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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Blog award!!!

Im Freaking out...Im Freaking out...(as if that would surprize anyone anymore)

But my wonderfully delightful, and VERY talented friend Tina from "The Artful Life" blog, awarded me with a fun blog award and I have spent the last hour trying to copy & paste you can see Im a slooooooow learner & was estatic when I managed to do this with the silly 'Kat for President" which I had to copy and paste the url addy for that...and it worked so Im not sure whether its my computer stuck on stoopid or me...Id put my money on me!

Ive been so overwhelmed & preoccupied with the insanity in my own life that I havent had time to continue practicing anything on this box, visit, or keep up with everyones blogs and lives that inspire me, no wonder Im feeling so dry...I need to be nurtured from my Kindred Spirits and I need my "Girlee Power"

I am honored but feel so undeserving, and feel really bad right now that Im unable to participate with the "Blogging Rules" I havent mastered how to post links. Ive gotten directions and tried to follow them, but I pull up the page to add these links and they ask for a whole lot more than Im equipt with...what I wouldnt do to be a geek right now.

~~~~Please accept my apologies (((Tina))), and (((everyone else))) who I havent been able to visit, reply or respond to. Im a hair away from a melt down...ooooh no Im not, Ive already had 2 of those...Gosh, the thought of having bedrest, round the clock nursing care, phych meds, and all day therapy, sounds pretty darn good to me. Disneyland aint got nothin on THIS fantasy!!!

Im asking all of my friends here to please NOT give up on me yet. My plate is full, Im a little overwhelmed, and exhausted. Im trying to work, look for a better job, a new place to live, pack, and prepare, with lacking time, resources, and finances, very much an issue right now. My recoverys in tact...My Faith is in tact, I always believe in God, "its me" Im afraid will fail or fall apart before God CAN work in my life.

Im dancing as fast as I can, Ive got the power of prayer & friendship in my life, & I continue to go to meetings, work, and do the next right thing...

Last night I had the pleasure of making some witches hats, while I watched t.v.

Poor Ronnie went to bed early after taking a sick day, he was so sick with what is called Welding Fume Flu. (He worked58 hours last week with this stuff) Hes been welding galvanized steel and its so toxic even with all of his Darth Vader looking protection. I researched it on the internet & weve been trying to flush and neutralize his levels with milk...lots and lots of milk...which hes not a big fan of, so I tried bribing him with chocolate milk...Strawberry Quik...but he chose to do the manly thing and drink it ice...just like the old days!!!

Well my S/Heros, my Kindred Spirits, I know Ive lost so many blogging buddies from my inability to provide juicy, regular, and creative entries (and probably from my inability to reciprocate & add links to my blog yet)...but a girls gotta do.....I will be back with VENGENCE ...if this housing crisis, inevidable move awaiting me, and new job doesnt kill me....Theres this unhealthy part of me whos temoted to host another giveaway(as IF I could find time or possibly afford another one of thoses) to attract more folks, & bring back some folks who have moved on... but the beauty in that experience was I found out who was real, and who was doing what they needed to do to get stuff. and I "get" that, (Ive been guilty of doing that myself, mistaking that the prize was in the form of the material item being given away and not the networking & friendships really going on) but I was naive in thinking otherwize. Im a spoiled and blessed woman and if all I have was my faithful handful of "real" friends here....Im good. soooo good. (look at Gidget growing up before your very eyes!)

I did meet 2 phenomenal women from that giveaway...Kady and Renna....and Kady wasnt even a giveaway winner..."I was" when I met her. Lovin "you" G/F, you havent a clue as to how your support and believing in me just rocks my world and helps keep me going. Renna, I miss and thrive on your friendship as well.

I would still appreciate any and all prayers and thank my regular prayer warriors. Just because Im unable to visit like I used to, you are all very closely tucked, safely in my heart to help me with the strength and courage I need while thumping thru my day.




I am tired!


Tina said...

Oh Kat, I believe that you are on the edge of your miracle and in fact, I would say that you are the miracle. What an inspiration you are to so many of us. Please just enjoy that award. I just wanted you to know that I love your blog and I wanted to direct others to you for words of encouragement and wisdom from the girl who just gets real with ya. Love that about you.
Your prayer requests don't fall on deaf ears, my dear. Be blessed.

Diana said...

Hi Kat, TY so much for stopping by My Blog today and commenting, that was so kind of you...I just love what I have read on yours, and your Dolls are darling!!! I MISS Sewing so much LOL...Cannot wait til we are in our temporary home so I can do more sewing, spent a ton on fabnrics today so I am REALLy getting excited..I will gladly add you to my blog list, and TY so much, BLESSINGS, to you!! Diana

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

Kat, I am so touched! And yes, I am still right here. You're an awesome woman and you will get through all of this and triumph. It's okay if real life sometimes needs to come before blogging.

I have met so many wonderful people here in blogland and am so glad you're one of them!


Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Hi Kat..

God Bless You .. you live in CT. ?

That state is one expensive state.. the housing costs are out there and I mean -- out there ! food , gas, fuel oil to heat homes with, ( no natural gas in CT. ? ) ( a cord of wood 150.00 ? )everything there cost more than it does here where I live in PA. For instance, a jar of miracle whip was 1.00 more than here where I live ..
My girlfriend moved to Stafford Springs and the living costs are ridiculous .. not everyone is a millionaire ...LOL...
What a beautiful state though, with the stone fences surrounding stately homes, colonial era homes, the history abounds in CT. Out of the corner of your eye, and everywhere you look, there is a trace of a history book ... I have been to Mystic, and what a wonderful, laid back coastal are community. Well, what else could it be, during a hurricane.. LOL..was it Hurricane Bob at the time August 1991.. that is when I was vacationing there.. well, that is another story.. wishing you well and many blessings...

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Darlin...I know what you mean....I am having a hard time trying to keep up and make my blog rounds too....and my posts have been less than thrilling lately too...LOL. Lot's going on at my house with kids, vacations and back to school!

I'm still here and I still love just takes me a while to get around....

RabbitHollowPrims said...

Kat, I gave you an award so when you get a chance come get it off my blog girl :)