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Saturday, October 27, 2007


Computer Madness!!!!!!It must be Hallows Eve, Goblins or Witches From Salem Mass. messing w/ everyones computers lately. Ive talked w/ a couple of other friends who have been having computer nightmares or hauntings!!!! I think the witches from Eastwick trying to mess w/ me, underestimated my tenacity and love for what I do & I wouldnt just give up and cry, but Id find the solution, resources, and succeed.

Perhaps they werent aware of the awesome support & other computer savy friends I have willing to help me. Or maybe they were unaware that although my being a neophyte on this computer, only temporarily challenge me, I should actually thank the witch or glitch in my life, all this has done has taught me more about how to master this & put me in a position to learn a little more. Im not stoopid!!!! NOOOOO....Im not a victim...Im a victor. Whatevers meant for evil ALWAYS turns to good. I am a Child of God. Who before me? with my God behind me?????

Ive missed posting, I didnt panic, I knew Id be back soon. So here I am...I am so excited to share about the swap I was in from "Grapevine Hollow Forum". I recieved from Denise (Cats Pyjamas) an adoreable card w/ "frankenstein" on front telling me this was from my favorite freak!!! then my swap goodies consited of an ADOREABLE folkart pumpkin doll w/ a paper clay sculpted head, a cloth stuffed body w/ a hand sewn, primitive jacket, and pants, then a paper machie(sp) pumpkin she painted, a sweet candle tin, and a bag of gingerbread cookie flavored grubby tarts from Bramble Hill. (mmmm) yummy! She shared the last of her stash with me. I feel sooo spoiled. All of her goodies will grace my home for years to come. Thank you again Denise.

I cant wait to hear whether or not my secret swap partner enjoyed the goodies I made for her. I painted her a Terrye French Design on a pillow made from stained osnaburg. It was a prim scene of a couple pumpkins, a saltbox house.& a sheep. I stamped a cute tag that celebrates the Fall Season, I also included one of my first witches hats wrapped at the brim was a strip of stained cheesecloth w/ some lavendar & baby breath sewn safely inside, makes a nice table arrangement or a fill in w/ other halloween knick knacks, then I included my own design of an ornapin of a prim witch painted & sewn to sit on her lapel or seasonal tree, & last I included a pair of round pumpkin wooden earrings I enjoyed painting. Im sure shell be posting them soon on the G.V.H. message board when she gets a chance. I had such fun being a part of this swap.

I have to venture out to shop for our halloween goodies to give out on Wednesday evening. I usually have to wait until the very last minute or the sweet eating goblin I married will go thru whatever I buy & try to blame it on his chocolate begging cohort..."Opie". Theres alot of breath smelling in my house at this time of year in search for the truth along w/ gentle prodding from the cattle equitment I keep for emergencies such as these, so Im going to save myself that trouble this year and shop a little later and then... avoiding the truth myself when Im asked: "Hon didnt you buy any halloween chocolate yet?" I guess Ill chance that my nose will grow as Pinnochios did when he felt compelled to fib!

I want to wish everyone a Fabulous Falloween. Be Aware of the Witches & Goblins in your own life that may devious & silly enough to think that "The Universal Law" of "Reaping What You Sow" NO ONE escapes or cheats this law of the land. Whatever you throw out comes back to you 10 fold. So Rock On & remember this..."When you always do what you always always get what you always got" When theres no change...theres no change! Thank you all my "Bounty Hunters" who have reminded me of the importance searching or in my case hunting for the true meaning of the Harvest and Bounty in my life! I love you too.

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Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

What a neat post. Sorry to read you have been having problems with the computer!
Blessings to you!!