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Monday, January 14, 2008


Well Folks... Everyones asking me "Are ya happy now Kat?" well actually I am. Sorry folks, I LOOOOOVE THE WHITE STUFF!!!! and ya know???? we DO live in New England! & It "IS" JANUARY! Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

That said.. The backroads to my job are always the last to be plowed so Im living up to my name "Scaredy Kat" YUP... Im taking the bus to work for noon! and Ive succomed to the fact that as of today on January 14th I have become a certified "Old Lady" who wont drive in a snowstorm.

Our Noreasters name is Christopher & hes a doozy! dropping almost 3 inches per hour and not expected to stop until hes pummeled us with about 12-14 inches...YIPEE!!!! The Hubs isnt YIPEE YIYAYYING at all, he was outside shoveling, clearing away, and brushing off our truck buried deep below the white carnage at 4:15 this morning. At least while hes out "there" I know hes not in "here" feeding Opie somethin toxic! Ya Im still fussin about that one....

Id like to share about the wonderful surprize I recieved in the mail from "Down South" on Saturday evening when I got home from work. A couple weeks before Christmas, I had made a general comment (as I usually do) on my wonderful friend Blondies (Vintage Prims) blog, & won a prize (she made) she promised would be in the mail. She thought I was teasing when I told her I couldnt email anything long, cuz I had to go wait outside for the mail to come...she thought I was kidding!

Ohh man... worth the wait it was. She sent me the most dainty, little, girlee, pink, textured, pincoushin that she sewed, (sew cute) and included a small de'copaged(sp) prayer that was made, from what Ronnie believes to be from a piece of wood molding.

How creative was that? you know I want to post the pictures I took, but since Allison made it possible to post pictures on my blog, we... "rather she", had to transfer my pics from my Kodak program which "wouldnt" allow me to post pics at all, to another one that will, but now I dont know how to post the ones that are new.... YET...ya with me? anyway if I can get Allison over here again without any death defying trips to the emergency vet....Im sure shell show me how. Gosh as much as I love learning all brain hurts!!!!notes upon notes I took while she was here...mean nothing to me now! hmmm.

Before completing my entry this morning, I would like to ask all of my Prayer Partners, and friends to please keep Blondies Momma "Ruth" in your prayers. Im not at liberty to discuss the specifics, but Im sure Blondie would appreciate it if we all kept her Mom & Blondie, in ours, Prayers for Supernatural physical healing, Peace in their precious hearts and minds, that would surpass ALL understanding, I am such a firm believer that the power of prayer, & friendship, radically and profoundly create miracles. I thank you from the deep place in my heart, where God resides, I thank you.

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