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Saturday, May 31, 2008

FRUSTRATED!!!!but confident and on a mission!

I made this little angel sitting on a patriotic painted box w/ painted beads for legs, thinking how nice it would be for someone with a family member, or friend, who is or was a soldier, to be able to jot a prayer request, or praise reports, or prayers of comfort & gratitude for someone returned safely. The box top easily opens to insert your prayers and then you can say your prayer & then Let go and let God. Ive sold 2 already and thought they might sell well at an upcoming show, or for the 4th of July celebration. I love her little face.
Now onto Business at hand!!!!
I wanted to share with you how frustrated I am about how much trouble Im having adding blog links to my side bar. I had a friend help me once, only to lose interest when she realized the "extra grace required" when dealing with me and my learning challenges.
I have even had generous and patient friends online try and send me detailed and very simplified directions on how to cut, copy, and paste the links once Im in my layout area and adding a page element. I remove the already http://symbol so not to duplicte or prevent adding the desired link, but I dont know what to fill in for answers in the other boxes. I add or fill in answers that Im sure their wanting, I click on add link...hold my breath, view blog????and NOTHING!!! NADA!!!! & I begin swearing like I got a bad case of turettes!
I worked on this blog for more than 2 hours today...again, and finally Ronnie took me out of here because I was in tears. He doesnt understand why I allow myself to become so upset. Well heres why...Ive had this blog since November of last year, & those of you who have all been most kind and patient and added me to your blogs with my empty promises that Ill soon be adding yours to mine...and I cant. It isnt for the lack of trying, I went to 6 weeks of computer classes (but of course the class was just learning how to set up their first email accounts and had never heard of a blog, so no help from the teacher there),
I paid by bartering someone who lost interest, and Im ashamed, embarrased and frustrated. oh yeah and Im feeling mighty sorry for myself right now!
I am however slowly learning how to cut, copy, and paste, but not without several notes, pages Ive printed from googling, and a volume of"Windows for Dummies" close by my side.
Ive learned how to live my life without alcohol and drugs, Ive taught myself to paint and sew, Ive learned how to bake pies and homemade pie crusts, I know how to drive pretty big motorcycles...but can I add a link to my blog????
Those of you who know me do know that I will never give up, now Im on a mission.
Im asking those of you who have recently visited my blog because of my giveaway, and very generously added me to your blog and asked me to add you to mine, to please be patient, and Ill even push a little harder and ask for some much needed prayers for this to sink in, for my blocks, and disabilities, & shame, to be removed and I will be adding links...soon.
Before closing, Ive left Deanna from Nanny Goat Primitives a comment on her blog that shes won my painted saltbox pillow from the giveaway, but have not heard from her yet, if anyone knows her or has her email addy, would you be kind enough to let her know I need an address to send her prize. Im hoping shes just on vaca and just doesnt know shes a winner yet.
Thanks again my encouragers, supporters and believers. I know Ill succeed because I have all of you in my corner. Thanks!!!!

Monday, May 26, 2008


Inker & Jimmy at an A.A. BBQ (I have both of their permission to show them this photo during an anonymous fellowshipping picnic.)
Kat & Spidy were chatting on the roadside in my town while they were having a perfect parade.

I took some shots of interesting happenings including a very patriotic but hot cocker spaniel taking a break from the long persession he had to walk...he was having a nice cool drink. I dont know this adoreable "pooch fanooch" ( I made up this name) but he sure was cute.

We had regal marchers honoring the civil war era, you can still see the smoke in the picture shortly after they sacred the heck out of me when they fired their very loud muskets.
Then we had some funny clowns, I even saw my fur angel "Pogo" who you met a few entries back when I introduced you to this brave boy after near death experience after losing one of his legs, hes obviosly still doing wonderful, smiling so pretty for his Auntie Kat while being spoiled by Uncle Ronnie. Isnt he just beautiful with his"Im so grateful to be alive smile?" (I meant Pogo)

We had The Shriners, The elegant East Hartford High School band, and WOW!!! the girls looked excellent and their performance was outstanding. We saw the Eats Hartford Democrats, the entire parade was amazing. I was very proud of my entire town.
Our town really has some challenges and difficulties with trying to control and help our youth who for whatever reason feel safer, & more accepted with several dangerous and lost street gang bangers...than at home. This breaks my heart. Im not sure how to be a part of the solution on this one.... East Hartford needs our prayers, we need funding for programs, education and family support systems for the single family homes without Fathers and sometimes without Mothers in the home and we have alot of grandmothers trying to do the best they can being left to raise these kids, with very little help. Our streets arent safe at night...our young residents are at risk...thats why I was so proud of the huge amounts of families who came out today to help celebrate Memorial Day. Everyone was on their best behavior.

On Saturday,Ronnie & I spent some time at our Town Cemetery to honor & thank the Veterans section who served and lost their lives in several wars. We were so sad to see a young man who was 20 and had died while in Viet Nam. Im ashamed to admit Im not sure I understand enough politically about our wars to make an informed opinion or statement, but I do have a son who went to Iraq and Afghanistan and came home safely, and I know we still have thousands of our soldiers still there who regardless of our opinions, need our prayers and much needed support now and when they come home...thats why Im so grateful to have a safe Country to celebrate all of our holidays, speak my mind on whatever issues I choose, the privilidge to vote, and participate in my cushy life of freedom.
Thats why I wanted to share with you how I embraced this very important holiday. Yes the barbeques and fellowshipping with family and friends with the good eats were all well and good, but I felt the most "part of" when Ronnie and I quietly spent an hour in the cemetery thanking everyone who was laid to rest...for us. Im so happy with our pictures.

I hope you all had a restful 3 day weekend as well, I hope you were able to spend some time reflecting on why we have this holiday on the calendar. With all of our daily problems, justified complaints about the hardships of daily life including issues about rising and disturbing gas prices...we really are a blessed Country.
Happy Memorial Day to you all.

How we celebrated Memorial day weekend...

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Our first winner for the first"The Gardening Angel" is

Cookie from "CURDS N WHEY" YIPEEE!!!!!!

Our second winner for the second Angel is....Renna from "FINDING MY KNITCH" EEEHAW!!!!

Our third winner for the third Angel is...Cyndi from "BY THE LIGHT OF THE MOON" AAAAalrightA!!!!!!


The winner of my painted "SALTBOX INN" pillow is.....Deanna from NANNY GOAT PRIMITIVES!!!

and the winner of the doll Cathy-Ann & her primitive kitty Artie goes too.....Sue from RABBIT HOLLOW PRIMITIVES!!!!!!!!! YAH BABY!!!!! Congrats to all of you.

Now I need the winners to please contact me via email so Ican get the information and addresses to get these prizes that were so much fun to make in the mail to you.

I want to thank all of you. I told my husband, I thought it would be fun making and giving away my work, networking, and meeting so many new friends and reconnecting with some long lost buddies, but Ive got to be honest..."I" am the one who was blessed and given so much from all of your comments of encouragement, support, and you left such heartwarming expressions of excitement, that I was the absolute winner in this giveaway.

That said....I sure hope the new friendships dont end here because this giveaway is over, Id like to think with the phenomenal women Ive met that its really just the beginning.

Thank you again and my prayers tonight will be of overwhelming gratitude for all Ive been blessed with, Thanking him for leading us all to eachother and for the possibility of doors opening for any and all of us with our new friendships and common passion for the arts, family, friends, furbabies and our love for the Lord. MAN DO I FEEL GOOD!!!!!!!

I hope you enjoy the photos and Ill post my email once again and look forward in hearing from you....BIG HUGS.... (((((((((((((((KAT)))))))))))))))) Ill be waiting!!!!!

Friday, May 23, 2008




Because there has been such an amazing response for my first give away..Ive decided to increase everyones chances for a prize & not only add 2 more gardening angels, but lets sweeten the pot and add this brand new doll Ive been busy creating especially for this celebration...

Her name is "Cathy-Ann" & sitting on her lap is her oldest & dearest friend "Artie"who is a primitive tabby cat with some primitive miles on him!

I will continue accepting comments until Saturday morning at 10..00a.m. on may 24th as promised.

Just please click on to my title advertizing this
"Giveaway" which is the blog entry before this one where I believe were up to 90 something...I am just FLOORED with joy! Thank you all for entering and plugging for me, and referring great folks over here to enter.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

100th POST GIVE AWAY!!!!!

Proudly announces....100th Post Give Away!

The First Give away prize is this pillow I painted with a saltbox farmhouse, grazing sheep, & a couple of trees. There are a pair of jeans and a quilt hanging in the breeze on a clothesline behind the fence on the left. I added a stained tag stamped with "Salt Box Inn" on it. It is an original signed & dated "ScaredyKat folkHeart" design.

The second prize give away... is a sweet gardening angel with posies painted on her wings, shes sporting a wire halo & shes sitting on a stained dowel with streams of raffia and vintage fabric. The doll pattern was inspired but minimized & altered from Twigs & Sprigs Blessings. Also a stamped stained tag stating that shes from the "Garden of Weedin" I tucked her in my Mothers Day fuscia plant to show you how adoreable these gardening angels are. (click on the pictures to enlarge)

The rules are easy....just add a comment on my blog and your name is automatically added.

If you advertize my "100th Post Giveaway" on your blog, just let me know in your comment and Ill gratefully add your name to the give away 3 times to triple your chances to win one of these prizes I had so much fun making.... especially for this celebration. And it is indeed a celebration. I wanted to make something special to express my appreciation to all of you who supported, encouraged and lifted me up as an up and coming woman sharing the same passion we all, family, and life.

Coming to know some of you has been thee sweetest gift to me, I cherish the women Ive met and the friendships weve developed. Ive learned so much from you, some taught me the dos and donts of online ettiquette, computer questions, recipies, youve embraced my healing & recovery, femininity. spirituality, answered questions and inspired me with doll making, sewing and painting, youve pushed me to be the best I could possibly be, and the list goes on and on. All from a blog site....The Lord sure works in mysterious ways doesnt He?

So I will patiently await for my old blogging buddies to sign up.... and look forward in meeting new ones that will hopefully visit once the word gets out .I will pull the winners out on Saturday May24th. I will announce the winners then and will contact you. If there are any questions please feel free to email me at...


Saturday, May 3, 2008

My Kentucky Kids

Here are just a couple of the dolls I made for "Primitive Blessings by Twigs & Sprigs" which they should have arrived safely yesterday in Lacie, Kentucky!
These primitive dolls patterns are designed by Twigs herself. I hope shes as happy with these dolls as I was making them. I learned so much about myself, & this crazy business of doll making.Ive never had such a large order at one time. There were quite a load!
That said...Im almost done making the first prize for my 100 post give away Im going to be offering and inviting you all to take a part in. Ill post all the info along with the pictures of the prizes,& dates.
I am so excited and looking forward in meeting many new friends I hope will stop by to say hello. I cant think of a nicer way to celebrate such an exciting time, with all of you. Enjoy your weekend, ours is a little rainy and pretty dreary but thats only the physical outside weather. I love perfect excuses to remain deeply engrossed at the sewing machine, stirring something in the crockpot, while listening to & or watching chick flicks on Life time while having the Time of my Life... Its not like somethings NOT tumbling around in the dryer downstairs!!!!