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Monday, October 29, 2007

Say Thanks for free.

I just found this AMAZING and wonderful site where you can send a soldier serving in Iraq a card of thanks...for free. right now...I did.

just go to....

& touch someone. I thank you as a Mom who was blessed with the safe return of my own hero who told me how much anything he recieved was what kept he and his bretheren going.

I thank you as an American woman who regardless of your opinion of this war, that we have our sons, daughters, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, and friends, over their right now sacrificing every familiar, & safe, form of comfort that we all take for granted, that you take a minute & send these heros a card for free!!!! and remind them they are being prayed for, thought of and await their safe return....... This small act is not an obligation for me, it is a privilidge.... This our chance to "Tell em how...Tell em now!

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Computer Madness!!!!!!It must be Hallows Eve, Goblins or Witches From Salem Mass. messing w/ everyones computers lately. Ive talked w/ a couple of other friends who have been having computer nightmares or hauntings!!!! I think the witches from Eastwick trying to mess w/ me, underestimated my tenacity and love for what I do & I wouldnt just give up and cry, but Id find the solution, resources, and succeed.

Perhaps they werent aware of the awesome support & other computer savy friends I have willing to help me. Or maybe they were unaware that although my being a neophyte on this computer, only temporarily challenge me, I should actually thank the witch or glitch in my life, all this has done has taught me more about how to master this & put me in a position to learn a little more. Im not stoopid!!!! NOOOOO....Im not a victim...Im a victor. Whatevers meant for evil ALWAYS turns to good. I am a Child of God. Who before me? with my God behind me?????

Ive missed posting, I didnt panic, I knew Id be back soon. So here I am...I am so excited to share about the swap I was in from "Grapevine Hollow Forum". I recieved from Denise (Cats Pyjamas) an adoreable card w/ "frankenstein" on front telling me this was from my favorite freak!!! then my swap goodies consited of an ADOREABLE folkart pumpkin doll w/ a paper clay sculpted head, a cloth stuffed body w/ a hand sewn, primitive jacket, and pants, then a paper machie(sp) pumpkin she painted, a sweet candle tin, and a bag of gingerbread cookie flavored grubby tarts from Bramble Hill. (mmmm) yummy! She shared the last of her stash with me. I feel sooo spoiled. All of her goodies will grace my home for years to come. Thank you again Denise.

I cant wait to hear whether or not my secret swap partner enjoyed the goodies I made for her. I painted her a Terrye French Design on a pillow made from stained osnaburg. It was a prim scene of a couple pumpkins, a saltbox house.& a sheep. I stamped a cute tag that celebrates the Fall Season, I also included one of my first witches hats wrapped at the brim was a strip of stained cheesecloth w/ some lavendar & baby breath sewn safely inside, makes a nice table arrangement or a fill in w/ other halloween knick knacks, then I included my own design of an ornapin of a prim witch painted & sewn to sit on her lapel or seasonal tree, & last I included a pair of round pumpkin wooden earrings I enjoyed painting. Im sure shell be posting them soon on the G.V.H. message board when she gets a chance. I had such fun being a part of this swap.

I have to venture out to shop for our halloween goodies to give out on Wednesday evening. I usually have to wait until the very last minute or the sweet eating goblin I married will go thru whatever I buy & try to blame it on his chocolate begging cohort..."Opie". Theres alot of breath smelling in my house at this time of year in search for the truth along w/ gentle prodding from the cattle equitment I keep for emergencies such as these, so Im going to save myself that trouble this year and shop a little later and then... avoiding the truth myself when Im asked: "Hon didnt you buy any halloween chocolate yet?" I guess Ill chance that my nose will grow as Pinnochios did when he felt compelled to fib!

I want to wish everyone a Fabulous Falloween. Be Aware of the Witches & Goblins in your own life that may devious & silly enough to think that "The Universal Law" of "Reaping What You Sow" NO ONE escapes or cheats this law of the land. Whatever you throw out comes back to you 10 fold. So Rock On & remember this..."When you always do what you always always get what you always got" When theres no change...theres no change! Thank you all my "Bounty Hunters" who have reminded me of the importance searching or in my case hunting for the true meaning of the Harvest and Bounty in my life! I love you too.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Miracles & More...........

Since I dont yet have pics...although Ive clearly learned how to set & color my printing...I am making arrangements to learn how to remove my pop up blockers preventing me from attatching & posting my pics, right after I learn how to organize & my albums!!!! Miracles on the way!!!!

Miracles & More...

One of the most beautiful miracles I cant wait to share w/ everyone is that my Mom has been nausea free & feeling pretty good since she began her brave journey on chemo therapy! Thank you "Jesus", Thank you "friends" for the prayers, I am so grateful and am convinced this is a miracle...How many cancer patients have you heard on chemo that arent ever wracked w/ debilitating side affects? I understand this may change at any given moment, and shes only begun her first week, but Im not a fool, I thank God anyway. I will take this as a miracle and the blessing that it is.
I wish I could do this for her, but I cant, so I shall pray w/o ceasing.
Mom isnt interested in computers or blogs, so she wont read this but she knows how very proud we all are of her. How inspired we are to walk through some of our own fears because of her courage. Thank you Mom for promising to give this your best shot! You are my hero...whatever the outcome may be...whether your able to complete this therapy or need to stop, You have already blessed us w/ the lesson in "Willingness and Faith". Thank you.

Miracles & more...

Now I have some exciting news that I wish I could share w/ you, but I need to wait for a little while longer until I have it in writing, (the phone calls & emails werent enough) but something very important to me is being published!!!!!! The details will be provided as soon as they are made available to me. Im sure youll hear my primal screams of glory & excitement anyway!

Miracles & More...

I have designed the most adoreable primitive snow people. (it would be politically incorrect for me to refer to them as "snowmen") I have been busy at my slow, & limping, sewing machine ( she reminds me of me, full of flaws, defects, battered, & tired...but still she moves forward) LOL. The miracle in these designs as in anything I create, is the fact that I disregarded the "warning labels" ingrained in my spirit as a young woman. I was told not to try sewing because w/ my learning disabilities, Id only dissapoint myself. I was told, "stick w/ what you know" was the suggestion, "dont set yourself up for failure" "You have barriers and you need to accept them" MIRACLES & MORE...The devil is a liar. I design, sew, market my work, paint like a banchi, bake real pie crusts, managed to create my own blog, I love to write, and I will learn how to needle punch a completed project and I WILL LEARN HOW TO POST PICTURES!!!!!!!!
Until recently, I had been a victim to these warning labels. Labels do nothing but lie. They tell your spirit that you are stupid, unworthy of having all God promised for us. They prevent us from growing into the authentic, beautiful spirited people we all deserve to be. Dont these are lies... Im so grateful I was a rebel of sorts, otherwize I wouldnt have moved the mountain of limitations that were ingrained in me. I wouldnt be the recovering, clean, & sober, painting, sewing, piemaking , home decorating, loving woman, & soon to be picture posting fool that I am, I would be coloring "inside" the lines w/ a beer, & a joint in my hand...and so much more....Challenge yourself...if they said no? you say yes... if you heard never? you say NOW!!! We can do anything... we put our minds to do...we can be whoever we want to be.... Celebrate life,,,dont endure it. When you want something youve never had must do something youve never done before. (one of my best lessons)

Miracles & More...

Gratitude list.....
Thank you Lord, for returning Helenas son to her after a tour in Iraq...Welcome home Mathew,(Doc) Thank you for protecting us, Thank you for your sacrifice, your Patriotism, making your Mom soooo proud and joyful for "who you are". I am grateful for "Whos you are"

Thank you for the blessing in the misdiagnosis of a friends lump. Thank God for lumpy boobs!!!!!

Thank you for the friends in my life, I know it wasnt all that long ago that I was too sick to embrace, honor, or participate in one of the greatest gifts in life...friendship. The phenomenal women in my life are too many to share, you know who you are. These arent just women in my neighborhood, or run of the mill women...these are POWER HITTERS!!!! Professional friends who have the ability to turn a difficult, day around by making me pee my pants w/ laughter, or move me to tears w/ a surprise blessing,.. You are successful artists, Prayer warriors, encouragers, supporters, mentors, & sisters of mine who probably arent even aware of the profound impact theyve had in my life. I read theyre blogs and learn so much about how to handle myself in chaotic moments, or when some earth disturber is trying to ...well disturb me by trying to pummel me for sport...I point & click and theres Blondie, Stacey, Jennifer, Susan, Kim, Stephanie, Diane,Karen (my therapist & life coach) my sistah Kathey, & my biologiclal sister Ginnie, teaching me how to maintain a spirit of class, femininity, grace,& I walk away w/ my head held high, my integrity in tact and Im off & prepared to move yet another mountain... or at least paint, punch, or post one.

Im grateful for the difficult lesson Im learning about forgiveness. I am soooo stubborn. I am a work in progress. I am commited to prayer & change.

Im grateful that Im able to get lost in my passion, Create in my dining room table of paint, thread, fabric, something to honor and express my thanks for being able to think outside the box..., color outside of the lines of life. Freak someone out and just bless them w/ something special for no reason other than loving them out loud. (because NICE MATTERS) it was done to me this very morning & I cant wait to do it in return before todays end... (thank you Kathey & Dennis) BIG SMOOCH!!!

I am very much thankful for my blessings, my miracles, my gifts. Until the next time, I pray that whoever shares this blog w/ me & wants to know me a little better, that you all find a place of peace today &,that youll be blessed beyond measure. live this day w/ a spirit of enthusiasm, & expectancy....Dont quit 5 minutes before your miracles about to happen.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tell em now...Tell em how!!!!!

Im not going to miss one more oppertunity to tell another loved one how much they mean to me. Sometimes when were thumpin thru our day, & its taken all the energy we have to just show up at the bathroom sink to brush our beavers, & face another tough one, the phone will ring, or an e-mail sent,& an unexpected expression of someones kindness will just catapult me in to such a place of healing and hope.

I had to say goodbye to my dad a little more than 3 weeks ago. I feel good that although we were estranged for 10 years, I mustered the courage to visit him (to his surprize) while he was in hospice. I felt like the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz, my weak knees buckling, & straw flying all over the place, even being supported by my husbands strong arms, a little like the cowardly lion as well, (I do believe in spooks, I do...I do) tail between my legs, & very true to my business name (Scaredy Kat) Yet what scared me "more" was what I would feel if I didnt say goodbye & thank him before he passed. I know the courage supplied was bigger than me. The gift of courage was absolutely the prayers, & support I was anointed with from the women in my life.

Today, my courageous little 82 year old mom walks thru her own fears while she sits thru 3 hours of an I.V. administered chemotherapy, & comes back tomorrow, & the day after, finally a three week break & then all over again. Thank you for your continued prayers. I am so inspired and proud of her willingness to bless us w/ this therapy that shes only doing for us. I am torn. I know that a positive attitude is a part of this therapy, one that shes just too tired for. Already in pain, sick w/ nausea, & fatigue, I understand her fear of the chemo side affects robbing what little life she has left, but she is my mom, my sons Gram, my step dads wife. I feel as though I am betraying her wishes to be left alone and allow nature to take it course.

So I will call her before she leaves today, (Im sick & unable to go in fear of comprimising her immune system) & tell her how much I love and admire her. Maybe she needs to hear it again while shes at her own sink this morning doing the best she can.

Im going to tell my oldest son, who is a policeman (I know birthing a cop from these loins "IS" a hoot for anyone knowing my history:) how I am so thankful that he forgave me and utilized what the devil meant for bad and God turned into good. He is one of my many heros. He would be yours too if you knew him personally. He protected all of us when he served in the U.S. Airforce, & was in Iraq fighting for our freedom and out rights w/ countless other brave soldiers. Have you hugged a soldier today? Try it, they love it. you dont have to know him/her, if you see one in their fatigues in the store & their home on leave? shake their hand, thank them. Tell em!!!!
Then theres my youngest, definitely no desire for a criminal justice career!!!! but very much my hero. Hes the brave one who sat my sick ass down years ago when he was 16 and gave me a painful but life saving "one on one" intervention from my disease from addiction. I know his knees were probably weak as well. I wasnt very open to help...until he courageously loved me out loud...very LOUD. The experience was personal but profound & if it werent for him, Im convinced I would be dead. Thank you my sweetheart. I am living my life today trying to honor the life you saved that awful day so many lifetimes ago. I am privilidged to be your Mom. Your laundry lady, your cook & sewer of jeans. (Who makes the best Kat McMuffins?) You are an amazing man blessed w/being a gifted mechanic...I know "Dont hate the player, hate the game" (my lil cassanova!) not so little hes 6"5 tall." I love men in uniforms & grease on their hands.

So when I hear my friends online, & those who know me personally, tell me how proud they are of the changes Ive made in my life, or the people Ive tried to touch, how could I fail w/ the phenomenal lovers of life and warriors of hope How could I possibly fail? They are tough acts to follow. Thats why I am commited... to tell em now..tell em how... inspiredme, how proud I am of each & every one of them.
I havent forgotten to introduce you to my amazing hubs. hes next and deserves a post all of his own.

So take a minute & reflect on the loved ones in your own life, who make a difference, or touch you. I cannot possibly name "all" who I celebrate. Most are women, I consider my cyber sisters. Some are in my personal life on a daily basis. Most motivated me to push myself, my passion for my work, my art, and teach me how to live a life of excellence. Life is so tell em now... tell em how......

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Harvest Thyme!

The Fall Has Sprung....
The Pumpkins Have Ris...
I Wonder Where My Energy Is!!!!!

60 faceless pumpkins to paint for a local farm, an additional 20 to paint & market myself, sit in my dining room, & kitchen awaiting personalities, a dozen brand new stuffed witches hats Ive recently learned to create also in line for embellishments & eventual marketing, not to mention a fall swap I was crazy enough to participate in just idleing in the birth canal of creativity. AAAAARGGGHHHHH! Theyre all excited & curious to see what I will create for them. Did I mention Im also battling the" gift that keeps on giving" w/ an upper respiratory infection, my husband just recovered from???? yah... thanks hon! Is the temporary relief of nyquil worth the nasty taste?????

I have heard of several other artisans, work & succeed best under this kind of pressure. I have to admit, I seem to thrive w/ this blessed insanity as well. Whats up w/ that? I guess I feel some sense of purpous, maybe I feel needed now that my kids have left me...I mean left "home".(freudian slip) Creating, designing, the paint, threads, brushes, and bolts of fabric surrounding my living space just offers me a level of comfort. I am feeling that familiarity of peace, that I am needing right now since losing my Dad.I know hes peaceful and safe...its me who feels so lost. I know it will pass, I know if God brought me to it, Hell bring me through it. Im just so grateful Ive been blessed w/ this passion that provides me a way to zone out rather than the old way I used to "go away" when I wasnt clean& sober. "I am a butterfly today"..,Im able to embrace being in the sweet presence of my Higher Powers amazing grace when Im in my messy isle of fabric!

Celebrating this time of Harvest is so precious to me. I embrace the morning chill w/ a sweatshirt, flip flops ,a cup of coffee, my journal & favorite fatty pen. Opie & I sit on the deck and pray. well I pray...Opie pees & chases the squirrels! I sit quietly & thank God, the Universe for the lessons & strength Im promised, once I walk through this grief. Im trying to walk fast,....building spiritual muscle hurts. Saying goodbye always does.

While I journal, I give thanks to all the women who have supported me, encouraged, and have been loving me back to life. I have been lovingly overwhelmed w/ emails, e-cards, phone calls, endless posts from women Ive never personally met but have grown to love online. I have been focusing on my evergrowing gratitude for the insatiable desire to learn all I can on this computer, learning new ways to create, design, & keep up w/ the mindblowing artists in my life.

Harvesting for me is finding ways to give back. hopefully even a portion of what Ive been blessed with. I would be incredibly selfish if I took my blessings and ran w/o giving back. Harvest thyme means...just that. I am a firm cannot keep what you have unless you give it away. Somehow, making cards w/ other recovering clean and sober women to send to our U.S. Troops to let them know theyre honored & not forgotten just doesnt seem to be enough. I guess I have my work cut out for me, as I paint whimsical faces on my new orange friends begging for my attention & imagination.

I will end this entry by thanking all of you who have been praying for my healing, both physical & spiritual. I thank you in advance for praying for my Mom who was recently diagnosed w/ small cell limited lung cancer. I will keep you all lifted in prayer and keep the white light of hope burning for all of us.
What I do know for sure is...... that I shall "Trust in the Lord w/ all of my heart, Lean NOT on my own understanding. acknowledge Him in all my ways and He will direct my path." Prov.3:5
so dat be dat... "come on Opie... you have done enough harvesting on the trees!"
P.S. I promise pics are soon on the way!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

What kind of name is that?????

What kind of name is Katerpillars no more???? well almost everyone who knows me, knows Im upfront about being in a program of recovery to help me live a life free of substances & alcohol for a long time now...anyone who knows me also cant imagine me being on "anything" that would exaggerate my already in your face, and none to shy personality. although I like to think of these traits as my "passion" for life...for people...for creating art...for always embracing my authentic spirit, and hopefully yours, well whatever we choose to call it... Im not the lost person I was before I surrendered to recovery! . (back to the story) I consider my life then as a caterpillars. They begin rebirthing in a cocoon while they prepare to change & then blossom into the beautiful butterflies they finally become. but not before alot of hard work, & Im sure a spiritual transformation. As uncertain as life may be as a butterfly, one thing is for sure... it can never again go back to being a caterpillar. I wont look back, & I was rewarded w/ becoming free to discover my love for painting, sewing & creating primsical & whimitive art. So Many little time.
So since my business name is Scaredy Kat Folkheart...I thought it appropo that I honor my God, the other butterflies who have flown before me w/ my new blog name. I originally applied for "Scaredy Katerpillars no more" but wont know until I publish this post. prior to the cocoon I was a Scardey Kat...but no more! (smile) I am going to soon post pics of some of my designs, and in my efforts creating, hopefully honor other artists by combining their wonderful creativity w/ mine, ( I will always acknowledge these teachers who happen to be fellow artists if I use their patterns.) my friends, family, (who happen to include my adoreable J.R.T "Opie", my overweight mainecoone cat "Mr.O'Malley" & of course the wind beneath my wings... "Ronnie" the hubs!
Im sure as soon as all my support network on the boards learn I have my own blog, (I can hear them clapping now) (for them not me!) they know they wont have to be bored w/ my long winded tales, hopes, and dreams any longer. I have my own blog & Im learning to fly!!!!! Im sure Ill get better at this, so thank all of my creative mentors and muses who encouraged, inspired, and begged me to do this...We are all free!