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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Goodbye lil buddy!

I had more fun creating this lil wabbit for a swap partner for an Easter Swap...Whatcha think? Here are the rest of the goodies I sent Kelly in Mossirie(O.M.G. the sp how far did I go to school? 2 blocks??????) isnt there a u in there somewhere? thank goodness I had the correct spelling of this tricky state or this old friend Im wishin a safe trip to, would be returning to me!(MY BAD)
I made her a little pinkeep that I cross stitched, & I painted 3 wooden eggs, a bunny ornapin that can be worn on a lapel or hung on an ornie tree or bowl filler, a small painted pillow w/ a Terrye French design, a painted & quilted mini flag from a designer I found & LOVED in C&D a couple of years ago, some cutie notepads w/ a vintage design on them, a card, and some jelly beans and chocolate eggs I had to hide from the hubs. I really hope she gets a kick out of her goodies, cuz I sure had a blast making them. I am a CERTIFIED swap addict. and proud of it. I have several treasures from this past year.
well Ive got some studying of spelling the states to do.... Moussierie? Mossery?Mosourri?????
I came back to edit was killing me to be so dang ignorant....MISSOURI...(I LOOKED IT UP!!!!!)


vivian said...

Hello Kat! so youve been lurking in my blog huh!? I figured someone was.. that silly counter says I have like 4000 and some visitors from all over the darn world! and you know most of them are lurking I figure because they dont talk to me! HA!!! so finally one comes forward! Yay! well one out of 4000something aint so bad now is it? You know when they say "your one in a million! well Kat your one in 4000!!"
ok.. so its nice to meet you. love your blog and your dolls. And admire your faith!
I feel like my blog is sort of boring actually, but I'm glad someone reads it. I've been sick this past week or two and today am feeling a bit blue.. (just need to get out of this dump!!) so it was nice to recieve such an upbeat message! thank you. well I think we should be friends dear, so lets keep in touch. I hope your feeling better. I have a very dear old friend who has hep c and has gone through the interferon and all that you mentioned. i havent heard from her in about a year, (that usually means shes doing well!) anyways, she certainly has her ups and downs with it.
well.. Im off to update my blog I guess.. so see you there!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Wow!! Kelly is one lucky stiff! Look at all those goodies!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Kat..LOVE your goodies! So very do nice work!
I hope you are feeling better...I read your previous post...I have been BAD at commenting and emailing lately but do know that you are one of my favorites and I look forward to your posts....I am trying to play catch up ..forgive me...

kat449 said...

AAAWWW all so rock. I love making new friends.. I love learning so much and then showing off to my teachers and mentors...we gals.(O.M.G. Im certifiably old...I said "GALS") need to stick together and lift, teach, support, and inspire each other to be the very best we can be! I see such huge changes in myself having known some of you for only a short period of time. Imagine.......Dwell in possibiltiy GALS! hugs,, Kat Woman

Jen said...

I love that Wabbit! OMG it is so cute and that is an awesome thing swapping thats fun it's like Christmas in a basket a great idea!