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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Seasons of Change

AYEEEEE Matey!!! is that Captain Morgan??????NO its Captain Opie! and what an unhappy pirate he is!!!!

Jordan and Noelia knew Ronnie & I were about a hair from losing our minds and after losing my Mom, and the downward spiral from a recent spiritual attack, still battling financial ruin, they thought we both hadnt smiled in a long time and blessed us.... and what a cure.....Im so sorry our belly laughter was at Opies expense...but wow did it feel good to feel something other than the morbid pain, panic, and fear, weve both been feeling. Thank you Opie, I promised that he only has to wear this outfit one more time this year for the young trick or treaters, and then well put it away in the closet, but promised Opie it would indeed be thrown off the plank...for good. Those dreadlocks just tickle me.

I want to thank everyone who has sent me e-cards, emails and made phone calls to me during this devestating time. Thank you especially for praying for us. Our sobriety is in tact, It is clearly a gift from God, Going through what were going through and not drinking or using, or being fooled, or tempted into believing we deserve to take the edge off would have only been another lie and form of betrayal from the dark side. Not an option. The evil one comes only to kill, mame, and destroy, and like Job in the bible, we worship, glorify and love only our precious Prince of Peace, Lord of all Lords and our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Period.

I havent been able to blog, journal, or communicate, since I was infected with a virus in my hard drive, and thousands of infections from spyware and adware. I was blessed with several friends who came over for several hours to try and wipe out and bring back my computer to the factory settings, but last night one of my sons best friends from childhood, thank you Adam...(so glad I never tried to collect child support from your Mom after threatening to, after you practically lived with us growing up) came over for a second time last night after putting in his own 10 hour work day AND having several kids at home including Alex a brand newborn coliky baby at home...thank you fiance "Jen" for loaning him to us.

So I come to you, recovery in tact, worn out, exhausted, overwhelmed but missing each of you, learning exactly how much I counted on you all for my love, encouragement and support. Im still not sure how Im going to get through this devestating financial crisis, but I do know Ive got all of you praying me through this difficult time. I know God is working out right now a solution for my highest good, I know that I must practice faith by taking first steps even when Im unable to see a staircase in front of me....

I have been busy working as a sub (lunch lady) for our town school system and put in yesterday for a full time permanent position that was posted for only 2 hours before I had my letter of interest and request for consideration on my bosses desk...I would appreciate prayers for this position if this is Gods will.

Ive also been busy creating and trying to sell my work at a couple of country primitive shoppes, and have been commisioned to do a couple of private custom orders. Id like to share a few pics of my recent work...I hope you enjoy them, I thank you all for never giving up on me. Some of you believed in me when I sure didnt believe in myself.

Im still in crisis and havent had much of a chance to begin to grieve losing my Mom with some other personal family chaos and drama that Ive gone through but I feel so close to Mom when I sew on her sewing machine that she left me. Id like to share some of my work. I hope you feel a smile when you see some of my designs....I ask and continue to thank you in advance for your prayers at this time. Hugs to each and every one of you. Tina,& Peanut, Ive missed you, and Cookie so much. I hope I didnt scare Cookie away with my crying and expressed childlike fear the last time we spoke...Big hugs, Kat