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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Meet JeEbS my newborn Bounty Hunter.....

Early Autumn Greetings All....

I am so excited for you to meet my newborn Scare Crow lovingly refered to as my Bounty Hunter because like me.... he is hunting much bounty...he is like me... a "Gatherer" he loves the smell of autumn in the air, burning leaves, crows and apple pies...ya know sweater weather. Punkins, and witchies and ghosts oh my...all friendly of course.

He is available and for sale. I am very open to working with offers. (within the realm of reality of course) If anyones interested, please feel free to email me at the email addy provided below or just hop over and say hey...

His name is Jeebs & his warm & natural head is attatched & secured on a stained dowel that runs thru his head thru his stuffed fabric body, and thru a pant leg and Ive secured him on a stained round piece of wood so he can stand, or you can hang or lean him without the round but the dowel is hidden and in tact. His hat is made from painted & sanded osnaburg, as are his legs, & arms made from the same fabric as his chubby torso. Ive included a signed and dated tag with his name on the front. He is a "Scaredy Kat FolkHeart" original. His hair is raw wool the color of mousy auburn, His jeans blue & white striped & are patched, there is raffia and straw just popping out but secured in a variety of areas on his body. Ive gently sprinkled and dry brushed a delicious but not overwhelming cinnamon spice to help embrace the wonderful fall season coming upon us.

I had a blast making him. He helped relax me while Ive begun a new part time job. Im not sure how long my employment will last since it may only be a seasonal job. I work at an Artists Co-op where Artists & Crafters rent booths and sell their handi work. Id consider renting myself but its a bit high for the rent.

Ive decided to include a prayer request area on my blog and invite anyone to please either include a Request or Praise for something God has done or is doing in your life or someone elses.

Ill start....... by asking for continual prayer for my husband and I to find an affordable house to rent, as time is of the essence. I ask God to please help me to remain strong, sober, faithful, & willing to do what ever it takes to remain peaceful during this stressful time. I also ask that we find a place with small pets wont be an issue.

I also ask for continued prayer for my Precious Mom as she battles this cancer. Im pretty sure her medical team are going to discontinue her chemo so she can keep what little quality of life she may have without the devestating side effects that have made her so weak. They will probably contiune to keep her as comfortable as possible. I am so grateful and inspired by her courage...I thank you all in advance for your friendship and prayer. Ill keep you all posted on our house hunt, not "just" to keep ya posted but to prove how powerful and mighty our God is..... I BELIEVE!!!!!

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Tina said...

Hi Kat, Your requests are being heard from the Father who wants His best for you. Live expectantly!

Also, I love Jeebs. what a cutie.
'Great work!