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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Snow for my buddy Bruce!!!!

Hey Bruce, keep scrolling, theres some snow somewhere round this joint!
I wanted to post this picture for proof that real men bake!!!
I wanted to show you a primitive friend that I had the pleasure of surprizing my friend Jody with in California. Shed been needing a smile and a warm fuzzy and so did I...aint nuttin more warming than pulling a fast one on someone ya love dearly.
She special ordered a large doll for a Christmas present & upon delivery, Jody went bonkers over her, and promised as soon as Christmas was over, shed be ordering one for herself....she was funny, she took the doll to work, a meeting, and told me how difficult it was going to be mailing her off to her new home...So I went to work at the elf station and birthed this "Scaredy Kat FolkHeart"original. This photo wasnt taken on completion so the wings, halo and some embellishments like a red stuffed stitched heart with one of Jodys favorite inspirational quotes were added as well. Oh did she love it, she called squealing with delight.
What a great reminder about how much fun it is having dear friends to love. Jodys so easy to love, she spoils me something wicked! She is one of my BFF&E! Yup got one at the ripe ole age of... um.....well nones yer business!

This wonderful woodburnt very large sign was made special by Ronnie for the cafeteria at the school I work at. The Tiger is their school mascot, so tomorrow when I bring it in, they are gonna love it! He woodburnt the entire piece & used slightly greased pencils for color. Then he stained it a light walnut and protected it with a satin sealer.

If you look closely at these snowy trees, or click on the picture, you can see some of the HUGE crows sitting in the branches waiting to dive bomb the bread, seeds and nuts Ronnie provides them with each morning. Im not kidding, these guys are like the size of flying monkeys in OZ...and theyre BOLD! CAW CAW......BREAKFAST FOR 18 CAW CAW!!!!! I freaked Ronnie out cuz I asked him to listen closely, it actually sound like their calling him. RAWN, RAWN....LOL

Then this large and looong driveway we shovel, well, maybe not "we" but rather "he" shovels!

And theres the lunatic shoveling a path for our resident squirrels...

Hey Bruce and Blogging Buddies......

Well my friend from Texas asked me to PLEASE post him a piture of the recent snow we had, but in our "special forum" I cant post cuz my pics are too big & I havent yet learned how to minimize them...jeesh, diets, diets everywhere! SO here ya go Bruce!!!! and this stuff is ccccccold! I was warm and toasty but made sure I came out to yuk it up for the camera for my Texas snow deprived friend.
Im asking for my prayer warriors to keep me in prayers for the next couple of weeks, Im starting work tomorrow after some intensive training, and theres much paperwork, important responsibilities, working with large cash deposits, inspections, and Im also studying for the big state test Im taking on January 19th. All while prepping, cooking, serving, and training someone new for my cafeteria partner... While I try to retain everything I learned in my recent training. I am learning how to remain grateful, maintain peace, and keeping my eyes on the prize.
I am not facing anything i havent prayed for...but Im learning how when overwhelmed or lacking confidence for serious responsibilites (in a short period of time) that blessings can feel like burdens.
I know I cannot possibly do any of this alone. So I thank you in advance for those of you who have been in my corner.
Also, I would be honored if anyone needs prayers to please leave a comment. We all know the power in prayers.
Im keeping my friend Thomas in my prayers as he prepars to say goodbye to his precious Mom soon.
Ive got to get back to studying and preparring a wonderful Sunday dinner. Please know how special I feel since my blogging absence, that folks have been getting the word out that Im back as promised....Winter Hugs, Toodles, (((((Kat)))))))

Monday, January 5, 2009


I found this old window pane on the side of the road 2 years ago....and only last week, cleaned it up, treated it, made a winter primitive wreath for it and I LOVE iT!
I painted the pillow. Thank You (Terrye French) for the great pattern.

Did I not promise Id be back with a vengence????
That said...I want to thank so many of you who have kept me, and my family in your daily prayers.
I believe those positive thoughts and the power of prayers and friendship, are why Im here.....with blessings GALORE!
Im not even sure where to begin.
So Ill share that weve worked with the mortgage company that now owns the title to our home we rent, and have all agreed that this would be our home for at least another year.
Thank you Jesus.
Not having to live in a motel, try to find loving homes for our babies with fur, keeping our things in expensive storage, and although not my responsibility worry about the newlyweds, they can stay as well.!!!!
Weve been given a new oppertunity to make some serious financial changes. The hubs is still working for the same company, but now has a second part time job which has helped us tremendously.
Im not working as a substitute lunch lady but have recieved a huge promotion and am in a supervisors position which of course is better pay, bennies, etc...then the food service company, ( I shared with you my high risk kids I love) applied for and recieved a grant to begin a new program that I will be the first to be hired. IF I pass a huge Conn. State Board Food Service Ceritification test on this Jan.19th!!!
But after I work my new supervisors job with my favorite kids.
Ive been studying, cramming , obsessing and praying,about having to pass this bugger with at least or better than a 95%grade!
I will be the companies ""In House" health inspector. Which ultimately provides me the education and tools to inspect the 30 schools in our town, & make sure they are up to standard and pass when the State Health Dept, inspects randomly!
So far all this studying has done is FREAK me out to not ever want to cook or use another dish towel in my own kitchen for the remaining time I have on this earth!
I am now aware of every pathogen, bacteria, virus, and yes, parasite.... just lurking around each nook and cranny just awaiting patiently for me to let my guard down, cross contaminate something, and infect our entire family with watery diarreah, fever, tingling, burning, retching and lets not forget coughing up worms...mmmmm ready for lunch anyone??????
However... not "if" but "when" I pass this test, I will be given a significant income increase in addition to my recent promotion and contract signing.
God is so good.
I am so freaked out and constantly battle the pressure and old tapes trying to make me think my way right out of this fabulous life change and blessings of abundance.
The newlyweds have moved to the upstairs finished 2 room attic-loft and painted it "Brothel Red" with white trim and black and white textiles, and bedding...actually quite cute...I "did" say paint it whatever youd like and they are paying regular weekly rent...
Then on Saturday, my adoreable 23 year old nephew has moved in to get back on his feet after moving out here a few months ago from my sisters home in Florida.
How could I ever say no to "family" when weve allowed people detoxing from a variety of alcohol and drugs in the past...Remeber my Matt??? still growing in his new life and career as a Court house Sherriff! ( as I am still puffed up with pride) I just melt each time Devon calls me "Auntie Kat" its the first time Ive ever been a real aunt.
Now I DO MISS sewing, painting, and creating. I have sold many pieces and made out well for the Holidays as I took and completed several private and custom orders for Christmas Presents...These teachers and staff in food service just LOVE spending....
Since we found out we could live here permanently for another year at least, we spent the last 3 weeks, scrubbing, washing nicotene off of all walls, scouring, carpet steaming, organizing, uncluttering, embracing everything I had in storage but are now back in our home...all of my "chatchkies" back in their places, all of my primitive dolls, crows, antiques, quilts, and baskets are all back up making me feel as warm and basking in the reality that there really is no place like home. What a cleansing and healing experience for all of us. its been 2 years since weve felt safe, secure and home.
I am coming back to "blog land" I have missed posting, being an active part in, and I so apologize, but losing my Mom rocked my world with all we had going on in addition to trying to get through the Holidays while still so deep in grief.
My life is back better than I could ever imagine in my wildest dreams. My sobriety was and continues to be strong and in tact. My love for the women in my life still amazes me. I will be back to creating, a wee bit of new designs, and beginning a new life after being in the dark for so long.
Thank you for the emails, posts, and never giving up on me. I sure would appreciate any and all continued support in letting this community that enveloped me and encouraged me as I share my love for creating. "Katerpillars No More" is back in service and looking forward in giving and recieving even more fiercly than before.
I thought Id post my "PUGSHOT" is this little 5 week old Pug too cute? There was a lot of face licking going on, but he was sleeping the entire time!!!!! I couldnt help myself, I wanted to "eat him"
So leaving you Beloveds....keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers and thank you so very much for praying for me. There is much to be thankful for.
Too Whom much is Given, Much is Expected"
I have my work cut out for me.
blessings of peace, joy, creative energy, and abundance. and prayers that we seek His Sweet Face in all we do.