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Saturday, May 31, 2008

FRUSTRATED!!!!but confident and on a mission!

I made this little angel sitting on a patriotic painted box w/ painted beads for legs, thinking how nice it would be for someone with a family member, or friend, who is or was a soldier, to be able to jot a prayer request, or praise reports, or prayers of comfort & gratitude for someone returned safely. The box top easily opens to insert your prayers and then you can say your prayer & then Let go and let God. Ive sold 2 already and thought they might sell well at an upcoming show, or for the 4th of July celebration. I love her little face.
Now onto Business at hand!!!!
I wanted to share with you how frustrated I am about how much trouble Im having adding blog links to my side bar. I had a friend help me once, only to lose interest when she realized the "extra grace required" when dealing with me and my learning challenges.
I have even had generous and patient friends online try and send me detailed and very simplified directions on how to cut, copy, and paste the links once Im in my layout area and adding a page element. I remove the already http://symbol so not to duplicte or prevent adding the desired link, but I dont know what to fill in for answers in the other boxes. I add or fill in answers that Im sure their wanting, I click on add link...hold my breath, view blog????and NOTHING!!! NADA!!!! & I begin swearing like I got a bad case of turettes!
I worked on this blog for more than 2 hours today...again, and finally Ronnie took me out of here because I was in tears. He doesnt understand why I allow myself to become so upset. Well heres why...Ive had this blog since November of last year, & those of you who have all been most kind and patient and added me to your blogs with my empty promises that Ill soon be adding yours to mine...and I cant. It isnt for the lack of trying, I went to 6 weeks of computer classes (but of course the class was just learning how to set up their first email accounts and had never heard of a blog, so no help from the teacher there),
I paid by bartering someone who lost interest, and Im ashamed, embarrased and frustrated. oh yeah and Im feeling mighty sorry for myself right now!
I am however slowly learning how to cut, copy, and paste, but not without several notes, pages Ive printed from googling, and a volume of"Windows for Dummies" close by my side.
Ive learned how to live my life without alcohol and drugs, Ive taught myself to paint and sew, Ive learned how to bake pies and homemade pie crusts, I know how to drive pretty big motorcycles...but can I add a link to my blog????
Those of you who know me do know that I will never give up, now Im on a mission.
Im asking those of you who have recently visited my blog because of my giveaway, and very generously added me to your blog and asked me to add you to mine, to please be patient, and Ill even push a little harder and ask for some much needed prayers for this to sink in, for my blocks, and disabilities, & shame, to be removed and I will be adding links...soon.
Before closing, Ive left Deanna from Nanny Goat Primitives a comment on her blog that shes won my painted saltbox pillow from the giveaway, but have not heard from her yet, if anyone knows her or has her email addy, would you be kind enough to let her know I need an address to send her prize. Im hoping shes just on vaca and just doesnt know shes a winner yet.
Thanks again my encouragers, supporters and believers. I know Ill succeed because I have all of you in my corner. Thanks!!!!


Renna said...

Bless your heart! Being somewhat techie challenged myself, I do understand your frustrations. It was only with the help of a couple of online friends that I was able to get a blog up and running at the first of this year, and even still, I haven't done all on it that I'd like, but simply couldn't understand the instructions for the rest of it.

It sounds like you're learning to use a computer and blog all in a short block of time, and that is alot to learn.

I don't think anyone will think any less of you for not yet having their blogs linked on your site. Be patient with yourself. It will all come in time. :-)

Renna said...

PS-I imagine Deanna receives e-mail notices of comments left on her blog, so she is likely just away from her computer for a few days, but I bet she'll find out soon enough that she was the blessed winner of your prize.

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Hang in there darlin', I'll shoot ya over an email tomorrow to see if I can help. :> )

But for now, hop on over to my blog. I've got somethin' for ya... :> )

BittersweetPunkin said...

Oh Kat! You are so cute...don't worry..I know you'll get it!! If you ever need to email me for any help I'd be glad to oblige!!
Big Hugs for you!!

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

I have no doubt that since you've made it a mission to learn this, that you will eventually succeed. I don't feel at all slighted that you haven't linked to me yet...people can still find their way to other's blogs because of the comment boxes.

Those dolls are adorable! I especially like the idea of a box to hold prayers. Bet you sell a bunch!


Tina said...

Kat, you are such an honest sweetie. Computers frustrate me and the lanquage makes me feel like I want to skip and drop Spanish class like I did in High School. Anyway, you are a determined go getter and I know you'll put your mind to it and get it done. Thanks for your honesty in your posts. What a blessing you are.
I don't know if I could explain clearly how to do this, but I'm sure (as I noticed in some of the other comments) that you are getting capable help.