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Monday, June 1, 2009

A little Joisey in the air...

This is the Hudson River looking from the George Washington Bridge...The one Tony Sopranos driving over in the opening of his show...I was looking but couldnt find poor "Pussy" floatin around...probably cuz of the cement shoes they strapped on him....

Ahhh sweet remenents I found at "Jo's" gonna make me some Patriotic treats from this stash... Im thinkin pinwheels! or bouta prim pillow with sumpthin stitched on it..or no i KNOW!!! oh never mind...well just have to wait-n see.

I bought this beautiful plant as a Managers Special...she was almost dead...look at her now..worth alot more than the 2 bucks I paid for her!
And something Ive begun painting...youll hafta wait to see the completed design.

I lOVE being a copy Kat..but not without proper credit where credits due...This fun piece I painted is a Sherrie Riener?/Reiner? (sorry Miss Sherrie) print... She used a clip board to paint her design on but I bought this awesome canvas to paint on, I used gesso then painted it, ironed it and threw a dowel thru the hemmed top, then added a wire and a piece of torn homespun fabric...what an adoreable piece in my living room. Ohh these ideas with this canvas are swimmin so fast my old red head is a hurtin!

This huge plant Ive named "Grace" was in the dumpster at Ronnies warehouse...can you believe I saved it? I kill me, Im like the plant whisperer!I laughed when he brought this dead limp brown, broken mass home..."honey can you save her" a little miracle grow, water, lotsa sunshine and a transplant of new dirt and just look at her! I may even dare profess I have a green thumb!
Ok, so heres the thing with the tiki torches...I almost took 2 huge beefy, men out while trying to steer the basket they were in at "Big Lots"...At least their wives thought it was funny. Man could they move!
Dont ya just love my primitive window panes I picked up on the side of the road looking all lonely? and my old dresser someone else was putting out for the garbage...still gotta alot of life in it. Im not sayin it would service my bedroom or clothes but COME ON...this is cute. Im buying a couple of begonias this weekend to plant in the side drawers. Just visualize.....

How stinkin cute is my very pregnant daughter in law...
Hi LAnA!!!
Hi Nattie-Jo...tee hee,
thats my Grand baby growin in there...ohh shes gonna love her G.G.& OG
Weve become the perverbial dorky Grandparents.
Im so excited I cant stand this waiting. How can you love someone so much that your heart aches, you havent even met yet?

Hi Wildman....this heres my Ronnie...yall know him. It was nice to see him without his skull cap on.... He even ate Guacamolie...sssshh dont tell him....

Look at the loot Lana scored at her baby shower 2 weeks ago when we threw her a surprize (me thinks) Jack n Jill baby shower...

Pops was measuring her belly for a shower game...Big manly man coppers acting so silly with these girly games, man the testosterone was flyin..they all became so competitive!

Momma Kat bumpin her gums about something....

AHHH and what a blessing to have met "Bernie" a fabulous friend I met online....what a surprize to learn he lives in the same town as my son and DIL so he took time out of his very busy schedule to come meet Ronnie and I.
Ive heard so many negative stories about the freaks you can meet and al the warnings about having to be careful but I have to tell you, Bernie is one of the best blessings Ive had because of this internet.
Well all, 2 more weeks before my ELEVEN did you hear??? ELEVEN week summer vaca for this Kat!!!!
Before I close, most of you know I invite anyone and everyone to leave me a prayer request or Praise report, so Im asking you to please keep my Bestest friend in the whole world in prayers...her name is Jody and I dont need to go into detail...God knows whats goin on... but please keep her close in healing thoughts...thanks from the bottom of my heart.
Im finally getting to meet Jody in a couple of weeks, shes flying to Akron for a huge Founders Day celebration, then to Albany to spend time with her Moms, then driving to spend the night with me. me. me!!!! me so happy. Wait till yall meet her, shes da bomb diggidty!


Tina said...

prayers up for your friend and it's so good to see your smiley face and read your adventures.
Enjoy this wonderful summer. outlook....Victorious living.
Much love

Renna said...

Kat, your life sure isn't dull! The sweet baby shower looks like it was fun for all. I love all your handmades (always do). Isn't it neat how you saw the potential in a bedraggled, nearly dead plant, and restored it to something vibrant which brings joy to those who see it? Just like God does with us, huh?;-)

Stacey said...

Kat~ What awesome days you have! So filled with the best things in life~ friends, family, love ones and creativity to THE max!! My prayers for Jodi, huggers for you and yours!
The Roons~
(The kid that lives up the Hudson a piece~ where all the dredging is...wonder if we'll glow?)

Cookie said...

what wonderful pics - you seem so happy and proud of your family, and rightly so, dear friend!!!

Know that I will be praying for Jody too - and you are right, we dont need details - God already knows ♥

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

How in tarnations did I miss this wonderful post?!
Can't wait for that new bundle of joy to arrive!! How excitin'!
Also know that I will pray for Jody. :> )