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Monday, April 28, 2008


I will jump thru hoops to make sure my giveaway will be the talk of the town.

Its almost that time...

~Katerpillarsnomore~ blogsite is going to be celebrating 100 posts soon.

So I was thinking... after participating in several of my other blogging friends "100 Post Anniverseries", which are going to be tough acts to follow, that I shall embrace this time as well.

I began this blogging journey last November. New to blogging, new to computers, & new to dollmaking, & having met some of THEE nicest, most creative, talented, kind, funny, and spiritual women EVER, and being blessed to have formed such precious online and offline friendships, that I am just amazed at all Ive been given from following my dream & trying to blog.
I am so excited to have the oppertunity to thank each and every one of you who have touched, taught, loved, supported and believed in me so many times since last November when sometimes I didnt even believe in myself.... I am facing things, creating & designing wonderful work, embracing & taking part in the craft fair circuit, flea market venue for my trash to treasure re-creations, pushing and challenging myself to make healthier choices personally, professionally, and spiritually, all because I want to be a woman of excellence, just as you all are.
Yeah...from starting a blog....Never... under estimate the power of God while Hes creating your authentic you!
Ill keep yall posted...

So this celebration is just such a privilidge that humbles me to the core....It isnt to honor me...I want this anniversery to embrace and thank you. Im hoping that my friends who visit regularly will take part in my giveaway, but Im also going to invite any of you who stop by to spread the word, share my link and you will be added twice to the drawing.

NNNAWWWWW lets have some real fun and add you three times.
So Im just letting ya know, Im still here, Im still not smoking...Im still not thrilled with being a non smoker (yet)...Im just keepin it real, and would appreciate continued prayers and need all the support I can get.
In the meantime, Im thinking up ways to get this party started and am off to think about what I need to create a few things thatll dazzle my blogging buddies,entice some friends I havent met yet that Im hoping will come after we invite them, and knock the socks off of the Giveaway Winners...yup...I said winner"S", as in more than one...maybe 2...maybe more....

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Me and Opie Dopie swingin away...not a care in the world. although I couldnt stand leaving my town park looking this way so before we left, I cleaned up some of the garbage...Isnt it a plum shame? I mean this is our park, our town....our responsibility...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


So Ive been busy, busy, busy. Im so excited to share also that Ive signed up for a show in May. One that Ill be able to sell a few of my dolls, but also my small end furniture that Ive rescued, repainted and tried to add a flair embracing life in the "Simpler" times.

Ive been pretty busy healing from the horrible and near fatal pneumonia I suffered thru for 11 weeks, then the depression from being so sick, and trying to show up and sew when I was soooo not in the sewing frame of mind, to complete and keep my commitment for this doll order Im sure your all 'as' sick of hearing about as I am taking about. (Their all off and Kentucky bound this coming Friday afternoon. Bye bye kids!)

As grateful as I am for that size of an order, (my first as well) and I learned so much about myself and future orders, packaging etc. & such, I did feel pressured, sometimes a little bored with the repetition of making 2 or 3 of each pattern which wasnt mine, so I felt held back unable to color outside the lines!

So to prepare for the freedom of creating and designing for myself again, makes me feel excited. I cant wait to get back out there with the excitement of being at a combined "Craft fair and Flea Market". I love the friendly people, obedient husbands in tow slurping down their promised reward of handburgers, hot dogs and " country fair food" the impish kids running around with all that energy I envy.

I so look forward in setting up my booth area and doing the best I can to create an inviting and fun place to find treasures, antiques, and dolls made from my heart. Ive got my pip berries, rose hips, pot pourrie, and garlands of dried slices of apples, oranges, and limes, homespun rag balls, all set to be displayed in old canning jars embellished with a strip of fabric around the lid....ohh I get so excited thinking about my new patriotic designs and projects I hope to excite people with.

This year Im confident in my work, myself, and my ability to take and then share pictures of my "Primitive Marketing Journey" with you. Ive done so much growing & learned so many valueable lessons that some of you generously taught me, it wouldnt be fair to keep all of my blessings, and experiences to myself.

I am so grateful to be healing so well, trying to remain commited to my authentic self, & the radical changes Ive been making lately such as being a smoke free woman, & part of a smokeless couple in addition to remaining on weight watchers so not to allow any potential weight gain become an excuse to pick up smoking again. (it wouldnt take much at this point)

Ive got to admit, some days Im so proud of myself, so energetic, just humbled to tears knowing this is a personal miracle from God, because I do NOT have the strength to attempt this without His devine intervention. He is doing for me what Im unable to do for myself.

Then there are those LOOOONNNGGGGGG days where I wake up singing "I AM WOMAN...


I am really tired ...

I am hungry...



but I dont. not today...maybe tomorrow... but not today, not right now.

Thank you all for your appreciated encouragement, prayers, and support for both Ronnie and I.

It is so delicious to be back in the land of the living.

Big smoke free hugs for all of you!

Ive been busy buttoning & tightening up my last minute details to ship out my doll order out this Friday afternoon. But to keep me from feeling limited, I took some free time and made a couple of my own dolls, and painted a couple of tote bags, the larger bag is painted celebrating one of my favorite painters, Terrye French, and sadly, I cant remember the artist I used when I painted the African Women.( shown on top of this blog) I found them on a fun calendar, years ago and never jotted down the name, didnt have a clue about giving honor to anyones work back then. I wasnt ever serious about making work to sell. I do apologize and am very aware of giving honorable mention whenever I sew or paint someones designs. I appreciate your understanding & not thinking of me of as a copy Kat, just an uninformed neophyte & up and commer. "When you know better, you do better" Thank you Maya Angelou!

The little lady sitting in my spider plant is probably an angel protecting the gardens,(shes teeny tiny, only about 7 inches tall, or small) and then the other black folk art doll was inspired from an ole dolly I found at a flea market while driving around New England Flea Markets last year.

MMMMMM...Yummy grilled BBQ chicken with lots of "Sweet Baby Rays" sauce & a little red hot, brown sugar, onion powder, balsalmic vinigar, and diced shallots, we had a lishy tuna pasta salad to go with this hot stuff....SA-MOKIN...the sauce, NOT US! Still smokefree... 5 days for Ronnie and 13 for me. FRIKIN MIRACLE!!!! (poor baby, was suckin on his "Red Hots" jaw breakers so hard to work thru his cravings, he irritated and burned his tongue & taste buds!!! Now he cant even enjoy over eatting as promised when you experience nicotene withdrawl)

Check out my A-D-O-R-E-A-B-L-E angel sent to me from my very talented, rediculously demented, but delightful friend Jennifer Jones from"" Please do yourself a favor and check out her awesome website, and hysterical blog... (Chasing the Pestiside Truck")

Im convinced Jennifer has escaped from some bizarre creative pennitentary, camp, or institution, cuz shes just oozing with unbelievable talent gone BUCK WILD. Her gifts of vibrant colors, incorporated fabrics, and little "this n thats" she uses in her dolls just keep me blazing with inspiration with all of her fire and passion. I just love her new "Old Batz" series. I was lead to her site one day and HAD to reach out to her & email her to thank her for inspiring me,and Im so grateful I did, she has become one of my dearest & precious friends on my long list of online phenomenal women I HAVE to meet before I ....well not to be morbid, but die.

OK...Heres the thing....This bouquet maybe the reason for the big ole barespot on a bush in my neighbors yard...and the arrangement in my bedroom, and a small floral celebration in my sons room, which by the way hes not really "feelin" said Im girlin up the joint! & Mr.O'Malley is constantly being shooed away from grazing on them. No one can resist smelling the changing of the seasons. Im not a thieving neighbor and blockwatch isnt handing out my mug shot...if I had one....Im just sayin...if I did, but Nancy generously invites me to give her bush a haircut every spring...It was the neighborly thing for me to do!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bartering Rewards

Did Ronnie do good or what??? The cushions on these dining room chairs match the sofa & loveseat we have in our parlour.
This was part of the deal that we recieved from the antique dealer who was dragging his feet about paying my husband for a large job he had done a few months ago. husband is a pretty reasonable, patient, and fair man.(He has grown much) but when someone tries to beat him out of expensive work already done...Its not gonna happen. I thought Gosh, I cant imagine "what or who" hes going to come home with on the day he left saying " Oh...TODAY Im "getting" paid" I really didnt want another kid especially someone elses! so when he pulled in with a truck full of antiques and not so old and even pretty nice furniture as well....I was pretty happy!
I am going to buy some remenant fabric in a soft, sage green, vertical stripe, for large pillows Im going to make. The sofa and love seat already have 2 large matching floral (fringed yuckky) pillows, but they gotta go..... I thought it would look nice to incorporate a stripe. we shall see. Off to Joannes we go! I need a few last minute supplies to tighten up the large doll order finally getting mailed out to Kentucky this week.

Ronnie was finally absolved from bringing home "thee" UGLIEST" sofa home years ago. I actually grounded him from ever bringing anything home without my permission first! That grounding has been lifted, He has been forgiven and has once again earned his right to barter, hunt, tag sale & or flea market without me! (folks, Im not kidding, this sofa he tried talking me into all thoses years ago,was orange with BIG gold and red flowers on it and... it was velvet!!!! the only thing missing was a cheesy velvet painting of Elvis, a naked chick(w/ pointy you know whats) in the back of a van OR a bull fighter!))
I am thrilled!
Ronnie is once again a free man...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

CAUTION....Enter at your own risk!

Since I quit puffin....I havent b een crabby...Ive been sharing with close friends...Letting others carry me... saving big bucks.... and Im promised to feel like super soon....BUT WHEN?????

Last Thursday evening, I smoked what I pray will be my last cigarette!!!! At 9:00 p.m.I securely put on the Nicoderm Patch, watched an hour of t.v. and went up stairs to hit my knees and thank God for my willingness, but to ask Him, any & or all of my Angels who may have my back, to please do for me what Im unable to do for myself. This nicotene addiciton is wayyyyy bigger than me.

Ronnie & I had agreed that our quit date would be this coming Friday the 18th. Yet on the way to Walmart last Thursday, I heard a loud voice in my head, which was my own voice, but clearly "not" my own idea...saying "Kat dont go home without the nicotene patch tonight, your new life begins at 9:00 p.m. TONIGHT" Now I dont care if anyone believes me or not, I know what I heard and the message was for me not you, and all due respect, if I were to make a story up about God speaking to me it would be a little more interesting and (since it would be my lie... Hed be telling me how wonderful He thinks I am...that clearly did not happen! Im always praying for obedience, more willingness, and Im always begging God to clean me, & make me pure, so after hearing what I heard...Im not about to disregard His message.

I have to be honest...The first 2 days were pure torture, even with the patch. I made the decision that if this process being my first attempt became too painful or if I felt my recovery would be comprimised by my wanting or looking for a tranquilizer or glass or 27 of wine, anything to be purchased in a bag, on the street, or needed paraphanalia other than a lighter...I would surrender to the fact that I wasnt ready, and Id try again at another time, but relapse is NOT an option and Id pick up a cigarette.

I am so very grateful that Im facing day 5 and Im still a non-smoker! Yesterday I had a couple of squirrely moments, but nothing like the previous days. I am in a place of deep spirituality because folks....I know with everything I have, this mountian has not been climbed by me, all I did was show up,... This experience has absolutely been a personalized blessing and miracle from God.

This addiction is far worse, more painful and nerve wracking than putting down heroin. (for me) The nicotene helped me get through that withdrawal. I at least had large daily monitered doses of methadone and tranquilizers to relieve me of heroin addiction...I only have 21 miligrams of nicotene going thru my system.

Nicoderm promised that it would relieve cravings for anyone who smoked 10 cigarettes a day.
Heres the thing...I did the math folks. I am ashamed to admit that I smoked at least 2 full packs of mentholated Kools a day. if 21 miligrams is for for folks smoking only 10 a day... and I smoked "at least" 40 daily, shouldnt I be using at least 3 more patches????????

Im not silly or irresponsible enough to self medicate or comprimise my health by doing things my way...after all thats what got me in these messes to begin with. I know using more than one patch a day could give me a heart attack or stroke from nicotene overdose...Im just sayin!!!!!!!

I have however been rewarded with unbelieveable blessings. It is true...your taste buds return and everything tastes so much better. (just what I need, when I struggle & over eat with the food that always tasted just mediocre)
My son Jordan (who is a non smoker and DESPISES cigarettes and smoke)actually hugged me and told me he was "so" proud of me! Hes a great guy but kinda stingy with expressing feelings or giving this leveled me, and left me sobbing the ugly cry with tears of sweet joy.
Since Thursday night, I have saved $40.00. At the end of one year $4,200.00 & when Ronnie succeeds in quitting which I believe he will, we will double that amount and will be $8,400.00 richer!!!
I will not have to be totin around a canister of hoses and oxygen since my diagnosis of C.O.P.D. and my Mom is battling lung cancer right now and I lost my biological Dad from lung cancer.
Im not even crabby...really, Ronnie was a little worried for his well being, but even commented on how this experience has changed a good way, but I was thinkin...what else could he say?????hmmmmm
My skin will look clearer and younger...YIPEE!!!!
I have all sorts of nervous energy and everything is extremely exaggerated as my 5 senses are completely tweaked to thee max! I have been cleaning and organizing like a mental case with O.C.D. Everything is brighter, smellier, louder, better, much better.
I have come to really understand & believe that I "am" a strong woman and havent stopped growing just because Im getting older. I think Im getting wizer as well.
Im not sure how this will end up, I do know that "just for today" "just for right now" Im choosing not to smoke. I sure would appreciate any prayers to keep me strong and smoke free. Thank you all in advance.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Can We Talk????

Now I think everyone knows Im a fair woman, Im not a husband or man basher, I enjoy most men, and I adore my Ronnie....but can we talk?????

My desire to get a few things off my chest about the male species wouldnt be appropriate in any other venue, some of the married woman in my circle or network of folks in meetings, always center around bashing and Im not talking about that...Im talking about having a safe, fun, honest, place to come and vent (with love) about those things that our husbands or significant others do that make us want the long braid off in the middle of the night, or apply a little pressure with the pillow as they sleep, or paint the toenails Cadiallac Red while they snore away! and hide or dump the polish remover....

Well thats what I feel like doing when Ronnie does things like...deciding to play horse shoes under my bedroom window on a Sunday afternoon while Im trying to nap...CLANG...CLING....CLANG!!!!!!or using the last of the good, soft, fresh rolls to feed the birds....or when he eats cereal or ice cream and cannot seem to master this task without banging the spoon on the side of the bowl. OVER and OVER again!!!! youd think my increasing the volume on the remote would give him a hint????? not a chance! or cleaning the the sink out after he trims the goat tee....or after he lowlights it with Just For Men.... Its NOT "Just For Men" its for the women who have to clean the stains out of the bathroom sink!!!!! "Just For Them" And WHY am I the only one in this family that seems to qualify to change the toilet paper roll? and does anyone care about long hair in the tub after they shower? Were these "things to do" in small print on the marriage certificate???? TELL ME!!!! Or when he looks right at me pretending to be paying attention, while Im trying to tell him something important and I know hes thinkin something like...."when was the last time I put oil in the truck"? or "is that game on tonight or tomorrow night?" or "am I hungry?" (starin right at me, mind ya) and if I catch him and ask him to repeat what Ive just said.... he tries to act all offended as he tries to divert my attention with a hug, or a smooch! Yah buddy sure ya can kiss somethin of mine...... HELLO!!!!! anbody feelin me?

And when did this man turn into the homicidal maniac on the road???? Where was I? When did that happen? My kind, patient, giving, man turns into this...this...charachter that Steven King would make millions writing about...He uses hand gestures & spews words that shock even...well me! and when we get home has the NERVE to ask me whats wrong? Like the trauma I just experienced would have brought color back into my face or would have stopped the shakes!!!! And he SWEARS "Im" over reacting....who is this man???? where did mine go? is he at your house? This is the same man who touches countless men and women on the street when hes ministering to them about living a new drug free lifestyle.and as soon as he gets behind the wheel, he becomes a Conn. terrorist on wheels! he wasnt even like that when he was meaner than an ole junkyard dog biker!!!!ok, well maybe a little, Im just sayin!

I mean I know it could be alot worse, I remember in the early days of the training program when we first met, such as; putting the seat down... or the courtesy flush..... clippin the toenails only in the bathroom!!!!! or clipppin them at all!!! or not drinking anything from the carton in the fridge....or teaching the boys armpit farts... or glamorizing inappropriate biker tales to the boys...or any stories having to do with strippers and a pole!!!!

We all have our pet peeves, and I wouldnt have the nerve to ask my poor man what irks him about me, not when he ususally cant see or find the dining room table under the bolts of fabric, spools of thread, and bottles of paint.... or the millions of things that temp him to move without giving me the new address everytime I go on weekend retreats, or any one of my Lucy moments....but this isnt his blog...its mine.

Im just curious to hear what some of the other peeves everyone else deals with their husbands. I mean I know Im the first one to brag about the wonderful things Ronnie does for me and others just cuz "Nice Matters" and hed surely give you the shirt off his back, (and has...literally) and I could share for hours about the random acts of kindness hes so passionate about, or how I celebrate his enthusiasm for life, or how you dont get to just "meet" Ronnie, you get to "experience" him because of his laughter, outlook, and energy. But again...My Blog!.

Sometimes its important that we woman folk to get together and share a laugh about these things so we can remeber that were not alone and look at "how important is it" anyway when all is said and done....

I think it helps put things back in perspective when we can all chuckle at what we are "blessed" to have to deal with. I dont know what I would do without this man that Im honored to call my husband. Im sure you feel the same way, but I think it will be fun to share a laugh while we support eachother, as we all know Marriage Isnt For Wimps! Please feel free to share one or all.

Friday, April 4, 2008


I made this primitive doll for my Computer Instructor who volunteers her time and teaches us for free. Ive taken 3 consequtive weeks with "Sharon" and signed up for another session.
I made her about 21 inches tall, black floss hair, a muslin apron, and blue print dress, with a primitive bag w/ a star handstitched on it, and its full of moss w/ a crow sitting in it. I grunged a tag that says "Primitive Blessing" I hope she likes it and remembers how her time, patience, & passion for teaching helped inspire me to celebrate mine and bless her as shed blessed me!
It certainly didnt seem enough when at the end of this session she asked us if we'd be willing to answer a few questions on her evaluation sheet that she needed to submit to her boss. I was a little disappointed & saddened that the other 2 students thought it was funny and or sufficient enough to answer just "yes" to the questions on this sheet, so they could scoot out of there.
Were these classes good?
Would we refer others?
Was there anything we felt we'd like to learn more about?
Did we have enough one on one attention?
Was the instructor patient?
The others didnt see or perhaps care enough to see her expression drooped a little when all they did was give minimal answers. I could tell she felt stung! I mean this woman went above and beyond the call of duty for us. Our clases were only supposed to run for an hour, yet Sharon always asked us if it would be alright if we went over an extra half hour? I mean all she wanted to do was make sure we were learning and learn we did. She always made sure we left feeling satisfied in whatever wed learned during each class.
I just couldnt recieve her gift of knowledge with a one word answer. Im going to write her boss a thank you note for the excellent quality of computer time we all recieved. I also know being the Town Librarian and Historian, that perhaps shed enjoy recieving a handmade primitive doll that I made for her in appreciation for the 3 weeks of excellent instruction on the computer.She also encouraged and invited us back for a few more weeks after we took a week break. Everyone signed up, yet no one thought to express their gratitude in this "gimme gimme... my names Jimmy" world we live in!
I walked in that first day and I was sick, pale, had on my leather jacket, wild red hair all over the place from the windy walk, torn jeans, tattoos, and pierced nose and she never once seemed to judge me or care...only that I was there to learn. I was sooo excited & grateful to learn, I sat up front raising my hand, taking it all in, and acting like Nellie Olson on Little House on the Prairie! LOL
I just think its time we begin remembering how important it is to honor those who lighten our load. I am so sick & tired of my community, our society, as a whole acting as if no one cares. That good customer service or recognition doesnt matter when it does. Sometimes just a smile and a thank you makes my day so much sweeter. Ya know, I want to surprize Sharon because after those lame answers on her eval. I could see her spirit take a dive for a minute before she revived herself. I want her to know that what she did for me mattered in a big way. Because Nice Matters!


How sweet is my husband????I woke up yesterday afternoon after a "Kat nap" to my husband standing over my bed, grinning sheepishly at me as if he had a secret!!! and he sure soon as I sat upright and got my bearings, hes standing there with this beautiful boquet of spring flowers for me!
I almost burst out in tears with such gratitude...I said..."what did I do to deserve these?" (just so I know how to keep doing it for a next time) and he said "No reason...Im just so happy your feeling better and wanted to see you smile" and so I shonuff flashed a big one as I was hugging his neck, chin quiverin, (mine not his) he was so darn cute..he said "my work here is done" & left to walk lil Opie! How spoiled am I?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New Shoe Medicine


Payless made me an offer on Spring shoes I couldnt refuse....

Because the doctors suggested that I remain stress free while Im on the mend..these shoe purchases were for medicial purposes only!
I gave Jen her painted apron this morning. I used "Twigs & Sprigs" pattern. Im so tickled that she loves it, & I cant wait to see her at her first Craft Fair popping, selling and making poppin fresh $$$$$DOUGH!

Apples, peaches,New Furniture & Pie!

Well, I promised Id show off my new (to me) girlee floral love seat, the matching sofa, the large sofa is on the other side of the parlour. I also bought the spinning wheel and bobbins of yarn, at a flea market for $3.00! The bobbins were a dollar a piece, I thought theyd look great on the wheel. & they do! I waited almost 6 months before I could incorporate this wheel in our decor.

Then I thought as sick as Ive been, Id try and stay out of bed yesterday and bake my hubs the Apple Peach Pie Id promised him. It was so theraputic to create this pie. My son walked in the kitchen, saw the pie and said "Whoa...that things a monster, is it real?" Jordan knows to ask about anything I make, real? or muslin and polymer? But nothing Ive ever sewn or sculpted smelled this good!

I stayed up all day yesterday. I didnt go to the doctor on Friday since his office called in the morning to inform me that he had an emergency and needed to reschedule. Yipee...a stay of execution. At least it will buy me a few more days to get better. So I took my time & enjoyed baking, then I cleaned a little, did some laundry, and made dinner. mmmm Shepherds Pie & Salad...and later...of course, coffee, and the monster.

I also completed a gift I made a friend of mine who Im so very proud of. She and her husband are in the process of beginning the greuling, scary,but exciting process of beginning their own business. Yup....JDS Secret Pop. Jen and Dan make thee freshest most delicious flavored pop corn! Ive been the recipient of a lightly chocolate drizzled pop corn and then a caramel drizzled. Man that salty, sweet blend oh so made me make noises in my mouth as I savored and chewed!!!! So I thought it only appropriate that I make her a little something to celebrate her new adventure. Im going to give it to her tomorrow morning, so Ill post the pictures then, since she reads my blog regularly and knows somethings being made...shes so sneaky...tries to get me to drop hints all the time!

Side note...Minnie arrived back home in Florida to her BFF Mikaela after I gave her a make over. Mikaela LOVED her new Minnie. Im so thrilled. It touched my heart to know that I took this project on even though it was outside the realm of my experience. It just proved to me, that if I put my mind to it, I can walk thru any of my fears.

Well today its pouring, & I have computer class today, then off to pay some bills, and when Ronnie comes home later tonight, we need to go to BJ's & go BIG groceries, and finally re-up on some much needed supplies so I can complete my doll order which Im 2 shy from completion. They should be Kentucky bound in another week.

Im going to invest in a jig saw. The wings on a couple of these dolls require luan wood and a jigsaw to cut them from. Ive always wanted a jig saw but couldnt justify that purchase until now.

Ive sure got alot on my list of things to do today, but Ive been down for so long, so much needs to get done. Ive been out of the loop of life, & quite frankly, I was scared. Not to die...No one gets out alive, but Im surely not ready. I have alot to learn, alot of making up to do, and the grand babies...I want to live to experience grand children. I want to be a "G.G." ( Glamorous Gramma)

So Im back... a little slow, still a little sore and a whole lotta tired...but its good to be back.

If anyone would like the recipie for this Apple Peach Pie, please feel free to email me, Ill be happy to send it to you. Its my own recipie. and DELISH!!!!