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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Good Bye 2009

What a year its been. I hope the incoming 2010 is as exciting & abundant as this year has been.
I have grown much both spiritually & creatively.

I owe much of these changes to some of you who have supported, encouraged, & loved me thru some really challenging experiences.
Thank you.
Of course some of these changes were inspired by God who has been asking me to trust Him, the process Hes planned by using people places, and things. I have been out of my comfort zone for a long time. But even thats becoming familiar so it is time for more change.

Ive been being asked by God to push myself creatively....again.

Soooo Im trying to release some of the barriers, limitations that I thought were mine but were actually of others. I do love the olde primitive, simplistic style of dolls, lifestyle etc...yet theres another area of creativity that I cannot seem to keep inside of me much longer & Ive made the decision to examine that exciting arena.
That area is creating more whimsical dolls embracing the feminine energy of the spirit of women...all kinds of women, African women, Native American women, Asian women Women who have lived during the Civil War,...all kinds of beautiful women. Im going to honor the beauty of each of us. Im also going to begin learning how to create more interesting props for these women folk.

For the longest time, Ive tried emulating some of the amazing talent & treasures each of you possess, I wasnt trying to "copy" Ohh Lord, I couldnt if I tried! LOL but I was taking a little of you, a little of her, & trying to incorporate a variety of techniques into who I am.

I have learned much. But now Im being asked to step outside of the box of what we would probably consider Primitive "norm" Im going to learn how to improve my sewing, begin working with polymer clay, Paper clay, maybe do a little beginner quilting, & definitely learn how to feel comfortable with stamps, colored inks, water colors.....I have invested so much money & time purchasing all of these wonderful supplies, & now its time to learn how to use em...not allow them to intimidate me any longer. These will all be incorporated into my dolls, their props, my characters, my spirit.
I am so excited to think Im "goin for it" I am a "Scaredy Kat with her Own Crow"
... One woman embracing her own ideas, preparred to take more risks...Ive got so many new ideas that I dont know where to begin first.
I do have some good stitcheries again, honoring the Female journey, playing with some fun threads, fibers and textiles to encourage each of us with quotes from those who have walked before us...
Ive begun sketching...ohh what a hoot that is..I am no draw-er, but I need to get some of this down as a guide....a map so to speak.
I am so thrilled now that I am learning how to master some of this picture posting with the new camera, I mean even since my last post here, Ive learned how to share these new pictures onto my Facebook Page....
Im DWELLING In POSSIBILITY" & its feeling "Right"
One of my other risks Im taking is opening myself up to networking more, making more friends via Facebook & Blogland.
I hope some of you will join me on my new journey. I do know I cant do any of this alone.
Happy New Year Everyone....Let the miracles Happen.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Natalie Jo

Well its been so long since Ive posted on my blog. I miss this being a part of my daily life, I miss being a small part of yours.
Im still unable to find someone to help me learn how to post pictures from my computer onto here or my Face book Page etc. I know how to upload and down load normal pictures but since I have this wonderful new digital camera, the entire program has been comprimised.

This really upsets me. I feel like Ive missed out on sharing with so many of you. Thank God for Face book so I havent lost touch with so many of my friends Ive met thru blog land.
Im praying that God will put the right person in my life to"fix us"
My hubs & I are beyond blessed. I have so much to share but until I can post pictures its not much fun reading can do that in a newspaper! LOL
Life is good, it is full.
I pray that each of you are continually blessed with an abundance of Healing, Creativity, Light & Plenty.
I think everyones pretty much given up on me & my inability to blog... (I cant blame them)but just in case....I havent forgotten any of you. I am in emergency prayer for a computer angel to help me..until then...
Merry Christmas & Happy Happy New Year!

Monday, August 31, 2009

The Allman Brothers

Woo Hoo!!! Rockin out with The Allman Brothers & Wide Spread Panic at the Dodge Center in Hartford Ct.
Last night Ronnie & I spent thee best night out in months w/ another sober couple we had invited. Ronnie had won 4 VIP tickets from a Bikers Against Animal Cruelty Rally last month.
Ronnie & I were simply saddened & amazed at the amount of ecstacy, weed and of course $9.00 beer so many were tanked on. I mean, I know Im older, & I certainly understand that just because "we" are gratefully choosing to live a life of sobriety, that not everyone "should" not drink or smoke occasional weed at a concert, Im not condoning..Im just sayin! But we were deeply disturbed at the amount of folks our age....late 40s & 50s..some older just torqued out & rolling on "X" These people had to drive scared me. & those not doing drugs were just hammered from alcohol. I know there had to be hundreds of call outs this morning in Ct. from hangover induced suffering. Guys on both sides of us were passing joints around inviting us to take a hit...the heavy drugs disgusted me, the stale beer smelled horrible but the weed was talking to did smell kinda...well damn good. But when we got outside, my hair and clothes reeked of it all. Yuck!
The opening band was "Wide Spread Panic" very good, very hard rock...lotsa strobe lights, light sticks,loud music & dancing...lotsa cooling down w/ $4.00 bottled water...
For free tickets we couldnt have had better seats, 8 rows from the stage and dead center...we could actually see Gregg perspiring as he was thrilling us all on his keyboards. I was excited to read on his website that hes been clean and sober for a few years now. Hes 61 & unfortunately joining me & thousands of others from the battle of Hep C. Hes had to cancel several states on this tour from the painful & exhausting flu like side effects & symptoms of treatment.

It was so much fun dressing up in my tye dyed hip huggers, black silk blouse w/ bell sleeves (very Stevie Nickish), & new black strappy sandles. Of course hubs was leathered out, wore his Native American choker of elk bone& turquoise that he made, & I couldnt have felt sorrier for all the women, I clearly had thee hottest man on my arm! (sigh) Although I did have to reel him in to reality... for gawkin at the Hooter he had a chance...dirty ole man of mine! LOL

What a blast from the past...such fun. They sang some olde classics, Sweet Melissa, Whipping Post, & almost every song from Eat A Peach album.
It was a great night, we really need more date nights between us. It was quite different from the old days where I may or may not have needed a bail bondsmen, didnt have pictures taken with numbers across my chest LOL and best of all this time remembered who we saw!!!!

Well I went to my Doctors & going back to work even on light duty isnt an option or open for discussion until Ive had 4 weeks of Physical Therapy for twice a week. I wasnt happy but gratefully had felt peace in finally accepting this is Gods will not is what it is till it isnt. I was more upset that my bosses were extremely upset & one of them took it out on me verbally. It took every bit of grace & class not to remind them had they done their job in fixing the broken tile I had reported in my safety audit for 2 months before I fell, we wouldnt be having this conversation! But my sisters in Christ have taught me...when the horse is dead...dismount...they know how I feel and their anger wasnt about was about them. Jeesh is it possible Gidgets growin up????? LOL
So its Monday morning, tomorrow is my first appointment with "Mike" my P Therapist. at 7:30 am..lets get this party started...
Today Im gonig to try tracing some fun painting patterns I found on the latest issue of Create & Decorate..Tomorrow we go shopping for my new digital pictures soon.
I hope everyone embraces this day with all they have & envelop the same excitement I feel for the fast approaching autumn...I just love love love...sweaters, sweatshirts, the aroma of burning leaves, the colors, the chilly mornings & thee best designs for fall.
ohhh me needs more coffee.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Its never too late to be the person you want to be!

Well this morning I woke up w/ a surprize son Jordan stopped by to show us his new (to him) Chevy Low Rider Pick camera is gone....dead..bought the farm & until we purchase my new one next week..(yay me) (Yay Hubs for belated Brithday Present) I have no way to share pictures..frustrating thing that my son took pictures on his new blackberry phone thingy that does everything but heal reconstructed thumbs...& sent them to my email which I have... but dont know how to upload them to my blog....YET!

Sooo on this bright beautiful New England morning w/ the hubs working a side job, Im hopping in the shower and THEN...drumroll please...Im going to attempt tracing a fabulous "John Sliney" New England scene on an old round corner table Ronnie stripped, repainted, & distressed waiting for me to muster the strength & courage to try painting it...well today would be that day.
I have GOT to try it.
I still cant hold a spoon to feed myself w/ my right painting hand, or brush my teeth, hold a pencil etc...but I am going to try it.
I have a doctors appt. this friday to see if my hand is strong enough to begin physical therapy and or if I can go back to work/school the following Monday on the 31st of Aug....I dont know how I can even on light duty....I cant drive, cut my own meat, do any of the thousands of everyday tasks but Im expected to go back to work & oversee the entire operations of my lunchroom, do paperwork AND feed 150 students both breakfast and lunch!!!! so I am leaving all the panic & projections to God.

I feel bad that I cannot share an pictures or new projects...Ive lost blogging friends, & I cant blame anyone...I bore my self! LOL...but with a new hand, new fabric, supplies, new outlook and a new camera....Ill be coming back a new and restored artisan. I am full of new ideas, patterns, and passion to get the life Ive always dreamed of....

Im counting down the days until Ronnie, myself and another couple we invited to join us to see The Allman Brothers...whooo hoooo this coming Sunday....Ive gotta go buy a new bic that I can click for THAT rockin concert....
Goin to chase my Grace.....................................

Monday, August 17, 2009


Good Lord my Bloggin saviours...friends, commeraderie, mentors, anyone???????????????
I am a MESS!
Thank goodness for delightful surprizes such as the one I had Saturday of my little girlfriend "Enola" & her brother Mikey and Mom "Nicole" who stopped by WITH grocery bags full of BBQing goodies for us to throw on the grill...fresh ears of yellow and white corn...ohhh whats that corn called that melts in your mouth? is it sugar corn? oh well you know what I mean..short term memory is still trying to come home...LOL & beans, chicken, & I had made tuna/cucumber pasta salad that only took about 3 hours to prepare...Jeesh! with Ronnies help..he diced the celery, onion and twice cuz he made em kinda too chunky the first time..hes such a good Ronnie taught Mikey how to woodburn his first project on a small box & Mikey blew us all away with his 9 year old talent...a couple of games of horseshoes while Nicole, Enola & I chilled...well Enolas 16 months so we kinda chased her around but we had a ball.
What Im beggin for help with is....this self absorbed nightmare of boredom Im feeling while still unable to do much of anything with this albatross of a dead stump I think used to be my right hand/arm/thumb!!!! I am really STRUGGLING with being unable to do absolutely anything while still in this I see some men and women who courageously experience chemotherapy with such a spirit of grace and dignity...not me..uhhh-uhhhh..what a wus I learned I am. I hear myself complaining and thing WHAT people MUST be thinking..Ohhh POOR ME..cant do housework, cook, clean, bake, create and or decorate...has to allow her husband to serve and wait on her hand and foot..ohhh POOR KAT!!! LOL Im just sayin....I am no hero...Im quite ashamed of myself for not being able to accept and embrace this as life on lifes terms or that its temporary...
Im not a tv watcher...Ive been reading novel after novel....I come on the computer to stimulate myself and I feel more frustrated seeing all the things I cant do right now...I ended up making a mistake last week while still trying to master left/clicking.left/mouse rolling...& when I recieved an invite to upgrade my spyware/virus protection, I tried to decline but mistakingly clicked on UPGRADE NOW!!!! then I couldnt stop the madness!!!! so I finally upgraded....against my will....& then couldnt reply or send any emails recieved, nor could I delete anything in my spam box...AAARRRGHHH where in tarnation did I put the suicide hotline number?????????????????????????
so I go to the yahoo online chat techie guy "Al" (thank you so rock") and after spending 1 hour and 26 tearfilled minutes helping me land this plane.....I found out after going into the bowels of the earth in cyberland that I had to enable my javascript thingy..and I was finally fixed..Ill bet shortly lafter that little journey "Al" is probably looking desperatley for the same number for suicide prevention that I was..OR......he drank his lunch!!!! LOL
so back online suffering from blogland overdose.....grieving all the fabulous new fall/autumn decorating, creating and designing dolls that I dont see happening for me anytime in the near future...I humbly come back here to where Im loved in spite of my whining, complaining and venting...
My doctors appt. is Aug 28th to find out if Im healed enough to begin Physical therapy...and work/school begins on the following Monday the 31st...& Im pretty sure I wont be available or ready to go back to poor boss is freaking out cuz we just found out my assistant wont be returning and just quit!!! so I wont be assistant wont be there...and the kids will be thinking Im not coming back...ohhhhhhh..but I YAMMMMMM I YAMMMMM!!! arent I?
Ive been praying and expressing my heartfelt gratitude to God, that I "Have" a job, I will be healed but in His time, not mine..I have learned things about myself..some good..some well...maybe not so good, but still lessons...I have found out who my true friends have been and who have been aquaintences and Im grateful I have "them", Im clean, sober, didnt get strung out on the powerful pain meds and I have a fabulous husband who Ive fallen head over heels in love with all over again after 21 years I am still very blessed and spoiled...I just miss so many parts of my old life...and thats a good thing.
Im keeping my dear friend "Stacey" from Ravens Haven in my thoughts and prayers as she sadly lost her precious Dad last week....
I am looking forward in celebrating my birthday on Thursday the 20th with some friends and more BBQing goodies, well probably fire up our awesome new fire pit, light the tiki torches and just embrace the truely precious things in my & friends.....
I thank so many of you who have humored me, popped in on me, emailed or left encouraging and loving comments...Pam, Tina, Laura, Peanut, Cookie, my sister Ginnie, and of course Stacey.....I love you all so much. Thank you for never giving up on me.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Thank You Everyone

I want to thank everyone who have been praying for me, reaching out to me publicly and privately. I have not had... nor am I... having an easy time of healing.
Surgery was supposed to be only an hour and a half but because of the trauma from my fall, we were down under..for 4 hours.
On last Friday I had both pins removed...cast removed and an IV bag of antibiotic from a surprize infection administered. I am still however back in a soft cast w/ rods supporting my hand and lower arm straight.
I was soooo embarrassed that as the doctor was removing said pins...I ended up passed out w/ my head in doctors lap!!!!! my blood pressure dropped after seeing the tools and puckered incisions & state my poor hand is in. I thought there would only be 2 incisions, but because of the damage, he made 3...I was hoping I had literally died when I realized I passed out...the nurse was fanning me w/ my own chart and I was being encouraged to sip a small cup of water..I was praying would be arsenic. LOL
When I came home from the surgery and I was so altered from the risidual effects of anesthesia and powerful pain meds..I was convinced that my air conditioner was whispering to me..for 3 nights!!!! On Friday..the one where the crash of 09 happened...I had kept my commitment and brought back more than half of the remaining unused very addicting pain meds. It was the agreement we all had, as soon as the immediate hysterical post surgical pain went away, Id use perscribed motrin and stay focused on my recovery in sobriety.
I am struggling now with being back in a cast, mild tendon and ligament pain, my hand is so very weak, its my dominant hand so nothing but reading and hen pecking with left clicking and mouse rolling for me for another 3 weeks. Then physical therapy...Probably not in time for the beginning of the school year for me.
What was I thinking?
When I went to the doctor this Friday I was in la la land thinking Id be completely healed, cured. ready to sew, paint, cook, clean, journal, and begin a new baby afgan for my Grand daughter......Im in the same disabled state I was in days after surgery. Im working on acceptance.
I was so looking forward in rebuilding "Scaredy Kat and Her Own Crow" and creating a new falloween line I have been thinking of since all those medications that had me in a tea party in the circle of Alice and wonderland! LOL Re-establishing my life in blog land...but I guess God had other plans for me.
Ronnie deserves the key to the city,,,the award of being the bestest husband in the world...I have fallen deeply head over heels in love with him all over again after he lovingly catered, served and took tender care of me as if I were a brand newborn. I wanted for nothing...even threatened to serve me in a speedo and flip flops if I was feeling blue...he wanted me to smile...mission so accomplished!
Thank God hes doing some sidework for the first time since all this happened..he needs to get out of the house and do manly things like welding, working with other manly men...greasing up his world with what he loves doing.
Im a blessed woman.
Thank you all who have expressed such concern and encouragement as my summer and life were turned upside down.
Thankfully the healing has begun.
I missssssssssssssssssssss sewing...................... my flat iron... my make up and hairspray..I look and feel all of...well none of yer business. wwwwaaaaaaa...LOL

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thumbs up! Im GOIN IN!!!!!

I Do believe in spooks..I do I do I do!!!!!!!
Well folks tomorrow morning Ill be in the hospital w/o coffee, cigarettes, make up, valuable jewelery ok..I get that... but HAIRSPRAY????? Ohhh it aint gonna be pretty at all!
A shower tonight, another one in the morning before admitting..admitting what???? any secrets I have will be one of the 2 showers they insist I take? to what? wash away any sins in case I dont make it???..what kind of wild life do they think I have that requires 2 showers in a 6 hour period???
Ohhh well theyre gonna make 2 insicsions, one on the side of my thumb, the other under my wrist into my newish tattoo!!!! to remove 4 inches of tendon to pin...PIN???? EWEWEWEEEE to the injured but shaved bone in insision #1! Im not feelin this at all.
They arent intibating me, ill be breathing on my own . Im having a surgical block but will be in a twilight state...they assured me..over and over and over again! It may surprize you, but Im NO surgery hero.. they assures me Id be in such a sedated state, theyd still have to shake me to wake me. Ill be able to respond to voice case of what???? I want a cup of coffee? a cigarette? put on my make up or spray my hair???? I mean what are they gonna ask me? OHHHHHHHHH This doesnt sound good at all. Im claiming the 5th ammendment as of NOW!
I want to be out of it...I dont want to hear my doctor asking the nurse to pass the thingy that shaves the said bone, or the hammer to secure the PINS...I dont wanna hear my doctor or anyone say UH OHHH, theyll just have to cover "THAT" with some more tattoo ink!!!!or "She did say the right hand right???"
OHHHH, so because Ronnie wont be able to post the fact that I made it, Im in lala land and on some good drugs, & because Ill be in a large bulky pressure cast for at least 10 days...Im probably not gonna be able to share my "surgical experience" for awhile. I will howver to do my best to come back and left click with my toes if I have to!!!!
I thank so many of you who have been praying, supporting and encouraging me here & on facebook.
I know Im being a big baby, but I yam what I yam....
Im praying that ill be up and attem preparring to get better to enjoy the amazing tickets Ronnie won to the ALLMAN BROTHERS on Aug 30th the night before I hopefully go back to work..Ill be back before then bragging about that blessing as soon as I can.
I sent out the giveaway goodies to Peanut from "Countryfolk Keepsakes" early this morning, so please check her blog out next week, Im sure shell be showin and tellin a couple of the goodies I sent her in addition to the Blog giveaway Prize.
So as Carol Burnett used to say before closing..Im so glaaaaad we had this tiiiime togetherrrr..(imagine me tuggin my ear right about now) just to have a laugh and say so long..................

Monday, July 20, 2009

We Have A Winner!

I want to thank each of you who signed up for my blog giveaway...those of you who advertised my giveaway on their blogs ...thank you also.
I am so tickled to announce that our very own regular on Scaredy Kat & Her Own Crow.....drum roll please....
won my painted Patriotic Pillow designed by Kim Klassen & a bunch of primitive goodies shall arrive on her countryfolk doorstep as soon as she emails me her home address.
Thank you again for your support, & enthusiasm!
Cant wait to hear from ya girlee!

Monday, July 13, 2009

More Goodies

I just wanted to share a few of the goodies Im going to be including on this blog giveaway. I had such fun at Cape Cod Crafters the other day & picked up this sweet primitive red star on a piece of twine to hang somewhere fun in your home, then I picked up this adoreable saltbox lapel pin, a package of creme brulee tarts that smell delish!
I also added a painted primitive flag that I found one year from an artist in Create N Decorate, her first name is Stephanie & I adore her work. I wanted to share this vintage bottlecap magnet of a little girl celebrating independence day with the winner too.

I sure hope I didnt offend anyone while explaining why I wouldnt include anyone who didnt have a blog or anyone who wasnt in what I considered "a community of doll makers" I was just so surprized during my last giveaway the amount of folks blatantly wanting something,. anything free from the internet. I had people saying "Yeah Im joining even though this pillow isnt something at all Id want, my daughter might so if I won could you please paint it in another color?" Then I found someone with their addy being something like "free stuff .com

I have had a ball in the past signing up for many giveaways and I like to support several of the blogs and hard working folks, I think its a great way to get to know people, have folks
get to know me a little better & I apologize if I didnt handle this with the grace it may have required, but thats why I adore so many of teach me
so much as a neophyte myself to this wacky but wonderful world of blogging about our passions, whether that be family, friends, vacas, pets, or new desings.

Ive gotten some of thee best recipies, ideas, hints, laughs, and shed some tears from being a small part of so many of you. I wasnt trying to discriminate in any way..I was trying to limit the amount of folks who werent interested in networking or supporting, but only in gittin something.

I really appreciate the support, encouragement and inspiration Ive recieved from you in the past. Im commited in learning how to find a balance in keeping whats so close to my heart which is creating, and meeting some of the most phenomenal women who Ive become friends with while having to make a living outside of the walls of my home.
I come home like most, tired, lacking energy, and time. I feel as though Ive lost some of my dearest friends and even acquaintences while not being able to come here or create as I used to before having to work ...ya know??? working for a living IS highly over rated! LOL. Gosh I miss some of you sooo soo much.
Thank you for understanding Im still very clumsy in my walk & am tryng to learn how to be the woman of Grace so many of you are.

I have finally been given a surgery date for the reconstruction of my boo boo July 30th Im goin under the knife...yikes...Im flyin around here trying to play catch up and digging around for sweats and shorts that have elastic band waists so I can pee without the aid of the hubs!!!!! Ohhh am I gonna pay for each time hes suffered & has been bandaged & deemed helpless with "welding flash" that included eyepatches and my mercy!!!! which may or may not have been a short supply of. (GULP)
Praying prayers of gratitude for blessing me with my blogging sisters.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Scaredy Kat & Her Own Crow Giveaway!

I have been away wayyyy too long with all the excitement of going back to a new supervisory position that has brought me much learning about myself, has provided much financial relief, and has helped me meet some of thee most difficult but loving children and staff in the Transitional Educational Program I work in.
However, the downside to this new life of mine was the inability to find time and or energy to do what I have been blessed with, which is the passion to create. I am sometimes curious as to whether it is a blessing or burden.... because I do know it soothes my spirit, by creating and Ive been learning how to design my own characters.
I have met some of the most charming, talented, and inspiring doll makers, designers, painters, sculpters, that this world wide web has to offer. I have made some phenomeanl friendships, I have been tucked quite safely under some of the wings of these women. Now come on yall....Im not discriminating, cuz I know there are a vast variety of talented male artists, but the ones Im talking about happen to be women.
That said, I have missed out sorely on being a regular on some of these blogs that I used to read & respond to on a daily basis. I have spent some of the first week off for the summer, trying to read & play catch up on some of these amaaaaazing blogsites. I feel so out of the loop. I am excited to realize one of the most valuable lessons I have learned while working outside of the home is that I can have the best of both worlds...but will take alot of creativity to manage my time and find the balance I so desperately need when I go back to work on August 31st.
So I thought I would express my thanks to those of you who havent given up on me since Ive been away, & even those who have, and thought hosting another giveaway would help me meet some of the new artists, artisan and crafters who share the same excitement I do whenever we see/smell a yard of fabric, a spool of thread, a bottle of paint and at a tag sale, flea market or even a thrown away piece on the side of the road deemed worthless, until we come by, rescue it, clean it up, strip it down and do whatever we do to put love back in its grain again......
or reintroduce myself back into this wonderful community of women who do what we do.
I "am" going to insist however that although everyone in our community is more than welcome to leave a comment & sign up for this giveaway, I wont make the mistake I did the last time and include names of those who only want something free, void any blog, business, or desire other than to snag something free off the internet. I was simply amazed as a neophyte how many folks signed up with rediculous requests, briberies, nasty statements, or comments and didnt even have a blog....those Im speaking of???? Need NOT apply.
Now I am excited to offer this Handpainted Americana Pillow designed by Kim Klassen. I found this design in the August issue of Create & Decorate. Miss Kim had painted this piece on a huge plank of beautiful wood, & since I havent anything close to that, nor can I afford to purchase ...I was just sqirtin w/ excitement to paint this on a piece of muslin...the back is a dark blue Patriotic fabric w/ teeny little white stars on it, and I stained a tag that states..."Land of the free because of our brave..." secured w/ a piece of twine with a rusty saftey pin. I measured it 18 inches long & 9 inches wide, painted & sewn in a non-smoking home. It is a $32.00 value & as long as it is mailed in the good olde USofA...shipping is free. If you click on the picture, you can see the pillow up close & personal & appreciate the detail Iworkled so hard to compliment on Kims design celebrating our USA.
I invite anyone with a blog, a business, & or passion to decorate their just leave a comment on my blog w/ your email addy or blog link so I know how to contact you if you win..
If you would like to triple your chances??? I will add your name times 3 if you help me get the word out & post this giveaway on your blog...just let me know in your comment, and BAM 3 times it is....
Im also going to include a couple of primitive surprizes to sweeten the pot.
I thought of giving everyone a 2 week chance to get thier name in, so on July20th...we will pull someones lucky name out of a basket...Good luck and have a FABULOUS week yall, while we get this party started....

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Im on the BEAM!!!

Id like to introduce to you my brand new precious Grand Daughter... Natalie Josephine...born this afternoon a little after 3 pm.

Mom is fine but naturally exhausted...Dad is in the ZONE with pride...and of course Ronnie and I are just spent with songs of praise and gratitude to Jesus for blessing us all with this miracle of life and protecting both during this 12 hour labor and delivery.

I am incredibly amazed at how the circle of life envelopes us. Little Natalie was concieved the same weekend the kids were here saying goodbye to my Mom when she passed away. In my Moms house.

Natalie-Jo was weighed in at 21 inches long...and 7lbs & 9 ounces

Natalie is Lanas Moms first name (who was at her side during delievery all the way from Russia, here for 6 weeks) and of course Josephine being my Moms first name.

Ten Perfect fingers and toes...I am going to bed a blessed and happy woman. I couldnt wait to stop by here first and share my beautiful Grand Daughter with all of you. Thanks for being a part of my journey...

Plans are in the making for our trip to Jersey to meet her in person. How can someone love someone so very much whom youve not even met yet? This is an incredible experience.

Signing off for the very first time as G.G. (Glamorous Grammie)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Blessings from Napa Valley and more....

I havent been here in awhile & I apologize but Ive been so busy. My dear friend Jody who I asked yall to pray for (thank you all so much, ohhh the power and wonder of prayer) came and spent an over night with us. What a delightful and wild-woman she is.
Its as if I met my twin...ok, so we may not exactly look alike, but kindred spirits we are indeed.
We had a great time gabbing, sharing, and loving each other like best friends do. I am in awe that God would deem me worthy of such a phenomeanl woman. I mean she IS ALL THAT!
Thank you God.
See my flowers? Yup, Ronnie surprized me last week with this gorgeous dozen. I immediately went to the "What did you do?" place..LOL but he bought them to make me smile... :>) and smile I did!!!!
See, on Wednesday, June 10th, I tripped on a broken floor tile in the kitchen at work and I went down HARD! When I put my hands out to naturally try and break my fall, I injured my right thumb/wrist...ya know, the one I suffer from RA with? so my company sent me to their Prompt Care place, which x-rayed me, found a sprain, but when I went home and it began locking up on me like the pain and un-natural way a charley horse does...everytime I flip my cell phone down, or hold the tooth brush, paint brush...(please pass the tissues) it began this painful episode, so they sent me to a "Hand Specialist/Surgeon.
He was not happy with the xray, and saw the inflammation and joint/ligament & tendon damage from the fall. Going back on light duty (which is a laugh, cuz there is no light duty doing what I do) probably wasnt the best call made from Prompt Care...(his words, not mine) so he put me out of work for the remaining last 4 days of school, gave me a cortizone shot...OUCH!!!! ohh how embarrassing to have a toughie like me beg this man for mercy while he purpously dislocated my thumb to insert the cortizone.... but ohhh what sweet relief with the novicane he also injected which only lasted a couple hours before the pain returned. So I have a take on, take off cast with rods, and an appointment on July 1st to set up another appointment for an MRI and possible surgery???? WTHeck???? I heard little else after that one!
I am going back to school on Monday to say goodbye and to wish the kids a happy, and safe summer while lunch is being served for the last time this year! BAUGH Im gonna miss most of these now Im unable to collect unemployment cuz of the injury.... and workmans comp is going to take awhile.... so I guess patience, tolerance, and lots of prayer will be required...ohhh yeah, did I mention Ronnie got laid off yesterday too?????????????????????????????????? Ohh man its a good thing I dont drink!

I thought Id show yall some of my new ink I had done a couple of months ago...a beautiful lotus which only grows from mud and mire and only gets beautfiful when exposed to light? hence the amazing celestial female sun that my talented friend Bennet Love designed just for me? (Darn good thing I shaved dem pits!)Definitely appropraite considering my life was in the mire before I was rescued by God and brought to the light of a new way of life in recovery. And what a life this is!

Looky here....Shoe shopping for my Natti-Jo due to be born on the 29th of this month. Newborn Crocs?????How stinkin cute...

I painted this tote bag for Jody, knowing it would be loaded up with goodies Ronnie and I spoiled her with, its a great gift bag and take on for the plane. Both sides were painted with whimsical designs from me, and a variety of artists. Sherrie Reiner being one. (Angels on the other side.)
She sooo LOOOVED it! I think if you click on the photo, it will become enlarged, check out the adoreable buttons from "Joannes" that were on sale for .50 cents each!

I also posted a cute shutter shelf with panes and mirrors behind it, I found at a tag sale and stripped and helped it along to give it some primitive pop.
Well todays Ronnies birthday, Im making a nice summer cake for him. A white cake, poke some holes in it after its baked and drizzle some fruity jello in the holes and then slather with whip cream..mmmmmm I bought him a single sterling silver feather ear ring for him, since he lost his last one. It honors his Native name being Ronald 4 Feathers. and for Fathers day? a card and an inexpensive but durable birdbath hes wanted for so long... OMG!!!!when did we get to the place where we want bird feeders and bird baths for presents? When did the Harley Davidson themed gifts stop???? OMG were stinkin old!!!!!!
Well Peeps, this will be the last "Christmas Time Letter" type of blog entry...Im off for the summer and although sore, and slow, I am in the process of creating something fun for a "Giveaway" to find my old friends and make some new...Lets get this party started!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Introducing "Scaredy Kat & Her Own Crow"

OH mY LiTTlE OpIe!
Gosh how is it possible to love and adore a little neurotic Jack Russell Terror as much as I do? Its like a sickness.
Its more than puppy love.
What in the WORLD am I going to do when I meet my Grand Daughter Nattie Jo????
How can you have so much love in your heart? Its GOT to be a God thing.
Well as you can see, Im in the process of celebrating & introducing my new business name that Ive included as my Blog name (although I have no clue as to how to change the link name, so for now it will have to remain the Katerpillars no more name but in link only) I sure would appreciate any suggestions.

Anyway...HIIIIII Everybody!!!!
What a gorgeous sunny, warm Sunday afternoon here in New England.
Weve got some baby back pork ribs on the grill, and I made pasta salad with tuna, bacon and ranch seasonings. OOhh with a little bit of cucumber and a couple of tomoatoes! mmmm

I made this sign and placed it on a tree we refer to as the "Squirrel Highway" Down there!Its pretty self explanatory, but I love thinking maybe all of our weeds could be I shouted it to the world, well at least in my back yard, the squirrels know how I feel...that is... if they can read....dont underestimate em, these lil critters are purty smart when they wanna be!

I wanted to show off some of my neat loot I scored at this huge tag sale the hubs and I went to yesterday morning. We had a ball. Then we went to breakfast at this old family biker diner and shared hot coffee, eggs and home fries, Im sure glad Im not seeing any cholesterol checking Doctors this week!!!

Ohhhh boy...this looks like trouble...What Could olde
"Ever Ready and Never Ready" be thinkin??? Not me...Them! They are like 2 peas in a pod.

Ronnie was test driving our neighbors Harley Davidson that was plenty big enough for our neighbor, but poor Ronnie needs a little more bike for his 6ft4inch self! But he sure had fun. Im excited to share that we have begun an official Harley Davidson Savings account.

Ohhh Kitty, kitty oh so pretty. This heres olde crotchety Mr. O'Malley. He last weighed in at 23bs. (Im sure alot if its his fur)

So heres a few more things I scoffed up while sailing yesterday morning, I bought these cute lil Uncle Sam corn on the cob holders, a picnic basket, wheres Miss Tina when ya need great painting ideas? Then look at this awesome prim apothocary style cabinet I got for our bathroom with 4 tin drawers! Then I hung this antique fire putter outter thingy on my living room wall. Too stinkin cute. We had a blast just hanging out together without a care in the world, thank God for weekends and the best husbands.

Ok and last month I was scanning my all time favorite magazing The Mercantile Gatherings and I see this article honoring and introducing this wonderful prim artisan Kristal from Rags-n-tags...well dontcha know she lives a couple of towns over from me? well I immediately email her and go to her blog and website and ordered some of her fabulous olde bottle caps with pictures of Slave womenfolk in them, I wear mine on my lapel and will use the others on my old civil war dolls. I know the piccy isnt clear but please go check this woman out. I ordered a few other things and sent her too mcuh money and she sent me an adoreable muslin cinnabun. I hadda warn the "Wildman" its not to eat!!!!

How cute is this?
Please DO check Kristalswebsite out, you wont be sorry.
Well it sure is smellin right as Im typin away and the old belly is a growlin...thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous week. I sure am getting excited with working only half days from now on until the last day of school, then ElEVen weeks of vaca! YIPEE!
In closing I would like to thank each of you who prayed for my Best Friend "Jody" Our prayers have been answered and the healing has begun...Thank God...Thank all of you prayer warriors who held this amazingly brave woman up....God is so good! But we knew that!


Monday, June 1, 2009

A little Joisey in the air...

This is the Hudson River looking from the George Washington Bridge...The one Tony Sopranos driving over in the opening of his show...I was looking but couldnt find poor "Pussy" floatin around...probably cuz of the cement shoes they strapped on him....

Ahhh sweet remenents I found at "Jo's" gonna make me some Patriotic treats from this stash... Im thinkin pinwheels! or bouta prim pillow with sumpthin stitched on it..or no i KNOW!!! oh never mind...well just have to wait-n see.

I bought this beautiful plant as a Managers Special...she was almost dead...look at her now..worth alot more than the 2 bucks I paid for her!
And something Ive begun painting...youll hafta wait to see the completed design.

I lOVE being a copy Kat..but not without proper credit where credits due...This fun piece I painted is a Sherrie Riener?/Reiner? (sorry Miss Sherrie) print... She used a clip board to paint her design on but I bought this awesome canvas to paint on, I used gesso then painted it, ironed it and threw a dowel thru the hemmed top, then added a wire and a piece of torn homespun fabric...what an adoreable piece in my living room. Ohh these ideas with this canvas are swimmin so fast my old red head is a hurtin!

This huge plant Ive named "Grace" was in the dumpster at Ronnies warehouse...can you believe I saved it? I kill me, Im like the plant whisperer!I laughed when he brought this dead limp brown, broken mass home..."honey can you save her" a little miracle grow, water, lotsa sunshine and a transplant of new dirt and just look at her! I may even dare profess I have a green thumb!
Ok, so heres the thing with the tiki torches...I almost took 2 huge beefy, men out while trying to steer the basket they were in at "Big Lots"...At least their wives thought it was funny. Man could they move!
Dont ya just love my primitive window panes I picked up on the side of the road looking all lonely? and my old dresser someone else was putting out for the garbage...still gotta alot of life in it. Im not sayin it would service my bedroom or clothes but COME ON...this is cute. Im buying a couple of begonias this weekend to plant in the side drawers. Just visualize.....

How stinkin cute is my very pregnant daughter in law...
Hi LAnA!!!
Hi Nattie-Jo...tee hee,
thats my Grand baby growin in there...ohh shes gonna love her G.G.& OG
Weve become the perverbial dorky Grandparents.
Im so excited I cant stand this waiting. How can you love someone so much that your heart aches, you havent even met yet?

Hi Wildman....this heres my Ronnie...yall know him. It was nice to see him without his skull cap on.... He even ate Guacamolie...sssshh dont tell him....

Look at the loot Lana scored at her baby shower 2 weeks ago when we threw her a surprize (me thinks) Jack n Jill baby shower...

Pops was measuring her belly for a shower game...Big manly man coppers acting so silly with these girly games, man the testosterone was flyin..they all became so competitive!

Momma Kat bumpin her gums about something....

AHHH and what a blessing to have met "Bernie" a fabulous friend I met online....what a surprize to learn he lives in the same town as my son and DIL so he took time out of his very busy schedule to come meet Ronnie and I.
Ive heard so many negative stories about the freaks you can meet and al the warnings about having to be careful but I have to tell you, Bernie is one of the best blessings Ive had because of this internet.
Well all, 2 more weeks before my ELEVEN did you hear??? ELEVEN week summer vaca for this Kat!!!!
Before I close, most of you know I invite anyone and everyone to leave me a prayer request or Praise report, so Im asking you to please keep my Bestest friend in the whole world in prayers...her name is Jody and I dont need to go into detail...God knows whats goin on... but please keep her close in healing thoughts...thanks from the bottom of my heart.
Im finally getting to meet Jody in a couple of weeks, shes flying to Akron for a huge Founders Day celebration, then to Albany to spend time with her Moms, then driving to spend the night with me. me. me!!!! me so happy. Wait till yall meet her, shes da bomb diggidty!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

SOOO Happy to be BACK!

Greetings from Opie and I!
I changed the wreath on my old window pane hanging on my living room wall with handmade sculpted sunflowers.

As Most know Im a working woman and have been working hard for the past few months...9 to be exact...I guess thats pretty appropo since any birth takes the same time and they dont call it labor pains for nuttin!

Summer is fast approaching us and on June 22nd, I will be off for the summer. Im grateful for the oppertunity to collect unemployment during this time so I can catch my breath, and create.

As much as I enjoy working with these difficult kids, (Gosh yall, theyre so challenged but all beautiful) & they are DIFFICULT, but I know Im making a difference because on one of the 2 days I took off recently, my assistant made me promise NEVER to take another day off!

Evidently, some of the younger kids, 4th,-8th graders, refused to come in the cafe, cuz Miss Kat wasnt there"!
Its funny because they complained that the food tasted funny cuz miss Kat didnt make it, but Miss Kat RARELY makes any of the food, my time spent there is all management, paperwork, trouble shooting, meeting with staff, parents , attending meetings, and cash that I work with. I only oversee the actual food prep.!
But I am upfront & very personal with the kids. One of them came to me with a very secretive teen pregnancy...OMGosh...the pressure, I loved her, hugged her, but gave her 2 days to tell the school nurse who is very cool...or we'd have to talk to someone together about it...(Thank Goodness, she took my suggestion)

But in all of my efforts, I do sadly and desperately miss the time creating, selling, gathering, networking, sharing and spending time at home with domestic pleasures and the friends Ive made online.
I am completely and absolutely drained beyond...doing much of anything other than throwing something on the grill, a shower, a load of laundry, an hour of TV (maybe) & off to bed to do it all again tomorrow!
The hubs has been working anywhere from 20-35 hours of OT which is equivalent to another part time although weve been blessed, & are so grateful, we are both exhausted as we rebuild the financial ruin of 08.
I know I depended on the community & commeraderie friendships of kindred spirits, for prayers and support. I come back here hungry to reconnect, and refuel.
And saving the absolute best blessing to share for the very last....I am going to be a GRAMMIE in late June. My son and his wife are expecting "Nattie-Jo" Unfortunately, they live in NJ, a 5 hour car trip, and awaiting her arrival, it may as well be across the globe.
We were fortunate to surprize Lana, our DIL with a jack n Jill baby shower, last Saturday. We arrived under the fib that we were there to see their new home they purchased almost 2 years but never got a chance to see. but AHHHAAAA! that wasnt the only reason. It was a fabulous time. I am so proud of both of them. Their home is filled with love inside and out. Their story tucked in each little nook and cranny. I am swelled with pride for both of them.

Wll I am going to have another give-away soon to let everyone know Im back...but with the lesson that sometimes we need to make time for home...where the heart really is.

Happy Memorial day to all of our soldiers both past & present. You are my S/Heros.

So I have re-commited to come back & begin doing what I love so much which is spending some time with my friends here in Blog land...begin making at least one project a week. I have missed you deeply.
On May 3d, our company was challenged to wlk for hunger by "Foodshare" so Ronnie & I spent a very cloudy & rainy Sunday raising money for FoodShare.
Here a picture w/ me and the Hartford Moose on the Loose...

another picture of an old file box that was given to me for my files at work...after Lynne saw it painted she wanted it back. Silly girl thought she had a chance! HA! I dont remember the artist who designed the original, & I apologize, the angels inside are very different purpously, but I did use her awesome checkered round borders.

Then I lOVE this pillow I painted & quilted. This design is from an all time favorite painting mentor "Renee Mullins" who honored me & displayed a couple of my pieces I created from her awesome and whimsical designs on her website last year.
Ive decided to keep this one for myself, it really brightens up our sofa!