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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

What kind of name is that?????

What kind of name is Katerpillars no more???? well almost everyone who knows me, knows Im upfront about being in a program of recovery to help me live a life free of substances & alcohol for a long time now...anyone who knows me also cant imagine me being on "anything" that would exaggerate my already in your face, and none to shy personality. although I like to think of these traits as my "passion" for life...for people...for creating art...for always embracing my authentic spirit, and hopefully yours, well whatever we choose to call it... Im not the lost person I was before I surrendered to recovery! . (back to the story) I consider my life then as a caterpillars. They begin rebirthing in a cocoon while they prepare to change & then blossom into the beautiful butterflies they finally become. but not before alot of hard work, & Im sure a spiritual transformation. As uncertain as life may be as a butterfly, one thing is for sure... it can never again go back to being a caterpillar. I wont look back, & I was rewarded w/ becoming free to discover my love for painting, sewing & creating primsical & whimitive art. So Many little time.
So since my business name is Scaredy Kat Folkheart...I thought it appropo that I honor my God, the other butterflies who have flown before me w/ my new blog name. I originally applied for "Scaredy Katerpillars no more" but wont know until I publish this post. prior to the cocoon I was a Scardey Kat...but no more! (smile) I am going to soon post pics of some of my designs, and in my efforts creating, hopefully honor other artists by combining their wonderful creativity w/ mine, ( I will always acknowledge these teachers who happen to be fellow artists if I use their patterns.) my friends, family, (who happen to include my adoreable J.R.T "Opie", my overweight mainecoone cat "Mr.O'Malley" & of course the wind beneath my wings... "Ronnie" the hubs!
Im sure as soon as all my support network on the boards learn I have my own blog, (I can hear them clapping now) (for them not me!) they know they wont have to be bored w/ my long winded tales, hopes, and dreams any longer. I have my own blog & Im learning to fly!!!!! Im sure Ill get better at this, so thank all of my creative mentors and muses who encouraged, inspired, and begged me to do this...We are all free!


Stacey said...

Hugs Kat~ I wish you the best in Blogonia and I hope that huge doors on tiny hinges keep opening for you and your work. I think you will enjoy this and rock at it!

Rilda Peel said...

I am proud of you my dear. You are a unique lady and I am honored to have met you. Through God we are sisters and I am blessed you are my friend. Many days of love and blessings are yours just because you are worthy. *U*