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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wedding Bliss (Jordan & Noelia)

Welcome to my son Jordans wedding day. He and my new beautiful daughter in law "Noelia" were married on this past Sunday August 3d. We were thrilled to have our oldest son come home for 4 days from New Jersey, but without his wife because Lana is in Russia attending HER brothers wedding! My parents understandably but sadly told us they wouldnt be able to attend since my Moms chemo side effects are sometimes brutal & she was afraid if she managed to get there, shed have to leave. So when my Dad surprized us & showed up at the park without my Mom which was a gift within itself since he never leaves her side, we were all very touched.
The half hour service in a beautiful park noted for their plush gardens was very hot, so his showing up, was truley a gift. After the sentimental & tearful ceremony, & picture taking, we all went to the Sheriden Hotel to "PaRtAy"!!!!! and Partay we did. The buffet of chicken, pasta salads, delicious alfredo side dishes and rich treats were superb. The cake was marble with a white whipped creamy frosting.

I have to share with you, I was feeling a little cheated and squirrely with everyone drinking and getting a buzz. Not everyone knew we dont drink so we were constantly being offered, invited or pushing away drinks from guests wanting to celebrate with the parents of the grrom! There was an open bar for 3 hours.
But after the buzz gradually & progressively increased, Ronnie and I watched the transformation twist into certifiably "feeling no pain", (WHATSOEVER) or what we would call "shifazzed",we felt much better about choosing to remain sober. Especially the next morning, we woke up chipper, headache & nausea free, sobriety in tact ready to embrace our new day.
Im sure since the wedding was on a Sunday, there were probably alot of call outs on Monday morning!

On Tuesday evening before David prepared for the long ride back to Jersey. we had a wonderful family get together and my Mom felt well and comfortable enough to join us with Grampa, Noelia, Jordan, Ronnie, David, & I.

I made italian goulash, salad and were able to take some great pictures for all of us to tuck inside of our hearts while we were all well and blessed enough to smile, and love each other out loud. I am just overwhelmed with gratitude, love, and filled with joy.

Thank you for taking a minute to allow me to share my sons beautiful wedding and some precious memories with you.

Please take a peek at the exquisite choker I am wearing with the matching earrings & bracelet. (click on the photo to enlarge) They are Cultured Pearls, Sterling Silver, & Swarvsky Crystals. All designed & created especially for me "The Grooms Mother" (which is the name of this set) by a very special friend of mine I met online & have shared a deep intimate friendship for the past 2 years. Stephanie designs and creates elegant pieces which can be found on her website She blessed me w/ this amazing set because she knew I was panicked about (what a girl like me) would wear to her sons formal wedding!

When the box arrived, I thought it was another wedding gift for the kids. So whenever I realized it was for me....I opened it like a little girl on Christmas morning, & when I saw what this woman had done just for me...well thats when I decided Id have to absolutely buy a tube of waterproof mascara to get me thru this week! I felt so feminine, froo froo, and actually "felt" pretty. Thank you Stephanie, you have once again touched my heart & rendered me speechless.

Well folk, life is back to normal & Ive got to go catch up on emails that Ive not been able to open or respond to since Ive been offline since early Saturday morning! Ive also got a great job interview later today working with a network of artisans who display their work, which is mostly country, primitive, and folkart, in a co-op venue. Perfect job for Kat! Please keep a positive thought for me at 3:30 this afternoon! Thanks....


Tina said...

Oh Kat,
what a beautiful couple. Your cup runneth over, my dear.
What wonderful, happy memories for you and your family. Thanks for sharing them with all of us.
Still thinking of your Mom daily and you are right, that sounds like the perfect job for you
Can't wait to hear the news.

Julie said...

So glad the wedding went well and that you father was able to share in the day. Blessings to your Mom. And good luck on the job quest. Julie

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

Wow! Looks like a wonderful wedding! The couple is so beautiful together and the flowers are the perfect background! You look beautiful too, and I'm so glad you got the jewelry to finish off your outfit! Sounds like you have a super friend!

Sorry to hear that so many people tried to get you to drink. You sure didn't have a lot of time to make a plan for that. But you triumphed, hallelujuah! You rock!


Ginnie said...

Beautiful family!!
I am so proud of you
and Ron.
I love you so much!!
My nephews are so handsome.
What a beautiful bride and
addition to a beautiful family
inside and out.
I love you!!!!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Kat! BEAUTUFUL photos! I had to supersize everyone of the photos near the flower garden!! You were a beautiful mother of the groom for sure!!

GOOD for you for staying sober.....way to go Gal!!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Oh my goodness!! I felt like I was right there! What a beautiful couple they make! Many blessins' to them for a long and happy life!
So happy to hear your daddy made it and mama was able to celebrate with family afterwards.
Temptations in life are always around, but pull strength from the Lord and He will watch over you. (He's good like that!) :> )
God bless darlin'!

Citygirl-Em said...

How happy you must be! You now have a new daughter. They looked so sweet and the wedding was simple and beautiful-just the way all wedding should be. I love her dress, it was so elegant.

congrats and thanks for sharing those pretty pictures. I love weddngs!

Cookie said...

what a beautiful wedding - was great talking to you bud!

Love the pics and you looked absolutely adoreable !