juice, and little red paw prints behind me and Opies havin a ball.
All I can think of is calling a hotline wondering which hospital had the anti dote for bird doo before I catch legionairres disease!
Yeah, I live thru drug addiction only to be taken out by bird doo. I dont think so.
Finally I just stopped, like a good hydrant and surrendered, went back out in the war zone, picked up my flippers, and stood at the kitchen sink rinsing my hair out & used a dish cloth to dry it so I could stop the hysteria long enough to make a semi rational decision.
An hour, a shower, & a dog bath later later....Im sitting here wondering why folks would say your lucky when a bird chooses "you" to take a dump on...I dont know. Im just sayin....

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Awarded & Tagged.

Kady from "Life on Bonnie Lane" blessed me to tears w/ The Arte y Pico award. The kind statement she wrote about me and my blog humbled me. I thank you Kady from the deep place in my heart.

1. You have to pick 5 blogs that you consider deserving of this award for their creativity, design, interesting material, and also contribute to the blogging community, no matter what language.2. Each award has to have the name of the author and a link to his/her blog to be visited by everyone.3. Each award winner has to show the award and put the name and link to the blog that presented her/him with the award.4.The award winner and one who has given the prize have to show the link of "Arte y Pico" blog so everyone will know the origin of this award.5.
I shared w/ Kady that because of my lack of experience I wouldnt be able to do all required to participate but she invited me to do what I could, so thank you Katy...I hope I dont let you down.
Thank you so much for this award Kady.
I was also tagged.
It was suggested that I tag 5 other folks, but Im so nervous to do this again, one time I tagged folks & a couple privately emailed me & told me not everyone has the time or interest to play along....(party poopers) (Im still licking my wounds after that one! tee hee)
So please forgive me for living up to my name, I am certifiably a "Scaredy Kat"...if anyone reading this, would like to play along, please feel free to bless us with filling in your own answers, just leave me a comment and well hop over and check ya out.

1)What was I doing 10 years ago?
Wow, lets just cut to the chase & get to the meat & potatoes of the horrible place I was in 10 years ago...This wont be for the faint of heart, and I wont go into grizzlie details, but I am who I am, & I believe I wont allow the closest thing to living hell I can think of, that I self inflicted by trying to hide, mask, or run from my pain, to ever go in vain.
I was in the tail end of trying desperatley trying to numb the shame I felt by becoming addicted to heroin, cocaine, alcohol, and anything else that would either make me "feel" or "be" anything & anyone than who I was. I was also an I.V. drug user & today I am dealing w/ the consequences of that high risk lifestyle. Physically, financially, spiritually, and emotionally. God rescued and saved me w/ His grace, and mercy & has incredible plans for me. He did for me what I was unable to do for myself, I was close to a lonely & ugly death. Im very active today in our 12 step community. Ive been clean & sober for several years now, Thank you Jesus! I am passionate about using my life, & my experiences, to help inspire others who were as once so lost as I was.

(Side note) Ive been asked online why do I share this with people, its ugly & could comprimise my reputation & integrity. I was told that folks may not trust me to buy any of my work...why I asked?, I was addicted, not my dolls!
As most know my life is an open book about my history w/ drugs & recovery today, to share just how real God is...My life may be the only bible anyone ever reads...I also live by Maya Angelous quote" I can be changed by whats happened to me, but I refuse to be reduced by it"
My War Is Over!

2) 5 things on my to do list.
1) Begin treatment for the Hep.C I contracted while in active addiction, as well as a birage of medical and dental help I wasnt able to afford w/o insurance but God is sooo good folks, on July 1st I am insured and let the party begin...grateful but groaning! (smile) I need an autopsy!!!!
2) Begin selling more of my work on line, and researching & then opening a shop w/ etsy, & begin a sales blog.
3) Forgive more.
4)Begin a program to inspire & teach "Women in Recovery" how to find their passion in the arts, how to tap into & express their own power, freedom & joy thru their creativity.
5) Find a way to update, clean up, add links to network, and add more POP to my blog.

Snacks I Enjoy!
mmmmm Stale cheetos, which I cant find a substitute since Im on weight watchers!

Things I would do if I were a millionaire....
I would create a program much like "Habitiat for Humanity" for the uninsured, except I would offer working folks who fall between the cracks financially, (working, but cannot afford insurance, yet make too much to qualify for help) for complete medical & dental care w/ the commitment that they will give back a certain amount of hours depending on their needs, somehow in their community. I believe its a win win situation. Being uninsured in this rich country is a travesty. It is unacceptable.(Ill get off my hope box for now)

I would by a small cottage on the beach BUT would have a redicuously large studio attatched exposing the beautiful ocean to inspire and feed my soul. Flower and vegetable gardens growing out of control. My only neighbors would be the sanctuary for abused and displaced animals I would also have on my land with another LARGE beach house housing women in sobriety who would be trained to take care and love these animals back to life (much like they were)...another win win. I would name "that" cottage "The Give Back Shack not The Come Back Shack!" But caring for the animals would only be a portion of the volunteering these girls would be doing.

Id buy Ronnie & I matching brand new Harley Davidson 105th Anniversery Edition Bikes & we'd begin our own Motorcycle Ministry to carry the message to secular bike clubs.

Naturally we'd pay off our debt, take care of our family helping them w/ their own businesses.

Id hire a full time tutor to help me imporove my computer skills.

Then Id go shoe shopping. LOTS AND LOTS of shoe shopping!

Places I have lived.
Ive only lived in Conn. (YaWn...well I need to get out more!)
Well that was fun. I hope I didnt scare anyone away. I share my experiences, strengths & hopes in case anyone ever needs to talk, help or have any questions about addiction. This is a powerful disease that effects family members as well. I have several resources, please feel free to email me anytime. It is not a burden but a privilidge. Have a blast today no matter what your doing.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My little slice of Heaven...& "Ethel"

Ok I couldnt wait....Here she new angel "Ethel" shes encouraging all to "Spread our wings & fly"
I had her face in my head nagging me for about a month now, & when the she began growing...I could clearly see she was an "Ethel" I had no sketch or doodled pattern, I just sat down w/ a yard of osnaburg, a pair of scissors, my good ole upholstery thread & needle, a little fiber fill & my artist pencils...& the birthing process began. I am thrilled w/ her.
Im so grateful to feel "joy" creating my dolls, I am finally enjoying the entire process, Im not a nervous wreck w/ each snip, tuck, measurement etc. I was promised my confindence would grow, and Id be blessed w/ this feeling, but being a perfectionist like most of us are...I lacked faith in that area. I think Im finally feeling comfortable in my own skin...or osnaburg.
Until Im able to upgrade my digital camera, Im only able to produce these photos, I know theyll do, but she is really so vibrant in person. I hope she touches you & puts a smile on your face. Ethels going to be hard to let go of.
~~~Now for my little slice of Heaven I promised to share with ya!~~~
Our little slice of heaven lies right in the backyard of our home. We dont have alot of the required extra expenses to create a lavish garden that would be the talk of the town, but I can tell you, we adore our sanctuary.
I guess I did the same thing that our fore mothers did before us, I got creative.

Ok...perhaps they might not have had Harley boots to plant geraniums in, or Harley Davidson birdhouses w/ motorcycles sittin out front, but Ill bet they utilized all they had.
I am having a ball doing little things that bring a smile to my spirit. Ronnie and I enjoy grilling and eating on the deck on the weekends with our tiki torches lit keeping the skeeters at bay. We feed the resident birds and squirrels, & feel so peaceful and blessed. We have a woodpecker that pecks the aluminum siding on our neighbors house every morning at 5:15!!!!and our little bluejay family left their nest yesterday morning after teaching their 3 babies how to fly without allowing us to thank them for the joy they provided us or to say goodbye, I know its nature, but Im going to miss them, she was such a good Mommy.

Were having our first big cookout on Saturday the 21st to celebrate my Son Jordans birthday which is on the 22nd & Ronnies on the 20th. The invites have been sent and Im looking soooo forward in seeing old friends.

I just love utilizing old retired odd pieces that I lug home, they still have so much life in them.
I worked on the old bike thats been awaiting some of my attention, and of all days, I had to pick a 98degree humid day to do me some planting! We were all pretty wilted.

Im almost done with a new angel I designed and cant wait to share her with you.
Stay cool folks and please be careful in this horribly exhauting and potentially dangerous heat.

Monday, June 9, 2008

whaddaya think?

I found this old beat up enamelware cooking pot on the side of the road just waiting for garbage pick up...SSSCCAAREEEECH!!!! went the brakes and put Max in reverse....she had soo much life left in her, not to work anymore, but just to sit somewhere in retirement after being cleaned up and painted.
I painted a Terrye French design on her. I put a couple of red plaid homespun torn fabric bows on her handles. Im not sure how Im going to use her, maybe a plant for the deck, or Ill keep my dishtowels and pot holders inside, but she sure is a keeper. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Its so flippin hot today, This morning I finished cleaning out the basement which was our huge weekend job. Today was the third day. We worked for about 9 hours each day. But Ronnie went back to work today, which he said he was grateful for cuz his boss "here" was too ....bossy, and he could finally relax! slackers is my motto!
I was so happy to get rid of, sort out, unclutter, reorganize, prepare for a tag sale, another box to donate. Everything in our dungeon that has been shamefully utilized as a hoarders hideaway is now on pallets, areas with names and in enclosed boxes and marked announcing its contents. A place for everything, and everything in its place.
Then I went upstairs, changed sheets, vacuumed, washed the kitchen floor and scoured the upstairs bathroom. I just believe a clean house is a cool house. Now its time to get the basement film and cardboard itchies off of me in a cool clean shower!
I mean its pushin 98 degrees today. I seriously dont know how my husband welds and fabricates with long sleeved leathers in this heat. (he runs circles around everyone) He takes salt pills and rehydrates, & replenishes with electrolyte filled liquids but still. Im so grateful and proud of him for showing up every humid or bitter cold day to provide such a good life for us.
Ive got the house pretty comfortable right now but that will all change when the hubs comes home later and Ill be sportin a hoodie from the cold air he expects when he comes home. (its a small price to pay to keep him comforatble on days like these.)
Hope everyone is staying cool and embracing their day. Hugs....

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

On The Road!

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to let all the Giveaway prize winners know that your goodies are on the road. The angels are in the air w/ a little help from the U.S.Postal Services as we speak!
Because the angels were long sitting on their dowels, I had a heck of a time finding boxes to send them. Hubby brought home some boxes which was considerate and thoughtful, and they would have fit ....if.... I were sending patio furniture!
Then I went to the local florist thinking the boxes that they send roses in would be perfect, and they were...IF .... I wanted to spend $3.75 per box! for a box WITHOUT the roses!
Then my sweet and very patient spouse literally emptied unopened parts at his job just so Id have the right size...and they would be...IF.... I were sending 3 peas in a pod! Finally he measured them and low and behold...came home with PERFECT size boxes. Thank you Honey.
I looked around thinking Id have the company of a couple, bears in my dining room, some broken furniture.... and a tired blonde goin thru my stuff while complaining ... that this is too small.... too big...ahhhh just right!
So because there were a variety of sizes, costs, and arrival times, I couldnt keep track and at that point just wanted them out of my hands and in the air.... SOOOO with in the next 3-6 days everyone should be very happy. I have the confirmation info so if someone doesnt recieve theirs within that time frame, please email me and Ill be happy to look into it.
I want to thank everyone for their patience. I really didnt think the shipping would be an issue but I had the pillow which was large, the doll, and 5 angels going out.
I had 3 angel winners, but wanted to at the very least send one to my wonderful friend Robin who so generously featured me on her blog. Thank you again so much Robin. after all, if it werent for you, I wouldnt have met most of you, so it was the very least I could do to express my gratitude.
Then I mailed out a couple of goodies to cheer a friend up who is finally on the road to recovery after being very ill, frustrated from being sick, and a little blue...& the dang box came back last week with a statement saying I had inellegible handwritting... OOOHHH..... would Mrs. Patsy my 2nd grade teacher be rippin mad at me if she ever knew that! so back to the post office with O.C.D.Monk like handwritting. Didnt want that to cost me a '3nd' time...geeze Louise....
Then I just found out my sweet buddy "Curds N Whey" Cookie offered to wait for her prize knowing shippping would be...well I blessed or what? Not that it would ever be an option but she sho did put a lump in my throat knowing Ive got such understanding friends. Thank you.
Im sorry I wasnt able to mail them out sooner, but thats why I did send all of you a private email alerting you that it might be as late as this week before I could get them out.
I heard patience was a virute!!!! Thanks you guys. I also said a little prayer for them to be delivered perhaps on a day when one of you could really use a surprize or goodie to lift you & land in your life at the perfect time, I sure hope its mine!. I just love it when that happens!
I sure would appreciate it if we could keep another friend of mine...of ours, Peanut from Countryfolk Keepsakes in our prayers. Shes sufferin sumpthin wicked from the flu thats pounded so many of us. Feel better soon Darlin... Thank you in advance...if we dont pray and support eachother...than who????

Monday, June 2, 2008

TAG, IM IT!!!!

A B C...EZ as 1 2 3
Peanut from Countryfolk Keepsake has tagged me for a game of tag!
Heres the deal...
I fill in the ABCs below, then tag 3 folks & post their names, then let em know by leaving them a comment in their blog asking them to play. Its a fun way to get to know folks.
Heres some useless bits of information about me!
A- Attatched or Single? Attatched, best hostage situation Ive ever been involved in! My captor is very sexy!
B-Best friend Ronster the monster, aka OG...olde grampa or olde gangsta. Im not sure if hes braggin or complainin but thems the names!
C- ( Oops...there wasnt a C)
D-D-day Relapse
E-Essential item hairspray, coffee, diet coke, oh & beige reupholstery thread...
F-favorite color blue... no green... no blue, Yah, blues my favorite color...
G-gummi bears or worms gummie bears (I dont like either but I didnt wanna be difficult!)
H-hometown East Hartford
I-indulgences stale cheetos...mmmmmmmm YUMMY!
J-January or July July, love the 4th, the sun, water, good moods everyone feels in beautiful warm sunny weather, oh yah, and tans...I love being able to sit in the sun and tan!
K-kids? 2 grown sons who give breath to my life., one beautiful childlike husband, and does my poochie boy Opie count? yes he does. so lets say 4.
L-life is incomplete w/o daily prayer & praise.
M-marriage date Nov.8, 96 but been attatched for 18 years (OG just brought to my attention that I stated we had been married in 06...whoops... He wants credit for EVERY single day married to me!!!!! I was preoccupied about coming clean about the information in letter W AND U)
N-number of siblings 3 sisters, & 1 brother Ive only met 5 times (long story!) Wheres Dr. Phil when ya need him????
O-oranges or apples apples
P-phobia or fears losing a family member AND refer to letter U.
Q-quote "I can be changed by whats happened to me, but I refuse to be reduced by it" (Maya Angelou), & "Its not what they call you, its what you answer to" (Old African Proverb)
R-reason to smile Blessing others w/ random acts of kindness
S-season fall
T-tagged Deb (The Laughing Doll) Robin (Bittersweet Punkin) & Doreen (Vermont Harvest Bears)
U-unknown fact about me Ok I may lose everyones respect but Im being honest...Izannah /Chucky Walker dolls FREAK ME OUT!!!!!! EEEEWWWWEEEE! Who turned out the lights??????
V-vegetarian or oppressor of animals. Chickens fear our household...we LOVE chicken, all kinds of chicken.... we enjoy other meat but could easily live off of chicken alone....did I say chickens our favorite?
W-worse habit smoking...Alright...its out....I relapsed with the nicotene. I smoke less than 3/4s of a pack which is better than the more than 2 I was before I quit for 3 weeks and 4 days. & we dont smoke in the house anymore. Please dont hate me...I will become a non-smoker again, but I was homicidal....I was becoming very depressed and the mood swings made Cybil look very stable!!!! can we please move on??????
Y-your favorite food Chicken! and hot sauce! mmmmm
Z-zodiac sign Stereotypical LEO... Big surprize ther huh folks?

Ok, now that you all know Izannah Walker dolls just paralyze me with fear just lookin at em, and I picked up cigarettes again, will someone please tell me they still love me?????????????? Im so sorry!!!!Why did we have to go there???oh Gosh I need a smoke!