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Monday, January 28, 2008

Blondies Blog/comment Giveaway

Can you tell how very much I not only appreciated the adoreable little vintage pin keep Blondie stitched & sent me, and I OBVIOUSLY needed one. Look at the bedraggled little sunflower I was using! She also sent me a decopaged little scripture piece from what Ronnie believes to have been wall molding at one clever. Thanks Blondie, I use my pinkeep all the time & think of you...

Sunday, January 27, 2008


IN A WEEKEND?????? I cant even get my money back if I "cant" learn all of this in in a WEEKEND????? cuz I took them out at the library....

Friends Telling Friends...

Ive already shared this with my best friend "Opie", (which this lil bed hog snuggled himself in without any blanket arranging from us) but one of my biggest regrets and areas of deep shame still plagues me knowing I am in excruciating pain from a variety of joint pain, from either my rhumethoid arthritis, & or Hep C. I contracted while very sick in active addiction many years ago.
I have been trying to put aside my very deflated ego (which Ive been taught means "Edging God Out") & not just admit but "accept" that I cannot work at the physically demanding job at the deli. The arthritis in my thumbs & wrists, keep me smelling of bengay, wrapped in ace bandages, and heat or ice to try and relieve the swelling, & in tears almost every night I come home.
I have also commited to God, myself & my husband that in resigning from this job, I will begin my journey of healing and dealing with the Hep C that I need to have a liver biopsy done, & then begin the promising treatment of interfuron. I have become seriously symptomatic, & without getting into the ugly side of what Hep C does to the body and how it has comprimised my immune system. I "will" share that my health has declined and my spirit has suffered because of it. I have seen people who have this dreadful & scary disease lose family and friends from fear, or disgust from ignorance. Believe me, I am well aware of the judgements formed when were uneducated and convince ourselves that we will "catch" Hep C if we are in someones presence who has it. I was a member of the ignorant group myself, until I became up close and personal when a close family member was diagnosed....and then I was. kinda changes everything. (thank God) I needed to be changed.
So, I will be facing some serious medical, spiritual, physical, & financial mountains to move, but Im not tweaking too bad, I have a jar full of mustard seeds, which tell me in the Bible that I only need a mustard seed size of faith to move mountains...
I will have the oppertunity to make & sell my work in whatever venue God leads me to. It may be on my blog, home parties, private orders, fairs, and of course I now have the time to begin my new adventure selling my small end furniture, antiques, and painted housewares at local weekend flea markets in March.
Ive also signed up for free computer classes at our local Library on every Tuesday morning!!! How flippin cool is that? I took out a "How to Blog" book for beginners, AND learning "Windows in a weekend"! HA!!!! (were gonna need a little more than a mustard seed or 2 with this one!)
So now you all know why your comments, friendships, private emails, and cards mean to me. Im thinking God has been trying to get my attention for awhile now. Ive been praying for relief, changes, and courage to go down another path. Ive also been afraid Id be alone, but since beginning this blog, reconnecting with old friends, and making new ones, Ive been reassured that I am never alone.
Thank you all for being the strong women of courage, faith, & unrelenting, tenatious spirits, that Ive seen in all of you. Im not just all ~wishy washy~ when I express how inspired by the unbelieveable changes, mountains, and new roads youve incorporated in your lives, its in knowing how difficult life can be, & how your lives can be drastically altered in a moment, that Im inspired to create, embrace, and express the personal gifts of passion, & friendship that Ive been graced with. I am grateful and excited to become the best woman I know God wants me to be, which doesnt include any parts of a deli.(BIG sigh of relief)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tit For Tat New Style from Kat!

Before another computer lesson from Allison this afternoon, I turned her into a gorgeous redhead sporting a new do... Opie, however is still safely a platinum! Isnt she aflippindoreable???

"Scaredy Kat Folkheart"

And this footstool I rescued from impending doom on the side of the road, I painted a John Sliney design & used crackle to distress it.
This uncentered footstool was a Terrye French design. Can you tell I love saving old footstools, & giving them a new life?

This footstool I bought at a tag sale & stripped it and painted a design from Twigs & Sprigs Designs

Vacation Blessings!

While Ronnie is on vacation, hes been busy making dream catchers.
He made this beauty for a co-worker of mine at the deli, and when others saw it, he was commisioned to make 4 more!
They are smudged and prayed over with sage, and sweet grass, to remove any negative energy and prayed for the recipient to be blessed with peace, joy, and abundance.
Ill post the other ones hes in the process of making.
I was blessed with a triple decker. Small one on top, middle sized sitting ...well the middle, and the largest one on the bottom. He incorporated and embellished mine with my one year recovery medallion around the beautiful white feathers on top. What a special gift for my one year clean & sober anniversery many years ago.
Notice the "orb" in the photo of Ronnie. hmmm thinking its probably Ronnies precious Mom "Dorothy"who visits us often!
Also, just a side note, please ignore the empty shelves, sparcely furnished, badly needing unpainted walls, we are in the process of the stressful job of packing and preparing to move. If one didnt know better, our recent photos look as if we are stars of a "B" Flick Trailor Owners.
Not that theres anything wrong with trailors.....just sparcley furnished, empty shelved, and unpainted walls, home on wheels!!!!

Valentines Day Gift Ideas!

This little angel is sitting on a painted paper machei (sp) box that I added round painted wooden legs to. Another tin heart attatched to her wing states there is an "Angel On Duty"
The tag suggests that it can be used as a "God Box".
A God box which many of us "12 steppers" use, is a great way to literally "let go" of anything that we may be holding on to that needs to be turned over to our Higher Power,A.K.A. God.
For instance, when Im fearing, freaking, tweaking, or resenting, someone or about something, I write down only one sentence on a post it, such as...Im having an artistic block, or I dont know how to spell paper machei, (smile) or my husband had the NERVE to say such and such to me. Then I put the paper in the box, say a little prayer that God please take this annoyance from me and I continue adding whatever my gripes, fears, etc. may be for 30 days.
At the end of the month, I open the box and re-read the scraps and the beauty in these God Boxes is that "most" times, I cant even remember what my husband had the nerve to say to me. Not because he says sooo many things that may frost my fanny, but because I intentionally took spiritual action to surrender it to God. It was important enough for me to take the time to write it down and pray it away when it happened 30 days prior and yet most of the time, I have to dig to think about what it was. Oh Thank God for both answered and unanswered prayers!
For me, the moral of the God Box is...How important is this going to be in a year? 30 days????
Its also a great project for any of us to make for or with a family &/or friend. You dont have to be in a 12 step program for this to successfully work in your life. I think its a great tool, a great reminder to take a few minutes out of our day to work towards a solution rather than allow whats irritating us to sit and marinade in resentment. Plus it never hurts to let God know how were doing. (not that He doesnt know already, but He likes us to talk with Him)
It can also be a gratitude box to "give thanks" for blessings, and unexpected surprises as well.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Ok folks...first off, Id like to thank you all for your comments, emails and phonecalls offering me love, encouragement, & support about my frustrations with this box...I dont have much help in terms of family members, I mean it was only until recently my husband thought you put a couple of quarters in here and waited for somethin naughty to come on!!!!!no peep show here hon, back downstairs to watch C.S.I.

But speaking of the hubs...he is otta control...This morning he woke up officially on VACATION!!!!!!

He woke me up at 5:45 this morning pimped out to the max, ready for the day. showered, new goatee freshly trimmed, brand new shirt from Christmas, brand new jeans, smelling all sexy like with his new cologne (thank God no more Brut!!!!) and hes all dressed up, Native American choker in tact,...and no where to go... where WOULD he go at 5:45 in the morning? and who would he go with???I opened one of my peepers and hes just standin there with this big goofy grin on his mug holding my "mug" of hot steaming coffee! "WHAT???" whatza matter? who died? WHAT???""NO ONE DIED BABE...IM ON VACATION!!!" "alright, wheres the loaded gun, I could have sworn we had one in this house!!!!5:45 in the morning!

9 days Ive got of this. NINE DAYS!!!!
But WHO could resist that smile?????

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I Need Cheering Up!!!

and seeing my husband act like a total nutcase usually does the trick...but not today!

Welcome to my pity party!
Most people who know me personally always comment on how much energy I have, they ask me how do I manage to remain so "up" and "turned on" for life all the time? Ive even been accused of being "bubbly" but they wouldnt be making comments like this today...OOOHH NOOO. they really wouldnt. The only bubbles today are from the slow boil Im feeling about my inadequacies.

I am feeling a little down on myself this morning. YA THINK????

I know it will pass, but I am growing increasingly impatient with myself for being unable to pick up and master the basics of this computer. Ive posted some of my favorite photos of my family, work, & have had a ball doing that. But since Allison & I found out that my problem wasnt so much with me as it was with Kodak not allowing me to post anything, so when Allie found another program, I wasnt able to "learn or get" how to transfer any "new pics" from the old program to the new one. I feel so limited, needy, and sooo here it comes...Stupid, & less than. I unhealthy, but Im being honest.

I can repeat my spiritual lifting mantras about how I have all I need, how I lack nothing.... I can even chant...but lets be real. I DONT have all I need. I am LACKING. I need a non- defective, disabled, linear, brain that can learn like everyone else!!!! I know.... pass the cheese to go with my whine.

Ive had thee most generous and helpful friends privately email me to suggest all I have to do is...cut, copy, and paste, but the only thing I can "cut" at this point is my jugular vein!!!!

I surf and see all the creative and inspiring blogs, making me laugh, cry tears of sometimes sadness, and joy, I would do anything to be able to hang out with the big kids and have my own banner, funny little sayings, quotes, vintage, primitive photos, silly pics and long linking lists of my kindred spirits...ya know kinfolking bloggers.

One of my favorite sayings when Im feeling intolerant for lazy, or anyone marinating in the victim role, is "If ya wanna hang with the pack, ya cant piss like a puppy". and here I am piddlin away! Theres a spiritual solution for every problem presented, or PUSH=(pray until something happens)
When does it come? I am honest enough to admit its not for the lack of trying. Im up here resembling a college student cramming for finals, notes, upon notes, file folders, "Windows for Dummies"& Im feeling awfully silly thinking that one of my dreams and goals in the near future is learning howto sell my creations on my blog, or wonderful on-line markets.

Is anyone else out there able to offer me some much needed hope or guidence about how they managed to learn? Im unable to afford private tutoring, and theres nothing available at this time in terms of continued education in my area until late spring...

I so want to share my works in progress with you like other bloggers, until...I realized "I" was the work in progress.
I am really sorry for expressing such a vulnerable area of my life, but maybe "I have not because I have asked not" thanks in advance for any support, suggestions, or good old fashioned kick in the...well you know!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Gift for Karen

It was bittersweet saying
Thank you" to my mentor/life coach/
therapist/ and now friend, "Karen". She blessed me with the gift of "believing in me" in early sobriety. We met every Wednesday morning at 7:30-9:00 & she helped me to dig deep & excavate some painful areas that kept me sick and suffering for many years. She guided me into the light of finding my own authentic spirit & how to embrace & celebrate that energy by passionately creating whatever God had planted inside of me.

Karen helped me learn the powerful gifts of self forgiveness and new beginnings. I made this primitive doll I named "Mary" for Karen to remind her of the Power and Love made available to me when she introduced me to "Mary" The Virgin Mother. Now I have Mary in my life to love as passionately as I love Jesus.

So although I dont meet with Karen any longer, we still keep in touch and I know its a beautiful friendship that I will celebrate forever.
I am excited for the anonymous women that will benefit from Karen as I did, when I walked through her door on that August morning so many years ago. She may be gone, but certainly not forgotten.

"Holly" (make do)

Scaredy Kat Folkheart Design...

Did I over use the word.... "sweatshirt"????

What fun painting Renee Mullins snowman on my sweatshirt.
The funny thing was, I was just practicing to see how well the paint washed, dried, adhered to the sweatshirt fabric, etc... so I didnt use a new sweatshirt, but an old one with a cut off neck,(I hate feeling anything around my neck) but I was so happy w/ the results, I wear it all the time. But now paint on NEW sweatshirts.
Should have thrown a little paint on my roots!!!! whoops!

Primitive pillow

Ive painted this design on several pillows, they look so pretty & prim sitting on a sofa or chair...
I found this pattern in the great old magazine, "Country Marketplace" which has sadly been dic continued. Having yet another senior moment, I dont remember the designers name.

Scaredy Kat Folkheart" Primsical & Whimitive Designs

I had a ball creating sisters "Snowfia, & Stormy" who now have happy new homes...

Monday, January 14, 2008


Well Folks... Everyones asking me "Are ya happy now Kat?" well actually I am. Sorry folks, I LOOOOOVE THE WHITE STUFF!!!! and ya know???? we DO live in New England! & It "IS" JANUARY! Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

That said.. The backroads to my job are always the last to be plowed so Im living up to my name "Scaredy Kat" YUP... Im taking the bus to work for noon! and Ive succomed to the fact that as of today on January 14th I have become a certified "Old Lady" who wont drive in a snowstorm.

Our Noreasters name is Christopher & hes a doozy! dropping almost 3 inches per hour and not expected to stop until hes pummeled us with about 12-14 inches...YIPEE!!!! The Hubs isnt YIPEE YIYAYYING at all, he was outside shoveling, clearing away, and brushing off our truck buried deep below the white carnage at 4:15 this morning. At least while hes out "there" I know hes not in "here" feeding Opie somethin toxic! Ya Im still fussin about that one....

Id like to share about the wonderful surprize I recieved in the mail from "Down South" on Saturday evening when I got home from work. A couple weeks before Christmas, I had made a general comment (as I usually do) on my wonderful friend Blondies (Vintage Prims) blog, & won a prize (she made) she promised would be in the mail. She thought I was teasing when I told her I couldnt email anything long, cuz I had to go wait outside for the mail to come...she thought I was kidding!

Ohh man... worth the wait it was. She sent me the most dainty, little, girlee, pink, textured, pincoushin that she sewed, (sew cute) and included a small de'copaged(sp) prayer that was made, from what Ronnie believes to be from a piece of wood molding.

How creative was that? you know I want to post the pictures I took, but since Allison made it possible to post pictures on my blog, we... "rather she", had to transfer my pics from my Kodak program which "wouldnt" allow me to post pics at all, to another one that will, but now I dont know how to post the ones that are new.... YET...ya with me? anyway if I can get Allison over here again without any death defying trips to the emergency vet....Im sure shell show me how. Gosh as much as I love learning all brain hurts!!!!notes upon notes I took while she was here...mean nothing to me now! hmmm.

Before completing my entry this morning, I would like to ask all of my Prayer Partners, and friends to please keep Blondies Momma "Ruth" in your prayers. Im not at liberty to discuss the specifics, but Im sure Blondie would appreciate it if we all kept her Mom & Blondie, in ours, Prayers for Supernatural physical healing, Peace in their precious hearts and minds, that would surpass ALL understanding, I am such a firm believer that the power of prayer, & friendship, radically and profoundly create miracles. I thank you from the deep place in my heart, where God resides, I thank you.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


I have always known I love my Opie to the moon and back, I have found myself and my husband acting foolish in rearranging our lives to offer Opie the comforts he deserves, have been the talk of the neighborhood about our spoiling Opie, and I understand that I am one of those people I used to chuckle at if I saw them...well acting with their beloved pets the way we do. But yesterday he scared us so bad with something he had eaten and either wasnt able to pass and or didnt agree with him.

It started at 3:00am yesterday morning when he woke me up scratching at the door to go out to pee. well that wasnt normal behavior for two reasons, the first being, he has puppy training pads for the middle of the night bladder runs, and the second was pouring, thundering, and lightening, outside and Opie wont EVER go out in anything threatening to wet his feet, and he usually burrows deep under the quilts and comforters when the "Boom Booms" come. so for him to beg me to go out just to pee...didnt make sence. He came back in and went to sleep, but 2 hours later, he woke me up to go back out, and did Number# 2, but when he came back in...he was shaking, shivering, and panting hysterically, not the "Im hot cuz its summer, so Im panting, pant"... it was a labored breathing pant and he had the death grip on me and had a look of terror in his eyes. I took him back to bed and rubbed his belly back to sleep, all the while praying a prayer of healing over him. he was really beginning to freak me out, but I put him to sleep.

Fast forward to about 4 hours later right before (Allison my computer hero) was coming over so we could spend some "fun" time at "Joannes" Opie came running downstairs and was shaking so horribly and tried hopping on my lap for safety, healing, recuing, fixing...God did I feel powerless, but the shaking was almost seizure like, so I called Ronnie and my son went to pick him up at work, I wouldnt have ever attempted driving, not to mention, I wasnt leaving Opie. Allie came over in the meantime and shes very involved w/ The Sadie Mae Foundation which is a dog rescue shelter and knows Opies behavior was completely and dangerously different so thank God she called her vet and an hour later we were off to the doggie hospital.

By then similar to when you go to the dentist and the tooth stops paining ya, Opie seemed better, The Dr. examined his heart...fine, temp. fine...lungs clear...all the questions to find a solution to make him better, we brought in a sample from the morning constitutional, and she could tell his belly was extended...what has he eaten lately possibly new? aaahhhhh the new chippy Ronnie gave him... and SPICY SAUSAGE from our pizza last night?????RONNIE!!!!!!!what the???so she gave him tagament, pepto bismol, and Ronnie got the "Youre loving Opie to death spiel" and told me to continue the baby ibuprofen and call her if he became worse.... we came home and he seemed better and then this morning on the puppy pads I was tellin ya about??????? LOADED like it had been visited by a shetland pony...SAWEET RELIEF!!!!! OPIE LIVES!!!!!!!
I cannot begin to tell you the utter panic...the heartbreak...the unabashed fear I felt thinking I was losing Opie. I also cannot express the gratitude I feel in my heart that Allison calmly took charge of this situation with such loving encouragement and support for a very frazzled...neurotic...but grateful me...and wheres Ronnie this morning? Oh yeah...hes doing some hard time in the DOG HOUSE!!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Since Im clearly not comfortable with the layout of my blog just yet...hang in there with me please, stranger things have happened.

The first pic I posted is from a great olde skillet I bought at a tag sale, so I painted a snowman design from the very talented "Renee Mullins" on it.

Next is a pic of me sporting an apron I had fun painting for the grand opening of the store that I was originally part owner of but is now solely my sisters.

Then... one of my many pillows from my collection Ive painted that are for sale, and this patriotic pineapple is a design from "John Sliney" who is a Primitive folkart artist right in my own backyard in Wallingford Conn. HES AWESOME. I lOVE PAINTING HIS SALT BOX HOUSES ON ANYTHING THAT DOESNT MOVE!

Heres Jordan, my son sitting on his brand spankin new rice rocket that was STOLEN!!!! only a few months of payments...and No I DIDNT HAVE A THING TO DO WITH THE MISSING MOTORCYCLE....I SWEAR I DIDNT! :) a month later, his car was stolen and THATS when he decided to move home and another car, and new business on the way but no death defying rockets thus far!

DARTH WELDER/RON VADER...gots to have the Harley insignia or skulls on everything with this guy!

heres a fun snowman I made from an artist I am so sorry, I cant remember who from Create & Decorate, but it sure wasnt me...I am just an imposter.

and last but NEVER least, this is a piece of wood that Ronnie woodburnt a portrait of me from a regular kodak picture! it is too cool to see yourself on a piece of wood. (the eyes follow you wherever you go) The picture doesnt do it justice, when you see it in person, it is mind blowing. He can woodburn almost anything on wood, he has touched many people who have commisioned him to burn their precious furbabies who have passed on. What a great way to honor a loved one.
I hope youve enjoyed looking at a few of my favorite things, it had been a blast sharing them with ya... thanks again for your patience while I bumble thru editing,learning layouts, and have worn off the letters on my backspacing and delete keys...Any possibilities of my web designing in the future????? HA hA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Id better not quit my deli job!


Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I have no clue as to how my old boss from a previous job hopped on board, but I sure hope she isnt in the witness protection program!!!

Picture Posting Monster!

I think i can...I think I can...and I did!!!!

One of my dreams and desires was to learn how to master posting pics on this computer and my new hero "Allie" (tada) came over for yet another marathon tutoring session on this machine. I tried to keep her from going home cuz I wanted to learn more...such addictive personality, I offered to do her laundry, I fed her until she couldnt move, introduced her to vanilla cream and splenda in her coffee, (which she made noises of yummy pleasure while she drank it) I even offered for her to stay the night. But nooooooooo, she has a life of her own to live she claims...Imagine!!!

But I am so very grateful that she helped me and patiently giggled at my probably rediculous questions and terms...and the look on her face when she went into my "favorites" and saw it rolling like the credits from the movie The Titantic. "um Kat"...she quietly suggested, "you might want to organize ALL these favorites, do you want me to teach you how?" oh sweet Allie, "no darlin, thats one of the few things I "in fact" know how to do on here, Im just ...ummmm really lazy" you many little time!

She is just too cute for her own good, she was so amazed and thrilled to see someone like myself, working thru such frustration and yet she wouldnt allow me to believe anything but the potential that I have to learn this, and so much more.

So thank you Allison, I promise, I owe you a "to die for" funky haircut that will be the envy of all 12 step meetings, I will provide the sculpted angel head for the top of your personal God Box I promised to help you paint & design, and unlimited gooey, hot, homemade, crescent roll sandwhich squares, from now until I am satisfied that at best, my blog will be just as interesting, musical, funny, informative, hopefully inspiring, and creative as the ones in my blogging community of primitive artists.

That said...Id like to leave you with a few pieces of my work I have designed throughout 2007 so you can get to know what my passion is for a change....

and Peanut...did I not promise you when I learned how to cut copy, and paste, your link would be my first???? Ive added yours and Roons, & if I cant manage to remember how to add all the others, its off to the kitchen for me to bribe Allie with more Pillsbury delights...Im gonna be there awhile!

Faith, Family, Furbabies & Friends!

Monday, January 7, 2008

I failed!

I wanted to share a part of you that Im not very proud of. I am human but it doesnt excuse my acting impulsively or inappropriately. And I have. Without divulging or boring you with the blow by blows of this situation Im talking about, I blew it.

Normally I would never put something so negative on my blog, but this blog has afforded me the oppertunity to grow, learn, and share my experiences, strengths and hopes with you. Even and especially when I fail miserably. But many of you believe in me, Some of you leave me such beautiful, uplifting, and inspiring, comments supporting me on my journey, that if I didnt share honestly this burden on my heart and only shared the wonder and light in my life...I would be a fraud.

After months of my laying down, turning the other cheek, trying to be obedient while acting spiritually submissive to some hateful personal attacks, intentional financial blows, having my personal emails read, and computer hacked into, by a person previously in my life, I finally SNAPPED yesterday.

I CHOSE to respond to yet another financial attack that was "ultimately" my responsibility but certainly none of this persons business, and I retalliated impulsively, and intentionally tried to hurt this person back. Thinking Id feel better, ya know, up. I tried to feel empowered, victorious rather than victimized and all I did was "mirror" this person and it doesnt feel good at all. I stooped to their level. Im sharing this with you to prove that ...2 wrongs dont make a right. I am so not the tough, ignorant, scrapping, dope fiend, that I was before I was blessed with my new life.

I chose to take my will back and when I finally went to God in prayer, which I should have done first , God spoke to me and told me that I didnt trust that this situation was "His"not mine, and is being dealt with but it was His time...not mine and I tweaked. I know God forgives me. it would be arrogant for me to think I was beyond forgiveness. but Im having a hard time forgiving myself, because Im not a mean spirited woman. Im always telling the women of Grace in my life how I want to learn from them...and how I admire their femininity and off I go re-acting to a personal hit.

I cant imagine Peanut, Blondie, Sherrie, or any of you, handling this situation the way I did.

I have legal rights. I have already begun the painful process to protect myself in the future, I have my security back on my computer and will work on being accountable to the financial wreckage I have caused while in active addiction and prevent anyone from ever being able to have any kind of power over me again. I was foolish enough to think that I could snap and intentionally hit back, and not feel bad.
Wrong is wrong when everyones doing it...right is right when no one is doing it.

These personal attacks had very little to do with me...I understand that "Hurt people hurt people"

I thought Id be doing the happy dance. and Im not. Im feeling ugly, and vindictive. I cant shower and scrub this off of me. I know...Ive tried.

So I will take this human lesson and not repeat my behavior ever again. I will work on forgiving myself and trusting Jesus more.

I really hope that if any of you are feeling stressed, or on the verge to re-act. or act out on something being fooled into (as I was) that revenge is sweet. Its not. Living well is the sweetest revenge.
Thank you for allowing me the freedom and friendship to admit when I fail miserably, and not leave me feeling judged.

When you always do what you always always get what you always got!

When theres No Change...theres No Change.
I want to change... I soooo want to change!!!!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Im so proud!!!!

I am so Proud of my youngest son Jordan. He has made the decision to follow his dream, and he and his buddy, "now partner" Brian, are opening their own business. Jordan struggles as I do with certain disabilities that prevent us from learning new things in the "linear" way that most people do, but if the new info is presented to us in a more creative, hands on, or "one on one" manner, we DO pick it up and were off and running. Hence, my inability to learn anything without someone sitting right beside me on this computer. So when Jordan came into the house yesterday just BEAMING from his head to his toes and bubbling (and youd have to know Jordan to appreciate that he seldom bubbles...) and told us that he and Brian had begun the scary but exciting process of opening "JDM Motorsports" parts store. Now to us chicks, it may sound like a run of the mill car parts store... NOT!!!! Jordan is sooooo talented and born with the natural gift of fixing cars, or anything mechanical, so Ronnie and I were a bit taken back when he told us it would be a parts store, knowing how he lives to have his head buried inside any motor and feet dangling out of the hood, and grease up to his elbows everyone is usually convinced is a bizarre, dark, tattoo. But the beauty in this new store is that although they will be selling regular car parts, they will also be selling "hard to find, muscle head, hot rods, low riding, souped up" car parts. Hooker headers, purple hornies, nitrate. which is a tank of gas for racing and makes the car speed the way no mother wants to think about. (especially this one)

Jordan will also be able to feed his passion and spirit by hunting for these parts and then helping people install, fix, and improve any vehicle...they will specialize in Honda parts. My son is a certified "Honda Addict" and proud of it. (smile)

He told me his goal in one year is to have their business reputation known similarly to the awesome t.v. show "Pimp My Ride" but Connecticut Style.... I have seen first hand some of the "Hoopties" that have sputtered, been pushed and towed into our back yard as one of Jordans projects and within 2 weeks of little sleep, eating, or socializing, turn them into remarkable show vehicles...inside and out.
I am so proud of Jordan...
I Believe In Jordan.

Now if I could only find him a nice religous, Amish girl..........

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

.MINE....ALL MINE!!!!!

The Day is all first day off since Christmas day. I was supposed to have the day after off as well but ended up going in for 4 hours to help close, so today is mine....... all mine.

I brought the hubster to work so I could have the truck, go to the bank and make a much needed deposit... Then I get to finally pay some bills. What a GREAT feeling. Ive had the money in the account to pay the bill for both our cell phones but never had the 10 minutes to sit down & write the check, nor did I have the stamps...always a day late and a dollar short!!! Can anyone relate? arggghhh! I need to work on time management.

I was blessed with such a surprize yesterday while at work, Ronnie took our tree down, vacuumed, did laundry,scoured the bathroom...ohh AND tackled the soaking and unforgiving casserole dish I baked homemade macaroni and cheese in the other day....then went to the Sprint store and paid our cell phone bill in person...all so I could do whatever I wanted or needed to do with "My Day Off" Is he a keeper or what?

When I come back from the bank, Im actually going to pull out my fabric, paints, and sit down and CREATE....CREATE...CREATE!!!!!! Ive got a couple of surprizes to make a friend, and I designed them in my sketch book awhile ago and they are just calling to be made. I have all the supplies, and I am soooo excited. Its been almost 3 and a half weeks since Ive fed my soul with sewing. Im also going to sew a primitive sheep Stacey from Goode Wife from Washington County designed and surprized me with...ohhh the pressure!!!!

Im also going to call my computer savy friend Allie and ask her if shed be willing to come over for an hour and download all of my pictures from my computer onto the blank cds I bought for this. The last time she was here, she promised to teach me how to organize and create file folders for them which means I can then post all the pictures I want and bore you all to tears with Opie, my latest designs, my family, etc....I cannot wait. If not today, then my next day off on Friday.

I know myself how just reading someones blog without pics can be sometimes...mmm...well downright boring or too much to read. so I personally thank you all for hanging in there with me, and believeing in me and my desire to learn all I can on this dang putter. I bore myself sometimes. HA! I know you all support me and care about me enough to leave comments, and encourage me. so I shall keep my commitment to myself and to you and prioritize meeting with Allie.

Im also excited about sharing some of Ronnies awesome work, he just got an order for a dreamcatcher and I will show you when hes completed it. He is amazing. He designs and makes exquisite Native American chokers for men and women, he makes dream catchers and sometimes incorporates a recovery medallion on the top sitting regally among the assortment of feathers, and beads. He recently completed a woodburnt piece of oval wood and he burned a pair of wild, western boots onto it. He made our brother in-law a beautiful medium size wooden box with a saddle on it. Wow...Mike loved it, since hes a race horse owner, and enthusiast. So it will be fun to show you Ronnies passion for creating as well.

Before I end, I wanted to share with you how wonderful our New Years eve was as we exchanged Christmas gifts with each other. Ronnie bought me a beautiful wide, gold bracelet, a soft. blue "Laura Ashley" bathrobe...(go Ronnie) and a pair of sheepskin clog slippers, a daily meditation book for the Christian Woman, and hes growing a sexy goatee for me.... I bought him 2 shirts, one with a Native American print. ( chamoix deerskin) kind of a clay color, a huge fishing net, (challenging to wrap) a gift card at Cabelas, (a hunting fishing store), a pair of socks w/reinforced toes and heels, a 6 pack of toewarmers cuz he welds outside in the bitter cold, and a bumper sticker that states he loves FISHING. my son bought him an awesome watch and "Mustang" cologne...thank you Jordan, now we can throw away his "Brut" which should have gone away when the High Karate did!

Embrace the day with a spirit of gratitude, and live it as the gift it is....The next time you visit, I hope my blog will be picture friendly!!!!