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Monday, May 26, 2008


Inker & Jimmy at an A.A. BBQ (I have both of their permission to show them this photo during an anonymous fellowshipping picnic.)
Kat & Spidy were chatting on the roadside in my town while they were having a perfect parade.

I took some shots of interesting happenings including a very patriotic but hot cocker spaniel taking a break from the long persession he had to walk...he was having a nice cool drink. I dont know this adoreable "pooch fanooch" ( I made up this name) but he sure was cute.

We had regal marchers honoring the civil war era, you can still see the smoke in the picture shortly after they sacred the heck out of me when they fired their very loud muskets.
Then we had some funny clowns, I even saw my fur angel "Pogo" who you met a few entries back when I introduced you to this brave boy after near death experience after losing one of his legs, hes obviosly still doing wonderful, smiling so pretty for his Auntie Kat while being spoiled by Uncle Ronnie. Isnt he just beautiful with his"Im so grateful to be alive smile?" (I meant Pogo)

We had The Shriners, The elegant East Hartford High School band, and WOW!!! the girls looked excellent and their performance was outstanding. We saw the Eats Hartford Democrats, the entire parade was amazing. I was very proud of my entire town.
Our town really has some challenges and difficulties with trying to control and help our youth who for whatever reason feel safer, & more accepted with several dangerous and lost street gang bangers...than at home. This breaks my heart. Im not sure how to be a part of the solution on this one.... East Hartford needs our prayers, we need funding for programs, education and family support systems for the single family homes without Fathers and sometimes without Mothers in the home and we have alot of grandmothers trying to do the best they can being left to raise these kids, with very little help. Our streets arent safe at night...our young residents are at risk...thats why I was so proud of the huge amounts of families who came out today to help celebrate Memorial Day. Everyone was on their best behavior.

On Saturday,Ronnie & I spent some time at our Town Cemetery to honor & thank the Veterans section who served and lost their lives in several wars. We were so sad to see a young man who was 20 and had died while in Viet Nam. Im ashamed to admit Im not sure I understand enough politically about our wars to make an informed opinion or statement, but I do have a son who went to Iraq and Afghanistan and came home safely, and I know we still have thousands of our soldiers still there who regardless of our opinions, need our prayers and much needed support now and when they come home...thats why Im so grateful to have a safe Country to celebrate all of our holidays, speak my mind on whatever issues I choose, the privilidge to vote, and participate in my cushy life of freedom.
Thats why I wanted to share with you how I embraced this very important holiday. Yes the barbeques and fellowshipping with family and friends with the good eats were all well and good, but I felt the most "part of" when Ronnie and I quietly spent an hour in the cemetery thanking everyone who was laid to rest...for us. Im so happy with our pictures.

I hope you all had a restful 3 day weekend as well, I hope you were able to spend some time reflecting on why we have this holiday on the calendar. With all of our daily problems, justified complaints about the hardships of daily life including issues about rising and disturbing gas prices...we really are a blessed Country.
Happy Memorial Day to you all.

How we celebrated Memorial day weekend...


Julie said...

Looks like a great parade. I like you am "Proud to be an American". Glad you had a nice time.

Julie said...

Oops, I you sell your dolls? They are so darling. Congrats on the winners--I really did keep my fingers and toes crossed!! Julie

Toni said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures with us!!Glad you had a nice weekend!

Tina said...

Great pics, my dear!
Although my weekend was spent being very introspective as I believe God was prompting me to be, I did think of my Pa (grandfather) who served for our country and is now buried in our veterans cemetary in Ohio in a place of honor as it should be.
Give a hug and thanks to your boy. Thank him for serving to preserve the freedom I enjoy today.
blessings to you and thanks for sharing your photos. I'm going to tell my hubby to take a look at the bikes. He drools over buying one right now.

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

Sounds like a great parade! You are so right about there needing to be more programs out there for teens. I don't think people realize that if they invest in our youth now that they won't have to be dealing with their problems later on. In general, the teens I work with have been pretty much abandoned by their families...emotionally, physically, you name it. Most people just need to know that someone finds value in them and believes in them.

Tina said...

I sent you an e-mail in response to the one you sent me. Let me know if you got it.

Jen said...

The pics you took were great..I use to live in East Hartford myself in fact right near you...when I lived there it was called Coachlight and Lamplight Village, Now they are condos! I lived on the other side too near O'Brien School..I do miss the parades there, we use to love going and I marched as a proud Girl Scout! But for this weekend celebartion I spent it in my garden planting all my veggies and herbs...then a small cook out at my Mother in laws and now that I saw your parade it makes me sad that I didnt go to my town celebration!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Kat!! Great photos!!

We went to a National Cemetery here in WA...I'll post pics next time.

When my brother was younger he had a Hartford Courant newspaper route,,,I used to help him on Sundays..those papers were HUGE and weighed a ton!!

Cookie said...

aaaah, What great pictures Missy... I loved watching the parade with you buddy :)

There is just something about parades that take you back to your childhood and great memories.

You've come up in conversation a time or two while I've been on my knees, sister - x0x0

kat449 said...

Thanks everyone,
Julie, Im in the process now of making all of my work available to market, Ill let you know and thanks for asking....
Cookie Girl, Thank you for your prayers, they are being answered, but I really think theyd be answered quicker if you and the hubs hopped on your hogs & took a lil road my we can share prayer time together...and maybe shop...ya, and create....Ive got lots of Jo Jos coupons,....Ill share, ok, Im goin to put the coffee on now...Love you hugely! ((((((((Kat))))))))

Anonymous said...

Hi Kat!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering in my Grand Opening Give-away! You have a great blog ... love the pics from the parade. I also *LOVE* your hair! *smile*

Have a wonderful weekend!


Primgal55 said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I hope this one is just as nice!

hugs, Linda