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Monday, December 8, 2008


Hi Everyone,
I am so very sorry I havent made an entry in so long....I have been so busy, not to mention still reeling, dealing and healing from losing Mom. This has shaken me and altered who I am.
I have so many blessings and miracles that have happened to me...I thank each of you who have prayed me thru this.
I am working at a job I ADORE! STINKIN ADORE!
I work for a school for troubled and high risk kids from kindergarten-high school seniors. They are what society considers hopeless. NONESENCE!!!!! I was considered hopeless not all that long ago...the devil is a liar... I was also considered an underdog, my odds werent high...I was labeled loser, dope fiend, junkie, thief, and then there were some real hateful names too! LOL but as Dr. Schuller (The Hour of Power) says...we all have the potential to turn our scars into stars! and thats exactly what God helped me to do.
I do love me my underdogs.... I cant keep what I have without giving it away!

Im being used by God and the system as a Lead/Supervisor in this facilities cafeteria...and although they can only enter 3 students at a time, and can only enter with an anger manager, behavioral security manager, I feed em...not just with food, but with hope, love, laughter, giggles and some even like me. They are so lost, some are so hard, some are so mean...but they all have in common... they are hurting and I know when I was hurting...hurt people hurt people.
Come on.....Im the coolest lunch lady they ever had! I was hired by God. The National security check, supervised drug screen, hair test, and6 hour food service certification test I took and passed!!!!! freaked me out and I almost ran from the fear, 3 interviews later, and a set of fingerprints...I was in!
Pay raise and one year contract! I have sweet hours and qualify to collect during school vacas after 5 days of being out.
Im still designing and creating and have been blessed to have several orders from all the great folks I met in the school system when I was being contracted out as a sub.
Im making dolls and creating work now for that wonderful prim shoppe I told ya all about. Im sooooo out of my comfort zone, but thats because of the support here, in my personal ftf meetings and one other source of online support that is mindblowing.
Im filled with Christmas spirit as never before. I am still trying to sort out the financial mess that we found ourselves in a few months ago...Christmas is going to be poor as it should be, but rich in spirit.

Now i am so sad to share that I can no longer post pics...I still have this huge virus from spyware/adware. so Im unable to download pics from my camera...I will try and pop in to pray, and let you know that I am still very involved and excited with all my fav blogs but for instance this virus allows me on every blog but Peanuts from CountryFolk Keepsake...KILL ME NOW!!!!! I can get to her website but not her blog...I have to go to the library to see her awesome blog..thank God for email. I love ya girl.

I am going to bring this sick putter somewhere when i have the cash to wipe it out and bring it back to factory mode. I have been able to download my pics and patterns to cd before she got really sick.
Please know Ill be back. I will continue reading your blogs, loving each of you and missing you wildly....
So I wish from that deep place in my heart where God resides that each of you celebrates this season with Jesus' birth, love and gifts right in the center of your hearts, lives and spirits. Prayers of health, peace and abundance. May you each live your lives with a spirit of expectancy and hope. As my dear friend Jennifer from Butt Uglee Prims says....PEACE OUT!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pumpkin, peaches, apple piiiiieeee....

BBBBRRRR.....This lil "Walnut Head" Primitive snowman is one of several in the workshop Im having a blast making. I think he came in for a piece of pie and to listen to some of my Christmas tunes Ive got crooning to me while I paint, sew...ohhh and (fake)bake! Ill introduce you to his brothers & sisters as they each come to life. They are adoreable placed around in a variety of special places in my home, peeking out here, & or there. Ive got a couple sitting on my all year around prim tree. Too cute.
Theyre each only 10 inches tall & all wear flannel, fleece, or wool sweaters with handsewn mittens, and smell so spicy good. These are also good sellers at craft fairs, great Secret Santa gifts & fit right in on any Holiday tree. These little snowmen are only $14.00 each before S&H.

I know..... I know....I changed the words of the song to introduce my apple pies....
Pumpkins, peaches, apple piiieeee.....can ya hear me hummin????
Can you smell the delicious aroma in my kitchen? mmmmmm.

These faux pot pourrie apple pies are always great sellers, especially during this time of year. Great gift idea to delight the lucky hostess with if your going to someones house for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.

They are an excellent addition to your country kitchen, primitive pie safe, sitting on your stove top, or resting on the dining room table. They sell so well because in addition to being so "primitive alluring", they are practical. Ive made them especially safe to put in a preheated warm or 200' (only) oven on those evenings when youve made a delicious but perhaps ( lingering evidence of a delicious but "stinky" fish, cabbage, or garlic, recipie) after baking in this very low temp oven for about 15 minutes (no more) you remove, & your entire kitchen smells of cinnamon & apples. Only minor disappointment when there isnt actually a warm apple pie to delve into.

They measure 9 inches by 9inches & sit about 4 1/2 inches tall. They are quite heavy since they are made in a clay bottom planter that I utilize as a pie dish.

They can be refreshed by adding a couple of drops of cinnamon or applespice oil directly in the center of the tulle, & pot pourrie, under the felt woven crust, you can purchase in some grocery stores and in all craft stores. I refresh mine about every 3d time I use it. These awesome pies are only $18.00 each before S&H. If anyones' interested in purchasing these... or any of my work, please feel free to email me at;

Well Ive got the day off since its such a pride filled day to remember.
Thank you all Veterans, past, present and future.
Thank you my son.
Well, Im off to see the Im not!!!! Im off my rocker!!!! but yall knew that already so no complaints now!, but now its time to do what I love best.......can ya see the smoke from the east?
yup, its me & my sewing machine........ SA-MOKIN!!!!!
Thank you Lord, for all Ive been through, am going through & will continue to go through, and THATS where my appreciation for what I do, who I am, who I know, (all of you & my other s/heroes) and of course....Whos I am.
Thank you for all of your prayers, please keep em coming. I keep each of you tucked safely and closely right here....oooopppps sorry, ya cant see me but Im pointin to my heart.
EMBRACE YOUR GRACE...(Holly Hunter, & Kat)

Saturday, November 8, 2008


What do you think of my newest creations??? "Annettes Angel" is a special order for one of the wonderful teachers I met while working at one of the schools. She saw something I had made & delivered & asked me to come up with something for her Gramma "Annette" who needed a reminder that angles are with her after having some serious Heart surgeries. I hand stitched each of her 11 Grandchildren on the lil heart shes holding because as Ms. Liz shared with me, her grankids ARE her heart! well Im thrilled that Ms. Liz adored her outcome and blessed me with weepy hugs...right in the middle of her art class. Soo funny, the kids were looking at me wondering who the heck I was...without my attractive(heavy sarcasm) hairnet, clippies, sweaty face& apron...they didnt know it was me...Miss Kat!!!!

Then I made and sold this new design of mine with zebra stripped scarf and matching mittens...well I left it in the cafe to show one of the many teachers always asking me to bring my work in...and who bought this snowman??? Mr. Norman (his first name) the elderly man who works in the cafeteria with me, who BTW I was replacing while he was out with corrective retna surgery. He touched my heart, he wanted to surprize his wife with this adoreable snowman, so they can pass him down when the time sweet is that????
Well last night Ronnie and I had the nicest time at the Holiday Open House where I shared last week,that we were invited to. I was in a zone...every one of my senses were tweaked and I was in a wonderland of Primitive Heaven. This woman decorated her lovely shoppe with every imaginable and un-imaginable sweet delight. The ambeince was mind blowing. Little white faerie lights twinkling everywhere, soft muted candles teasing our senses with pine, vanilla, cinnamon, a variety of 5 seperate rooms, handmade prim furniture from a gentleman "Christopher" who gave up a multi million dollar corporate job somewhere so he can follow his passion of woodworking... and work he did... Then I saw snowmen, santas, crows, saltboxes, star, garland, candles, flax, soaps, OMgoodness, my eyes hurt from looking at so much.
What I did notice was a few types of Primitives that "I" offer that she didnt have...sooo maybe shed be interested in a few of those pieces of mine. I know my painted welcome slates are good sellers, and a variety of other delights that I am already busy designing this morning.
Well 12 years ago, Ronnie and I stood in front of about 65 of our closest family and friends and exchanged marriage vows! Yikes, after this year with such loss in our life... lessons of patience, sacrifice, unexpected financial ruin, and much acceptance, I have learned while trudging down this marital pike that "MARRIAGE AINT FOR WIMPS!!!!"
I also only know for sure, I would have NEVER gotten thru any of it without the girlfriends, and a few brothers in sobriety and Christ who have prayed without ceasing for us. I thank each of you. It feels so wonderful to feel excited about anything after battling potential depression, or giving up and losing my sobriety...but not once did that ever become an option. And only because I had my prayer soldiers doing what they do best which was praying, encouraging, emailing me, sending me cards, e-cards and special love that I will never ever forget.
I didnt know how to thank any of you, so I promised to come back with vengence...I knew I was on my way when I began to feel joy again. Still not yet out of the woods, but blessings, miracles and hope restored for sure.
Thank you Jesus!
I will continue my journey today, sewing, painting, creating and probably a run to the local drugstore and pick up an anniversery card for the wonderful man I married. Pain in the a$$ but wonderful. He asked me this morning "How much time "did" the judge give us?" OH HE GAVE US LIFE, COWBOY!!!!
Prayer Requests and Praises.....
My personal prayer requests today are for my friends MJ and Ruby, I ask for healing and peace that blows your minds. I will never give up praying for you my friends.
I ask that you bless my dear friend Thomas and His precious Mom for healing, peace, and solutions, that will relieve them of any and all worry, that their panic be turned into wonder and light.
I ask that you continue to restore me with physical healing, spiritual courage and streingth so I may better carry the message of miracles and live lives where we all dwell in possibility.
I pray for my "goober" My unborn Grandchild....I pray for the saftey of my son while he serves and protects the state of NJ, I pray that our family is restored to healing and forgiveness so we may all be a part of Goobers life. I pray that like my precious Mom, that I also be a better Gramma than I was a Mom...I praise Jesus for second chances. Thirds, forths, and...........
I thank Jesus for each and every friend Ive met in my personal life as well as online....These people have just lifted me up and loved me as I was a close family member. I couldnt possibly name them all. Yall know who you are.
I ask that you please continue blessing my sister "Ginny" I am so blessed to have been placed in her life after so many years never knowing we were sisters. Praise you Jesus!
Please feel free to leave any prayer requests, praises, or comments, I appreciate them all.
Love, peace, abundance prayed for you all.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Belated Halloween

Look at these precious smiles!

It wasnt easy keeping this candy in tact and away from Ronnie but he was on notice...

we had quite a few visitors and I was so proud of them, being in a lower income area, sometimes the kids tend to be a bit wild but each & every trick or treater was grateful, festive, and extra polite.

I was so impressed with some of the Moms and Dads, working all day, coming home to cook a quickie dinner that no one was interested in eating, since they were focused and jazzed to put on their costumes and the door closing behind them...Gosh it brought back so many fond memories. But still the Moms and Dads were patiently and politely embracing the kids "Big Night Out".
I posted this witches hat that I am waiting to mail out to a customer, Im having difficulty finding a tall enough box for it. I finally found one but then the Post Office was closed, so its on my list of things to do in the morning.
As is making a promise to remain in the house sewing, painting, attatching body parts and making carrots for plenty of snowmen in the birthing process. I have thee best news. I met a woman who owns thee most delightful and facinating primitive shoppe a couple of towns away, and after chatting, well she was chatting, I was drooling...I left feeling nervous for agreeing to show her a few of my pieces, shes very interested. Then Saturday I got an invite to her huge Candlelit open house this Friday night. I am J-A-Z-Z-E-D.
She again invited me to come, make a date with her to introduce her to some of my work...eeeeekkk! Some of her extreme prim dolls sell for more than $100.00 each. Im not sure what to wear, & Id like to bring my camera to see if shes allow pics. Id also like to bring some pastries, maybe a ride into the Italian section of the big City of Hartford for some cannolis at any of their local bakeries...Im just so excited that she was so interested in seeing my work. She doesnt sell on a consignment basis either, she purchases outright. YIKES!!!!
Halloween is over but still " I do believe in spooks, I do... I do... I do...ohhh the bless-ed pressure!
I promise to come back & tell you all about it, Ill probably post a couple of pics of the dolls I select and make between now and then. Ill be extra busy since the schools are closed tomorrow for an in- service day & again on Tuesday for Election Day..I will however take a privilidged break to vote though..I hope you will too.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Seasons of Change

AYEEEEE Matey!!! is that Captain Morgan??????NO its Captain Opie! and what an unhappy pirate he is!!!!

Jordan and Noelia knew Ronnie & I were about a hair from losing our minds and after losing my Mom, and the downward spiral from a recent spiritual attack, still battling financial ruin, they thought we both hadnt smiled in a long time and blessed us.... and what a cure.....Im so sorry our belly laughter was at Opies expense...but wow did it feel good to feel something other than the morbid pain, panic, and fear, weve both been feeling. Thank you Opie, I promised that he only has to wear this outfit one more time this year for the young trick or treaters, and then well put it away in the closet, but promised Opie it would indeed be thrown off the plank...for good. Those dreadlocks just tickle me.

I want to thank everyone who has sent me e-cards, emails and made phone calls to me during this devestating time. Thank you especially for praying for us. Our sobriety is in tact, It is clearly a gift from God, Going through what were going through and not drinking or using, or being fooled, or tempted into believing we deserve to take the edge off would have only been another lie and form of betrayal from the dark side. Not an option. The evil one comes only to kill, mame, and destroy, and like Job in the bible, we worship, glorify and love only our precious Prince of Peace, Lord of all Lords and our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Period.

I havent been able to blog, journal, or communicate, since I was infected with a virus in my hard drive, and thousands of infections from spyware and adware. I was blessed with several friends who came over for several hours to try and wipe out and bring back my computer to the factory settings, but last night one of my sons best friends from childhood, thank you Adam...(so glad I never tried to collect child support from your Mom after threatening to, after you practically lived with us growing up) came over for a second time last night after putting in his own 10 hour work day AND having several kids at home including Alex a brand newborn coliky baby at home...thank you fiance "Jen" for loaning him to us.

So I come to you, recovery in tact, worn out, exhausted, overwhelmed but missing each of you, learning exactly how much I counted on you all for my love, encouragement and support. Im still not sure how Im going to get through this devestating financial crisis, but I do know Ive got all of you praying me through this difficult time. I know God is working out right now a solution for my highest good, I know that I must practice faith by taking first steps even when Im unable to see a staircase in front of me....

I have been busy working as a sub (lunch lady) for our town school system and put in yesterday for a full time permanent position that was posted for only 2 hours before I had my letter of interest and request for consideration on my bosses desk...I would appreciate prayers for this position if this is Gods will.

Ive also been busy creating and trying to sell my work at a couple of country primitive shoppes, and have been commisioned to do a couple of private custom orders. Id like to share a few pics of my recent work...I hope you enjoy them, I thank you all for never giving up on me. Some of you believed in me when I sure didnt believe in myself.

Im still in crisis and havent had much of a chance to begin to grieve losing my Mom with some other personal family chaos and drama that Ive gone through but I feel so close to Mom when I sew on her sewing machine that she left me. Id like to share some of my work. I hope you feel a smile when you see some of my designs....I ask and continue to thank you in advance for your prayers at this time. Hugs to each and every one of you. Tina,& Peanut, Ive missed you, and Cookie so much. I hope I didnt scare Cookie away with my crying and expressed childlike fear the last time we spoke...Big hugs, Kat

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kats Mom

My mom passed away peacefully tonight at 6:oo pm.
It was thundering and lightening and as Ronnie shared, it was absolutely her spirit saying goodbye as she entered the gates of Heaven.
I thank you all for your encouragement, support and love which was detrimental to my sobriety during thee most painful journey. I would appreciate continued prayers for my sobriety, and family as we face this devestating time.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Chicken soup for the soul...

Edward scissor hands!!!!
Look at Moms new bedroom, new bed, and ohh la la... beautiful girlee thats comfort for the soul. Yoo hoo!!!! Im up here! wheres my coffee??? Ok can you say SPOILED???

Lil Sandy(yorkee-poo) helpin himself to Auntie Kats soup-erb chicken noodle!

I made a huge pot of homemade chicken noodle soup for my Mommas soul....she hasnt been able to keep much more down other than cereal, or an occasional bagel, nothing much with color, but when she said she was craving some chicken noodle soup....I was on it!

She did really good, she ate more than 3/4s of the medium size bowl we brought up to her room, but before she got done...she had a little helper....

Ronnie & I went over to Moms yesterday to spend some time with Mom. Ronnie completed the landscaping, weeding, clipping, and manicuring her lawn, & I was inside breaking down her sewing room so we could move her downstairs so she didnt have to climb them everytime she had to go to the bathroom. 4 hours later, a new twin bed and beautiful Laura Ashley quilt my sister bought for her...she had her new digs.

Emotions were running high so when it got too hot in the kitchen so to speak...I listened to my therapist, sponsor, & network of s/heros and took off outta Dodge.

It was so good to please Mom, spend some time with her, take pics, and be a part of...

Ive been so busy and excited looking for new houses to rent, I start one of my new jobs tomorrow, which I will be a lunch lady!!!The other job is working at a local craft supply store, they havent set up my hours yet but told me I did get the job...that will be for nights and weekends.

I would be so appreciative if youd all be willing to continue praying for me,& our family.
I need prayers for strength, courage, peace and willingness to breathe when sometimes the pain is so intense, Im convinced I cant catch my breath. I have a network of amazing and wild, wild, women behind me walking with me. Breathing for me. I love you all so very much.

I have a list of folks Id like to pray for, if you have any needs, desires, miracles, praises, or blessings needed for yourself, family or friends, please leave a comment so I can include them in my prayer time..It would be a privilidge to be a part of prayer intercession.
Heres mine...

~~My Moms process be a painfree, fear free, and peaceful, as she seeks Gods Presence.

~~My sobriety and strength to continue doing the next right thing.

~~An affordable, beautiful house to rent with a landlord who wont do a credit check and will allow small pets.( asap) Im gonna even ask for a nice neighborhood, or out in the country, just away from Dodge or this Heartbreak Hotel!

~~My Sisters peace of mind, and may she find the healing she so desperately needs right now.

~~My entire family whos going thru this loss, may we all gather together to be a witness to Gods love for Mom and eachother.

~~My sister Ginny, ( Hi baby!) whos going thru such painful dental issues and Im praying for a new job that will be peaceful, and where shes celebrated and rewarded with all shes worth. Of course her family too and my 6 nephews!!!

~~My friends MJ and Ruby who recieved devestating news about MJs cancer. Lord please lift these friends with healing, peace, and hope.
I dont believe in miracles...I rely on them!

~~All of my friends on a recovery site that has literally been saving my sanity, life & surrounding me with supernatural support. (Thank you Jesus) some of my spiritual possee is over there.
~~Mrs. D. who needs a miracle healing for her eyes.
~Karen who continues to believe in me. She constantly prays with and for me while I cross this path. I came to her as a broken child, and with her faith, Gods love, and and some of my own effort, I am growing into all God wants me to be.

~~Miss Ruth, Blondies precious Momma who recently began chemo therapy.


~~~I pray for my blogging community, all the women on it, all the sick and suffering who need hope and healing. I love you all so much.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Katerpillar no more...

I decided with great
care to birth this blog back in November of last year, with a powerful and significant name. I prayed and thought about it for a long time. I finally felt God was as pleased as I was, when I finally realized there would only be one name... Katerpillars no more.

For me, as I explained when I introduced myself to all of you in Blog land, that I was once indeed a caterpillar before I was led to my cocoon for my "metamorphis" as a worm, who wasnt much of anything but lost, in a dark place with alot of (legs/desires), but no where to go. The alcohol and drugs kept me a worm, kept me alone...until I burst free from the dark, dank, kinda dirty, lonely, cocoon and was so thrilled to see I had bright color, I had strong, defined lines (implying direction), I had wings to fly anywhere I wanted to, make people smile, make better choices, flutter around touching people, being touched myself...I was rocked and so humbled to find God had performed yet another miracle and a butterfly had been reborn.

That butterfly was me.

"Katerpillar no more"

I understand & believe with all I have, all that I am, that I can never go back to being that caterpillar. It may die, but can never go back to where it came from.

So...I journal this to remind myself as I prepare to say goodbye to my precious Mom who has blossomed with her own wings since this cancer attacked her body, but never once her spirit, not her courage, and what the devil meant for evil, God turned into good. See when I made amends and accepted hers and forgiveness, and healing had begun, that was when my emotional cancer had died.

I need to remember that with all the blessings, all the beautiful moments, memories being made, amends being made, friendships being restored, some especially new, "that" I must always remember that I have strong wings that can carry me to freedom, I have color now, and defined direction, divine guidence, I can fly with other butterflies, when any cravings or devils come to me draped in the form of relief, from this deep pain I am feeling now, as we say good bye, express our love and thanks, that I can never go back to being a worm again.

I am a butterfly.

I am asking that if you see me limping while I fly, to please offer to fly... not "for" me but "with" me.

Ive been keeping busy, Ive been house hunting, and lots of creating as fall fast approaches us. id like to share with you a pillow that I stitched and appliqued. I found the original pattern out of a Cretae & Decorate magazine, and forgive me I cant think of the artists name...until I go back into my issues, (and we all know I have issues!) and find the artists name, if any of you know , I sure would appreciate it if ya left a comment. I am still learning & trying to tweak my time management...Thanks for your patience. I am just THRILLED with the outcome. I never realized how much I enjoyed applique. I am also determined to learn how to needled punch all the projects I dream of completing that Ive been collecting. I have all the materials to begin...all (but the courage). I am intimidated big time...I also included a witches hat I had fun making. I have several ready for sale, but just included one I embellished last night.

I miss visiting so many of the regular blogs I used to have the time to read, catch up on and leave comments. I am a little preoccupied and so busy.

Thanks everyone who have called me, prayed, emailed and even sent cards. I believe that it is only the spirit and love of friendship that will help me walk thru this difficult and painful time with my sobriety, integrity and grace in tact. I love you all so much...Big cyber hugs(((((((((((((((((((((((((((Kat)))))))))))))))))))

Monday, September 8, 2008

Bienvenido Otono= Welcome Fall!

I finally completed a surpize gift for my DILs Parents Welcoming Fall.
Not the dream catchers...The Scarecrow...arrgh someday Ill figure out how to upload under the correct post!!

They took me about 3 days of picking up, drying, sanding, staining, repainting, & sewing additions to them. Ill have the kids drop them off for them folks at some point this week. it was a pleasure to feel inspired to surprize these wonderful people becuase they just touched my heart at the kids wedding and again recently, on my birthday when they had a huge vase of gorgeous flowers delivered on my birthday. Talk about as my friend Cathy says..."making my guts happy!"
So since Ive been going thru such a painful time preparing to say goodbye to my Mom as she loses her battle to this cancer, and going thru some personal growing pains myself, doing something just to surprize such a nice family, just takes me out of myself.

My husband has also been quite busy as he made 2 recovery dream catchers for a couple of my close freinds who I cannot disclose to incase they happen to read this...but they are so bright and looking at them just takes my breath away. Please let me know what you think, he will be tickled to read any feedback. These dream catchers have medallions on top of each piece between the placement of feathers. Look up please!

My Moms cat scan didnt provide positive results, we were told that in terms of time, we can expect to have her only 3-6 months before we need to say good bye.
How am I going to EVER be able to do this you guys????????

I want to thank so many of you who have kept her and our family held high in prayers. Last September when she was diagnosed, we were told she wouldnt have the year, sooo the prayers, the chemo and my Moms courage and strength have well surpassed that time line, and we all accept this is all in Gods precious time. I do ask that you continue praying for us.

For all those of you who continue asking about my friend Matt and his beautiful family...well new pictures to come this Saturday as theyve agreed to show up for a cookout Ronnie & I are planning to have so I can personally thank the beautiful network of family and friends who have supported me, and never given up on me as I celebrate a milestone in my personal walk in my life in recovery thats been altered radically & spiritually by having you in my life as well.

Although Ive been in recovery and been clean and sober for quite awhile, I dont count those several months before Sept 13th 03. I legally celebrate this date in particular because it is on this day of a personal spiritual awakening that I surrendered completely, began working the 12 steps, began working with my therapist, and allowed God to truely open my heart and let freinds in and my creativity out! so I want to embrace this day with family & friends who have walked with me on my journey that helped me become this work in progress.! Thank you Jesus. Thank you you family & friends who have held me up and believed that I could do some of this growing up that I was convinced was too late to do...the devil is a liiiiaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!
On my personal prayer list of requests and praises Id like to start by humbly coming before God and asking Him to continue keeping me clean and sober so I may better serve Him and anyone else trying to stop drinking and using mind altering drugs.
I ask that you lift my Mom while she prepares to come home to you. I ask that you help her to feel your loving Presense and relieve her of any and all pain and fear.
I ask that you bless the following family & friends:
Ronnie, David, Lana, Jordan, Noelia, Sal, Candy, Ginny, Thomas, Cathy,Sue, Miss Ruth, (Blondies Mom) Mrs. D. my therapists Mom, Quinnie aka Mike,
All of my blogging community and friends according to their needs.
Melanie, my my sober friends on S24.
I pray for affordable, non credit checking, and small pet allowing, housing...
I pray for part time employment or potential sales for my business "Scaredy Kat FolkHeart"
I thank you for all that I have, and especailly for what I dont have, all Im promised and all that you put in my path to touch, guide or love.
I thank you for the lost and the amazing Grace that they may be found...I thank you for loving me when I know I wasnt always that easy to love.
Please feel free to add your own praises or prayer requests and Id be honored to include that your needs me met.
Have a blessed day. Live it like tomorrow may not come....

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lettin Go & making room for the new...

Yoohoo...down there... Im not sure how to post pics yet to match and make sence with what Im get the "Tums" if your a bit queasy from all the jumpin around......

HI!!!!The balloons Im releasing are an act of intent, I wrote on them names of some resentments Im still holding onto hoping and praying to forgive, Id like to be able to say that I forgive everyone, but sometimes when they continue to re-injure & because their sometimes in my life, I really struggle,(not my finest moment) so I thought perhaps God would bless me with forgiveness by my act of willingness to let go. Then I added some of my hopes, & dreams to others but on this balloon that you see is special and belongs to God...He gets His own balloon. I thanked Him for all I have AND for all I dont have. It was a pretty intimate and spiritual morning for me. I had breakfast in the park, all by me lonesome, then I prayed, as I printed each name, dream, or praise, blew em up, tied em, and then began to cry as I let them go.

Im not sure where I am in terms of forgiveness, but because of this time spent with God, I sure do feel maybe God blessed me with one of His whispers telling me that "time takes time"....

Some witches hats in the process of baking in the sun, soon to be sanded, sprinkled with some lishy prim goop, embellished, tagged, glued and tattooed for sale. Up there... Ill post em when their completed.
(Picture of blog award coming soon!!!!)

I have been humbly blown away with a "Primitive Blog Award" from Sue over at Rabbit Hollow Prims...I met Sue when I had my 100th post giveaway. She creates, designs, and sews, some pretty amazing primitive & delightfully whimsical dolls...among a host of other delish eye candy. As soon as I try and copy & paste it over here...Ill show you. Ill also pay it forward & add a couple of folks who Id like to enjoy this honor as well...and I appreciate everyones patience, but over here at Katerpillars no is what it is till it isnt....I do the best I can but have issues posting, dragging, copying, pasting, adding links...lions and tigers and bears oh myyyyyy!!!!

I am so very grateful but admit I feel a bit undeserving. I have been so busy with my chaotic life and trying to well...change every aspect of it from employment, to housing, too tweaking my creativity thats just been oozing to come out and play...oh yeah, worrying about my precious Mom, praying for Blondies Mom "Ruth" my therapists Mom Mrs. D. then trying to visit a few of my favorite blogsites...well Im just plum tuckered out but grateful to Sue for believing in me.

As crazy as my life seems to be at times, I have to admit that having the newlee-weds living with us sure adds lots of light and noise to our once quiet life. I am I n Mommy heaven. I just adore my daughter in law Noelia and quite frankly dont know how she puts up with my son..sorry Jordan I love you to the moon, but you sure can drive the women folk who are in your life C-R-A-Z-Y!!!! (See my facial twitches???) you are a delightful, funny, and comical man who I watch growing into quite a different person since youve taken on the new role as a husband. I look at that gold wedding band on your finger & I well up & my eyelashes leak, thinking back to the times when you would promise me that youd ONLY marry me...."if" you could have some more Doritos!!!

I should have given them to you....but sharing you has been a wonderful process, Im not sure sharing you with anyone but Noelia would be acceptable or easy for me. She brings light into all of our lives. Thank you for choosing so well.
I am falling head over heels in love with you myself...Its so nice having another female in the house with all this testosterone...I can use the help...I love you Noelia.... girlee, you da diggity bomb...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Blog award!!!

Im Freaking out...Im Freaking out...(as if that would surprize anyone anymore)

But my wonderfully delightful, and VERY talented friend Tina from "The Artful Life" blog, awarded me with a fun blog award and I have spent the last hour trying to copy & paste you can see Im a slooooooow learner & was estatic when I managed to do this with the silly 'Kat for President" which I had to copy and paste the url addy for that...and it worked so Im not sure whether its my computer stuck on stoopid or me...Id put my money on me!

Ive been so overwhelmed & preoccupied with the insanity in my own life that I havent had time to continue practicing anything on this box, visit, or keep up with everyones blogs and lives that inspire me, no wonder Im feeling so dry...I need to be nurtured from my Kindred Spirits and I need my "Girlee Power"

I am honored but feel so undeserving, and feel really bad right now that Im unable to participate with the "Blogging Rules" I havent mastered how to post links. Ive gotten directions and tried to follow them, but I pull up the page to add these links and they ask for a whole lot more than Im equipt with...what I wouldnt do to be a geek right now.

~~~~Please accept my apologies (((Tina))), and (((everyone else))) who I havent been able to visit, reply or respond to. Im a hair away from a melt down...ooooh no Im not, Ive already had 2 of those...Gosh, the thought of having bedrest, round the clock nursing care, phych meds, and all day therapy, sounds pretty darn good to me. Disneyland aint got nothin on THIS fantasy!!!

Im asking all of my friends here to please NOT give up on me yet. My plate is full, Im a little overwhelmed, and exhausted. Im trying to work, look for a better job, a new place to live, pack, and prepare, with lacking time, resources, and finances, very much an issue right now. My recoverys in tact...My Faith is in tact, I always believe in God, "its me" Im afraid will fail or fall apart before God CAN work in my life.

Im dancing as fast as I can, Ive got the power of prayer & friendship in my life, & I continue to go to meetings, work, and do the next right thing...

Last night I had the pleasure of making some witches hats, while I watched t.v.

Poor Ronnie went to bed early after taking a sick day, he was so sick with what is called Welding Fume Flu. (He worked58 hours last week with this stuff) Hes been welding galvanized steel and its so toxic even with all of his Darth Vader looking protection. I researched it on the internet & weve been trying to flush and neutralize his levels with milk...lots and lots of milk...which hes not a big fan of, so I tried bribing him with chocolate milk...Strawberry Quik...but he chose to do the manly thing and drink it ice...just like the old days!!!

Well my S/Heros, my Kindred Spirits, I know Ive lost so many blogging buddies from my inability to provide juicy, regular, and creative entries (and probably from my inability to reciprocate & add links to my blog yet)...but a girls gotta do.....I will be back with VENGENCE ...if this housing crisis, inevidable move awaiting me, and new job doesnt kill me....Theres this unhealthy part of me whos temoted to host another giveaway(as IF I could find time or possibly afford another one of thoses) to attract more folks, & bring back some folks who have moved on... but the beauty in that experience was I found out who was real, and who was doing what they needed to do to get stuff. and I "get" that, (Ive been guilty of doing that myself, mistaking that the prize was in the form of the material item being given away and not the networking & friendships really going on) but I was naive in thinking otherwize. Im a spoiled and blessed woman and if all I have was my faithful handful of "real" friends here....Im good. soooo good. (look at Gidget growing up before your very eyes!)

I did meet 2 phenomenal women from that giveaway...Kady and Renna....and Kady wasnt even a giveaway winner..."I was" when I met her. Lovin "you" G/F, you havent a clue as to how your support and believing in me just rocks my world and helps keep me going. Renna, I miss and thrive on your friendship as well.

I would still appreciate any and all prayers and thank my regular prayer warriors. Just because Im unable to visit like I used to, you are all very closely tucked, safely in my heart to help me with the strength and courage I need while thumping thru my day.




I am tired!