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Saturday, February 9, 2008


I admited in my last entry that I am a fabricholic...well like any good addict, I relapsed.... I only went to Joannes to look for the new issue of "Create & Decorate" magazine, but it wasnt in I acted out... the sweat began...the guilty justifications going back & forth in my mind.... no fabric sponsor to call, only my "enabling," "partner in crime" husband who not only "wouldnt" encourage me out the door, (like hed risk trying that!) but began going thru the bolts of fabrics and fattys asking if I thought this would look good on one of my D.I.P.s????(dolls in progress) so this is what I "scored"

So I came home and confessed my guilty pleasures, & treasures to my little confidant "Opie" & after a hug and cookie, I was absolved & "alls well" in Kats world again.

I did admit to the hubs that my new addiction isnt all that much cheaper than my old one, but at least this addiction doesnt blind me with hangovers the next morning!!!!


Anonymous said...

Looks good!!!!...the mag looks great..and the distress ink...and actually all of it!!!! I can't wait to go to your craft shops!!! xxxRobby

Kat449 said...

wow that was fast...I just posted!
I have a couple of fun places in mind to hip ya to while your in the States....Hubs is so happy for both of us...He thinks we should join an "Amish Community" while in Lancaster, to straighten us both out. hhmmmm...How does he know "we" wouldnt leave "them" with a few tattoos and piercings, and thoughts to ponder????? hugs, Kat

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Holy smokes, sounds like we both fell off the wagon this weekend! ;> )
I hit Joanne's AND Michael's in one day! I'm startin' to hyperventilate just thinkin' about it.
~Panting Peanut

kat449 said...

Oh Pantin Peanut whatdga get????whatdga get???? fabric, paint, & thread oh my..... do you get create & decorate? I lOVE that mag. and IT LOVES ME!!!!!


BittersweetPunkin said...

Country Sampler is one of my favorite mags...I have to run and get the latest issue...

..yes there ARE worse things to be addicted too...I keep telling my husband that when he makes fun of my need for coffee!!

When you walk into the fabric store do they scream your name like Norm from Cheers? lol

kat449 said...

Hey Robin...
I kid you not...the staff see me and they say stuff like "Scaredy Kats in the house" or "ooohh come here Katwoman, look at this fabric I put aside for ya" then in another store they have this adoreable Asian woman who always gets excited and says stuff like' "OOHHH here come miss Kat lady...where husband today? he no come and help you pick out goodie for you make doll????" they are all so sweet. I am not complaining by the way, I am definitley braggin!!!! its so sweet to know people care. Its not "always been like that in my life...believe me" lets just say I wasnt always the pillar of my community like I am blessed to be now! I need F.A. fabrics anonymous, & I know I owuldnt be alone! HUgs, Kat

Citygirl-Em said...

HI Kat...It's Em...Oh, do I know what you are talking about with the fabric addiction! I also can't walk into Joanns without leaving with something! The coupons don't help the situation do they? They absolutely justify a purchase because, what the heck, it's a 40% off savings. I want you to know that you are absolved of your 'fabric sin' and now you can go on and be happy. I'm off to the store again, today. Hmmm...I wonder what is waiting for me to walk in and take it home? For one, I want one of those blogging magazines and the new Create and Decorate. Haven't had one of those in months.


kat449 said...

OH run Em ruuuunnnnnn!!!!!
Im not sure I could go an entire month without buying a C&D mag or the Merc I featured on my blog.

Im really thinkin the "Hootin Hollerin" magazine is in the near future, you have such a flare for writing, expressing yourself and givin your readers a visual and of course your patterns...... oh Em...why keep us waiting???? I have carefully carved your purpous and future out for you...just what you need, a controling woman in your life....thanks for the visit...Hugs, Kat Woman