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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Back to the drawing board!

What was I thinkin with this angel? I guess Im trying to expand my horizons with creating faces, but Im not feelin this back to the drawing board...I was trying to get used to her UNTIL my lovin hubs walks by me working on her, and says "Oh cute a cabbage patch doll!" Oh my decisions cemented now....I am going to admit something that will probably anger here it comes...hold on....I CANT STAND CABBAGE PATCH DOLLS! I never did...I never will. I didnt like em when people were standing in rediculous lines waiting to buy them in the early 80s, and I sure as heck dont care for em now. There its out. And now I have to think of somewhere to donate lil miss...miss...missfit. I cant just throw her away because I invested alot of time, & materials making her, and I always pray for the recipient to find joy, healing, and abundance, when creating her, and she is my design... GULP!!!!

so maybe Ill just ask God to guide me to some youngster who would really appreciate her. I mean she is an angel after all.

I guess Id better change her tag to say "Be Somebodies!!!!but not mine!"


BittersweetPunkin said...

Why don't you host a blogger giveaway? I think your lil angel is adorable and I'm sure others will too!! You'd be very surprised!

Personally,,,I rather like her..she's very sweet..and I don't think she looks like a cabbage patch doll at all!

kat449 said...

Thank you Robin, arent you so sweet, Ya know I thought of hosting a giveaway as a great way to meet more friends, but Id really like to create something over the top for that...I want to give away something I celebrate rather than tolerate, yet I do believe because of the investment shed be a loveable reminder of hope for someone who may be in need of an angel, perhaps a local Womans Shelter for domestic violence. Im still waiting to be guided. Ill know and let you all know where her new home is.
Im just tickled that you came back to visit, thank you....Peace, Kat

Outside the Box Primitives said...

Hey Kat, Thanks for your compliment!! I was looking on your blog for your peep!!! where oh where is your peep??? My "Flockers" are one of my biggest sellers, haven't made too many this year so far..I actually have a request NOT to list any until after Feb 14th..haha..anyway.. good to hear from you!! Robin