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Monday, December 8, 2008


Hi Everyone,
I am so very sorry I havent made an entry in so long....I have been so busy, not to mention still reeling, dealing and healing from losing Mom. This has shaken me and altered who I am.
I have so many blessings and miracles that have happened to me...I thank each of you who have prayed me thru this.
I am working at a job I ADORE! STINKIN ADORE!
I work for a school for troubled and high risk kids from kindergarten-high school seniors. They are what society considers hopeless. NONESENCE!!!!! I was considered hopeless not all that long ago...the devil is a liar... I was also considered an underdog, my odds werent high...I was labeled loser, dope fiend, junkie, thief, and then there were some real hateful names too! LOL but as Dr. Schuller (The Hour of Power) says...we all have the potential to turn our scars into stars! and thats exactly what God helped me to do.
I do love me my underdogs.... I cant keep what I have without giving it away!

Im being used by God and the system as a Lead/Supervisor in this facilities cafeteria...and although they can only enter 3 students at a time, and can only enter with an anger manager, behavioral security manager, I feed em...not just with food, but with hope, love, laughter, giggles and some even like me. They are so lost, some are so hard, some are so mean...but they all have in common... they are hurting and I know when I was hurting...hurt people hurt people.
Come on.....Im the coolest lunch lady they ever had! I was hired by God. The National security check, supervised drug screen, hair test, and6 hour food service certification test I took and passed!!!!! freaked me out and I almost ran from the fear, 3 interviews later, and a set of fingerprints...I was in!
Pay raise and one year contract! I have sweet hours and qualify to collect during school vacas after 5 days of being out.
Im still designing and creating and have been blessed to have several orders from all the great folks I met in the school system when I was being contracted out as a sub.
Im making dolls and creating work now for that wonderful prim shoppe I told ya all about. Im sooooo out of my comfort zone, but thats because of the support here, in my personal ftf meetings and one other source of online support that is mindblowing.
Im filled with Christmas spirit as never before. I am still trying to sort out the financial mess that we found ourselves in a few months ago...Christmas is going to be poor as it should be, but rich in spirit.

Now i am so sad to share that I can no longer post pics...I still have this huge virus from spyware/adware. so Im unable to download pics from my camera...I will try and pop in to pray, and let you know that I am still very involved and excited with all my fav blogs but for instance this virus allows me on every blog but Peanuts from CountryFolk Keepsake...KILL ME NOW!!!!! I can get to her website but not her blog...I have to go to the library to see her awesome blog..thank God for email. I love ya girl.

I am going to bring this sick putter somewhere when i have the cash to wipe it out and bring it back to factory mode. I have been able to download my pics and patterns to cd before she got really sick.
Please know Ill be back. I will continue reading your blogs, loving each of you and missing you wildly....
So I wish from that deep place in my heart where God resides that each of you celebrates this season with Jesus' birth, love and gifts right in the center of your hearts, lives and spirits. Prayers of health, peace and abundance. May you each live your lives with a spirit of expectancy and hope. As my dear friend Jennifer from Butt Uglee Prims says....PEACE OUT!!!!!!!!