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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lettin Go & making room for the new...

Yoohoo...down there... Im not sure how to post pics yet to match and make sence with what Im get the "Tums" if your a bit queasy from all the jumpin around......

HI!!!!The balloons Im releasing are an act of intent, I wrote on them names of some resentments Im still holding onto hoping and praying to forgive, Id like to be able to say that I forgive everyone, but sometimes when they continue to re-injure & because their sometimes in my life, I really struggle,(not my finest moment) so I thought perhaps God would bless me with forgiveness by my act of willingness to let go. Then I added some of my hopes, & dreams to others but on this balloon that you see is special and belongs to God...He gets His own balloon. I thanked Him for all I have AND for all I dont have. It was a pretty intimate and spiritual morning for me. I had breakfast in the park, all by me lonesome, then I prayed, as I printed each name, dream, or praise, blew em up, tied em, and then began to cry as I let them go.

Im not sure where I am in terms of forgiveness, but because of this time spent with God, I sure do feel maybe God blessed me with one of His whispers telling me that "time takes time"....

Some witches hats in the process of baking in the sun, soon to be sanded, sprinkled with some lishy prim goop, embellished, tagged, glued and tattooed for sale. Up there... Ill post em when their completed.
(Picture of blog award coming soon!!!!)

I have been humbly blown away with a "Primitive Blog Award" from Sue over at Rabbit Hollow Prims...I met Sue when I had my 100th post giveaway. She creates, designs, and sews, some pretty amazing primitive & delightfully whimsical dolls...among a host of other delish eye candy. As soon as I try and copy & paste it over here...Ill show you. Ill also pay it forward & add a couple of folks who Id like to enjoy this honor as well...and I appreciate everyones patience, but over here at Katerpillars no is what it is till it isnt....I do the best I can but have issues posting, dragging, copying, pasting, adding links...lions and tigers and bears oh myyyyyy!!!!

I am so very grateful but admit I feel a bit undeserving. I have been so busy with my chaotic life and trying to well...change every aspect of it from employment, to housing, too tweaking my creativity thats just been oozing to come out and play...oh yeah, worrying about my precious Mom, praying for Blondies Mom "Ruth" my therapists Mom Mrs. D. then trying to visit a few of my favorite blogsites...well Im just plum tuckered out but grateful to Sue for believing in me.

As crazy as my life seems to be at times, I have to admit that having the newlee-weds living with us sure adds lots of light and noise to our once quiet life. I am I n Mommy heaven. I just adore my daughter in law Noelia and quite frankly dont know how she puts up with my son..sorry Jordan I love you to the moon, but you sure can drive the women folk who are in your life C-R-A-Z-Y!!!! (See my facial twitches???) you are a delightful, funny, and comical man who I watch growing into quite a different person since youve taken on the new role as a husband. I look at that gold wedding band on your finger & I well up & my eyelashes leak, thinking back to the times when you would promise me that youd ONLY marry me...."if" you could have some more Doritos!!!

I should have given them to you....but sharing you has been a wonderful process, Im not sure sharing you with anyone but Noelia would be acceptable or easy for me. She brings light into all of our lives. Thank you for choosing so well.
I am falling head over heels in love with you myself...Its so nice having another female in the house with all this testosterone...I can use the help...I love you Noelia.... girlee, you da diggity bomb...


Toni said...

I`ve greatly enjoyed loking through your blog and all your wonderful pictures!
That`s a really cool idea you had with the balloons.Take care!! Love and blessings,Toni

BittersweetPunkin said...

You are SO stop talking like that!

Love ya to bits!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Kat, what a great way to say bu-bye to those resentments!!
Always remember the devil likes to pick at our scabs, so don't let him.
Your son and DIL make the cutest couple!!!
Congrats on your well deserved blog award too!!! :> )

Linda said...

Kat, I have a blog award for you to pick up when you have a sec!!

Kat said...

Beautiful post, Lady!

Ooooo....I've very excited about those hats.....teeehheeeeheeeeheee (hairpins spinning in air)

You so rock the "process"

(((((HUGE HUGS))))),
Ima Notherkat

Cookie said...

hey girl !
I adore those hats drying on the railing - how sweet having them all lined up like they were parading to a par-tay ♥
You have the biggest heart of anyone I know girl, and your blog is a walking testimony of your life. It's not rocket science to figure out why you got the blog award... you are well deserving!!!
Sorry I've been awol lately - life has me hanging on to the coattails just trying to stay up - never mind getting caught up!
I'll give you a call and catch up soon. You're always in my heart and prayers, sweets ♥