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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pumpkin, peaches, apple piiiiieeee....

BBBBRRRR.....This lil "Walnut Head" Primitive snowman is one of several in the workshop Im having a blast making. I think he came in for a piece of pie and to listen to some of my Christmas tunes Ive got crooning to me while I paint, sew...ohhh and (fake)bake! Ill introduce you to his brothers & sisters as they each come to life. They are adoreable placed around in a variety of special places in my home, peeking out here, & or there. Ive got a couple sitting on my all year around prim tree. Too cute.
Theyre each only 10 inches tall & all wear flannel, fleece, or wool sweaters with handsewn mittens, and smell so spicy good. These are also good sellers at craft fairs, great Secret Santa gifts & fit right in on any Holiday tree. These little snowmen are only $14.00 each before S&H.

I know..... I know....I changed the words of the song to introduce my apple pies....
Pumpkins, peaches, apple piiieeee.....can ya hear me hummin????
Can you smell the delicious aroma in my kitchen? mmmmmm.

These faux pot pourrie apple pies are always great sellers, especially during this time of year. Great gift idea to delight the lucky hostess with if your going to someones house for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.

They are an excellent addition to your country kitchen, primitive pie safe, sitting on your stove top, or resting on the dining room table. They sell so well because in addition to being so "primitive alluring", they are practical. Ive made them especially safe to put in a preheated warm or 200' (only) oven on those evenings when youve made a delicious but perhaps ( lingering evidence of a delicious but "stinky" fish, cabbage, or garlic, recipie) after baking in this very low temp oven for about 15 minutes (no more) you remove, & your entire kitchen smells of cinnamon & apples. Only minor disappointment when there isnt actually a warm apple pie to delve into.

They measure 9 inches by 9inches & sit about 4 1/2 inches tall. They are quite heavy since they are made in a clay bottom planter that I utilize as a pie dish.

They can be refreshed by adding a couple of drops of cinnamon or applespice oil directly in the center of the tulle, & pot pourrie, under the felt woven crust, you can purchase in some grocery stores and in all craft stores. I refresh mine about every 3d time I use it. These awesome pies are only $18.00 each before S&H. If anyones' interested in purchasing these... or any of my work, please feel free to email me at;

Well Ive got the day off since its such a pride filled day to remember.
Thank you all Veterans, past, present and future.
Thank you my son.
Well, Im off to see the Im not!!!! Im off my rocker!!!! but yall knew that already so no complaints now!, but now its time to do what I love best.......can ya see the smoke from the east?
yup, its me & my sewing machine........ SA-MOKIN!!!!!
Thank you Lord, for all Ive been through, am going through & will continue to go through, and THATS where my appreciation for what I do, who I am, who I know, (all of you & my other s/heroes) and of course....Whos I am.
Thank you for all of your prayers, please keep em coming. I keep each of you tucked safely and closely right here....oooopppps sorry, ya cant see me but Im pointin to my heart.
EMBRACE YOUR GRACE...(Holly Hunter, & Kat)

Saturday, November 8, 2008


What do you think of my newest creations??? "Annettes Angel" is a special order for one of the wonderful teachers I met while working at one of the schools. She saw something I had made & delivered & asked me to come up with something for her Gramma "Annette" who needed a reminder that angles are with her after having some serious Heart surgeries. I hand stitched each of her 11 Grandchildren on the lil heart shes holding because as Ms. Liz shared with me, her grankids ARE her heart! well Im thrilled that Ms. Liz adored her outcome and blessed me with weepy hugs...right in the middle of her art class. Soo funny, the kids were looking at me wondering who the heck I was...without my attractive(heavy sarcasm) hairnet, clippies, sweaty face& apron...they didnt know it was me...Miss Kat!!!!

Then I made and sold this new design of mine with zebra stripped scarf and matching mittens...well I left it in the cafe to show one of the many teachers always asking me to bring my work in...and who bought this snowman??? Mr. Norman (his first name) the elderly man who works in the cafeteria with me, who BTW I was replacing while he was out with corrective retna surgery. He touched my heart, he wanted to surprize his wife with this adoreable snowman, so they can pass him down when the time sweet is that????
Well last night Ronnie and I had the nicest time at the Holiday Open House where I shared last week,that we were invited to. I was in a zone...every one of my senses were tweaked and I was in a wonderland of Primitive Heaven. This woman decorated her lovely shoppe with every imaginable and un-imaginable sweet delight. The ambeince was mind blowing. Little white faerie lights twinkling everywhere, soft muted candles teasing our senses with pine, vanilla, cinnamon, a variety of 5 seperate rooms, handmade prim furniture from a gentleman "Christopher" who gave up a multi million dollar corporate job somewhere so he can follow his passion of woodworking... and work he did... Then I saw snowmen, santas, crows, saltboxes, star, garland, candles, flax, soaps, OMgoodness, my eyes hurt from looking at so much.
What I did notice was a few types of Primitives that "I" offer that she didnt have...sooo maybe shed be interested in a few of those pieces of mine. I know my painted welcome slates are good sellers, and a variety of other delights that I am already busy designing this morning.
Well 12 years ago, Ronnie and I stood in front of about 65 of our closest family and friends and exchanged marriage vows! Yikes, after this year with such loss in our life... lessons of patience, sacrifice, unexpected financial ruin, and much acceptance, I have learned while trudging down this marital pike that "MARRIAGE AINT FOR WIMPS!!!!"
I also only know for sure, I would have NEVER gotten thru any of it without the girlfriends, and a few brothers in sobriety and Christ who have prayed without ceasing for us. I thank each of you. It feels so wonderful to feel excited about anything after battling potential depression, or giving up and losing my sobriety...but not once did that ever become an option. And only because I had my prayer soldiers doing what they do best which was praying, encouraging, emailing me, sending me cards, e-cards and special love that I will never ever forget.
I didnt know how to thank any of you, so I promised to come back with vengence...I knew I was on my way when I began to feel joy again. Still not yet out of the woods, but blessings, miracles and hope restored for sure.
Thank you Jesus!
I will continue my journey today, sewing, painting, creating and probably a run to the local drugstore and pick up an anniversery card for the wonderful man I married. Pain in the a$$ but wonderful. He asked me this morning "How much time "did" the judge give us?" OH HE GAVE US LIFE, COWBOY!!!!
Prayer Requests and Praises.....
My personal prayer requests today are for my friends MJ and Ruby, I ask for healing and peace that blows your minds. I will never give up praying for you my friends.
I ask that you bless my dear friend Thomas and His precious Mom for healing, peace, and solutions, that will relieve them of any and all worry, that their panic be turned into wonder and light.
I ask that you continue to restore me with physical healing, spiritual courage and streingth so I may better carry the message of miracles and live lives where we all dwell in possibility.
I pray for my "goober" My unborn Grandchild....I pray for the saftey of my son while he serves and protects the state of NJ, I pray that our family is restored to healing and forgiveness so we may all be a part of Goobers life. I pray that like my precious Mom, that I also be a better Gramma than I was a Mom...I praise Jesus for second chances. Thirds, forths, and...........
I thank Jesus for each and every friend Ive met in my personal life as well as online....These people have just lifted me up and loved me as I was a close family member. I couldnt possibly name them all. Yall know who you are.
I ask that you please continue blessing my sister "Ginny" I am so blessed to have been placed in her life after so many years never knowing we were sisters. Praise you Jesus!
Please feel free to leave any prayer requests, praises, or comments, I appreciate them all.
Love, peace, abundance prayed for you all.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Belated Halloween

Look at these precious smiles!

It wasnt easy keeping this candy in tact and away from Ronnie but he was on notice...

we had quite a few visitors and I was so proud of them, being in a lower income area, sometimes the kids tend to be a bit wild but each & every trick or treater was grateful, festive, and extra polite.

I was so impressed with some of the Moms and Dads, working all day, coming home to cook a quickie dinner that no one was interested in eating, since they were focused and jazzed to put on their costumes and the door closing behind them...Gosh it brought back so many fond memories. But still the Moms and Dads were patiently and politely embracing the kids "Big Night Out".
I posted this witches hat that I am waiting to mail out to a customer, Im having difficulty finding a tall enough box for it. I finally found one but then the Post Office was closed, so its on my list of things to do in the morning.
As is making a promise to remain in the house sewing, painting, attatching body parts and making carrots for plenty of snowmen in the birthing process. I have thee best news. I met a woman who owns thee most delightful and facinating primitive shoppe a couple of towns away, and after chatting, well she was chatting, I was drooling...I left feeling nervous for agreeing to show her a few of my pieces, shes very interested. Then Saturday I got an invite to her huge Candlelit open house this Friday night. I am J-A-Z-Z-E-D.
She again invited me to come, make a date with her to introduce her to some of my work...eeeeekkk! Some of her extreme prim dolls sell for more than $100.00 each. Im not sure what to wear, & Id like to bring my camera to see if shes allow pics. Id also like to bring some pastries, maybe a ride into the Italian section of the big City of Hartford for some cannolis at any of their local bakeries...Im just so excited that she was so interested in seeing my work. She doesnt sell on a consignment basis either, she purchases outright. YIKES!!!!
Halloween is over but still " I do believe in spooks, I do... I do... I do...ohhh the bless-ed pressure!
I promise to come back & tell you all about it, Ill probably post a couple of pics of the dolls I select and make between now and then. Ill be extra busy since the schools are closed tomorrow for an in- service day & again on Tuesday for Election Day..I will however take a privilidged break to vote though..I hope you will too.