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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Thank you!

Thank Everyone & I especially thank "The Prince Of Peace", for praying my Mom (Jo) back to health.

Here is a picture of my Mom "Jo" & lil Sandy (yorki-poo, half mini yorkshire & poodle) her sidekick who has provided the best friendship & increased her desire to fight this exhausting disease. Thank You Sandy too!

As most of you know (who know me) my Mom was diagnosed with limited small cell inoperable lung cancer(I wont capitalize the letters on this disease, cuz the devil is a liar) at the end of Sept. We recieved this devestating news, the same week we buried my Dad.

Well since then, I have been reaching out asking for prayers from old friends, new friends, anyone who would listen...I put a pair of my sisters rosary beads from Israel (who wore them when she was in the Convent & has since passed) around her photo, & kept a white candle lit in vigil everytime we prayed. I know it was a shrine more to comfort me, but I am so grateful, thankful, and beside myself with joy, to share with you that the chemotherapy treatments, and diligent prayers have shrunk her tumor by more than 50%!!!!!!

Ive recently been saddened with the news that a dear friend in our own dollmaking community, is experiencing the same devestating news with her own Mom "Ruth". Ruths cancer is in her breast, and is scheduled for surgery next week. I am asking for you to keep Ruth in your prayers. I BELIEVE!!!!!

In honor of my friend, Im not going to put her name on "my" blog, she has her own to do that if shes in a place to share her experience, but this devestating disease plays havoc on our emotions.

Sometimes my love, prayer, & passion for people get in the way of good common sense, & rather than risk making anyone feel violated, because this is such a personal disease, Im only asking that you keep my freind and her mom Ruth in your prayers.

I thank you all in advance. I am just convinced that prayer works in numbers, I believe with all my heart that "Faith without works, is dead." I also believe "We have not, because we ask not"....Please lets ask!!!!


ginne6 said...

I am so glad and very happy that Your MOM is doing better. The Power of Prayer is remarkable.
Love you

kat449 said...

Thanks Sis,
Its amazing people like yourself who have been apart of my Moms amazing healing...His Grace Is Sufficient...Isnt it?

I am so touched that you check in & leave me such warm comments. I miss you so much & I love you too. Hugs,Kat