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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Introducing "Scaredy Kat & Her Own Crow"

OH mY LiTTlE OpIe!
Gosh how is it possible to love and adore a little neurotic Jack Russell Terror as much as I do? Its like a sickness.
Its more than puppy love.
What in the WORLD am I going to do when I meet my Grand Daughter Nattie Jo????
How can you have so much love in your heart? Its GOT to be a God thing.
Well as you can see, Im in the process of celebrating & introducing my new business name that Ive included as my Blog name (although I have no clue as to how to change the link name, so for now it will have to remain the Katerpillars no more name but in link only) I sure would appreciate any suggestions.

Anyway...HIIIIII Everybody!!!!
What a gorgeous sunny, warm Sunday afternoon here in New England.
Weve got some baby back pork ribs on the grill, and I made pasta salad with tuna, bacon and ranch seasonings. OOhh with a little bit of cucumber and a couple of tomoatoes! mmmm

I made this sign and placed it on a tree we refer to as the "Squirrel Highway" Down there!Its pretty self explanatory, but I love thinking maybe all of our weeds could be I shouted it to the world, well at least in my back yard, the squirrels know how I feel...that is... if they can read....dont underestimate em, these lil critters are purty smart when they wanna be!

I wanted to show off some of my neat loot I scored at this huge tag sale the hubs and I went to yesterday morning. We had a ball. Then we went to breakfast at this old family biker diner and shared hot coffee, eggs and home fries, Im sure glad Im not seeing any cholesterol checking Doctors this week!!!

Ohhhh boy...this looks like trouble...What Could olde
"Ever Ready and Never Ready" be thinkin??? Not me...Them! They are like 2 peas in a pod.

Ronnie was test driving our neighbors Harley Davidson that was plenty big enough for our neighbor, but poor Ronnie needs a little more bike for his 6ft4inch self! But he sure had fun. Im excited to share that we have begun an official Harley Davidson Savings account.

Ohhh Kitty, kitty oh so pretty. This heres olde crotchety Mr. O'Malley. He last weighed in at 23bs. (Im sure alot if its his fur)

So heres a few more things I scoffed up while sailing yesterday morning, I bought these cute lil Uncle Sam corn on the cob holders, a picnic basket, wheres Miss Tina when ya need great painting ideas? Then look at this awesome prim apothocary style cabinet I got for our bathroom with 4 tin drawers! Then I hung this antique fire putter outter thingy on my living room wall. Too stinkin cute. We had a blast just hanging out together without a care in the world, thank God for weekends and the best husbands.

Ok and last month I was scanning my all time favorite magazing The Mercantile Gatherings and I see this article honoring and introducing this wonderful prim artisan Kristal from Rags-n-tags...well dontcha know she lives a couple of towns over from me? well I immediately email her and go to her blog and website and ordered some of her fabulous olde bottle caps with pictures of Slave womenfolk in them, I wear mine on my lapel and will use the others on my old civil war dolls. I know the piccy isnt clear but please go check this woman out. I ordered a few other things and sent her too mcuh money and she sent me an adoreable muslin cinnabun. I hadda warn the "Wildman" its not to eat!!!!

How cute is this?
Please DO check Kristalswebsite out, you wont be sorry.
Well it sure is smellin right as Im typin away and the old belly is a growlin...thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous week. I sure am getting excited with working only half days from now on until the last day of school, then ElEVen weeks of vaca! YIPEE!
In closing I would like to thank each of you who prayed for my Best Friend "Jody" Our prayers have been answered and the healing has begun...Thank God...Thank all of you prayer warriors who held this amazingly brave woman up....God is so good! But we knew that!


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Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Hi Sweetie! So glad to see you back in blogland. :> )
Enjoy your summer and give that sweet Opie a smooch for me!