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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Im so proud!!!!

I am so Proud of my youngest son Jordan. He has made the decision to follow his dream, and he and his buddy, "now partner" Brian, are opening their own business. Jordan struggles as I do with certain disabilities that prevent us from learning new things in the "linear" way that most people do, but if the new info is presented to us in a more creative, hands on, or "one on one" manner, we DO pick it up and were off and running. Hence, my inability to learn anything without someone sitting right beside me on this computer. So when Jordan came into the house yesterday just BEAMING from his head to his toes and bubbling (and youd have to know Jordan to appreciate that he seldom bubbles...) and told us that he and Brian had begun the scary but exciting process of opening "JDM Motorsports" parts store. Now to us chicks, it may sound like a run of the mill car parts store... NOT!!!! Jordan is sooooo talented and born with the natural gift of fixing cars, or anything mechanical, so Ronnie and I were a bit taken back when he told us it would be a parts store, knowing how he lives to have his head buried inside any motor and feet dangling out of the hood, and grease up to his elbows everyone is usually convinced is a bizarre, dark, tattoo. But the beauty in this new store is that although they will be selling regular car parts, they will also be selling "hard to find, muscle head, hot rods, low riding, souped up" car parts. Hooker headers, purple hornies, nitrate. which is a tank of gas for racing and makes the car speed the way no mother wants to think about. (especially this one)

Jordan will also be able to feed his passion and spirit by hunting for these parts and then helping people install, fix, and improve any vehicle...they will specialize in Honda parts. My son is a certified "Honda Addict" and proud of it. (smile)

He told me his goal in one year is to have their business reputation known similarly to the awesome t.v. show "Pimp My Ride" but Connecticut Style.... I have seen first hand some of the "Hoopties" that have sputtered, been pushed and towed into our back yard as one of Jordans projects and within 2 weeks of little sleep, eating, or socializing, turn them into remarkable show vehicles...inside and out.
I am so proud of Jordan...
I Believe In Jordan.

Now if I could only find him a nice religous, Amish girl..........


Kat449 said...

Does anyone know why each time I post a new blog entry, the one about "Lucy, ju got some splainin to do" comes up istead???????Ive now posted 2 and lucy comes up. HELP PLEASE!!!! Thank you in advance....Kat

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Congrats to Jordan!! Woo-hoo!!! Y'all must be so proud of him!! Best of luck to him too!
Hey, I have no problem seein' your "I'm so proud" post first. :> )

Anonymous said...

Fantastic new for Jordan (and you). I think his friend is looking down on him. I am definately twins with you!!! I can't for the life of me read 'destructions' and do something very often....I need to see it being done!!!! So when I see you in about 9 weeks..I want to see Maxine pimped with his advertising all over for him!!!!!!!!