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Friday, April 4, 2008


How sweet is my husband????I woke up yesterday afternoon after a "Kat nap" to my husband standing over my bed, grinning sheepishly at me as if he had a secret!!! and he sure soon as I sat upright and got my bearings, hes standing there with this beautiful boquet of spring flowers for me!
I almost burst out in tears with such gratitude...I said..."what did I do to deserve these?" (just so I know how to keep doing it for a next time) and he said "No reason...Im just so happy your feeling better and wanted to see you smile" and so I shonuff flashed a big one as I was hugging his neck, chin quiverin, (mine not his) he was so darn cute..he said "my work here is done" & left to walk lil Opie! How spoiled am I?

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Jen said...

You see Kat there is a difference are not are appreciated and loved! now back to the spoil part...yeah you are spoiled in other ways!!LOL Beautiful flowers for a beautiful person! Good going Ronnie! Now teach DAN!LOL kidding