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Monday, January 28, 2008

Blondies Blog/comment Giveaway

Can you tell how very much I not only appreciated the adoreable little vintage pin keep Blondie stitched & sent me, and I OBVIOUSLY needed one. Look at the bedraggled little sunflower I was using! She also sent me a decopaged little scripture piece from what Ronnie believes to have been wall molding at one clever. Thanks Blondie, I use my pinkeep all the time & think of you...


Anonymous said...

Helloooo Kat!! So nice of you to leave me a message on my blog! Isn't this soo fun? I have to tell you that your story is soo wonderful and you're so brave to share it all with the world. I take my hat off to you and to hear your faith in God and taking responsibility for your "past life" is so humbling!! You really got it together girl and I'm just really proud of you even though I really don't know you. I too share my life with the world and ya know what? It helps others to share your own heartache. I have found out over the last several years that there are many many women who feel alone in their sorrow or heartache and when we share our "crap", it helps them to feel they are not isolated and alone. God bless you richly my dear!! Let us know how the biopsy turns out, K?
Blessings to you and yours!

kat449 said...

awwww geeze Erica...thanks so much...I can tell my self esteem is beginnig to blossom, cuz up I would want so desperately to email you and THANK YOU for the joy and inspiration your creations brought to me, but I couldnt muster the courage. But Ive been growing some courage much like the corardly lion aka Scaredy Kat tee hee, thanks for poppin over. Im touched. Peace, Kat

deb wilkinson said...

Hey Kat! Your "Friends Telling Friends" post has me in tears--but in a good way. You are, in a word, INSPIRING. Thank you for sharing your story. I will keep you in my prayers for relief from pain and for the strength to accept the unchangeable things. You are not alone (but I know I didn't have to tell you that!).

I love your dolly faces--they are just so sweet and creative. Keep truckin' sweet Kat!!