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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Harvest Thyme!

The Fall Has Sprung....
The Pumpkins Have Ris...
I Wonder Where My Energy Is!!!!!

60 faceless pumpkins to paint for a local farm, an additional 20 to paint & market myself, sit in my dining room, & kitchen awaiting personalities, a dozen brand new stuffed witches hats Ive recently learned to create also in line for embellishments & eventual marketing, not to mention a fall swap I was crazy enough to participate in just idleing in the birth canal of creativity. AAAAARGGGHHHHH! Theyre all excited & curious to see what I will create for them. Did I mention Im also battling the" gift that keeps on giving" w/ an upper respiratory infection, my husband just recovered from???? yah... thanks hon! Is the temporary relief of nyquil worth the nasty taste?????

I have heard of several other artisans, work & succeed best under this kind of pressure. I have to admit, I seem to thrive w/ this blessed insanity as well. Whats up w/ that? I guess I feel some sense of purpous, maybe I feel needed now that my kids have left me...I mean left "home".(freudian slip) Creating, designing, the paint, threads, brushes, and bolts of fabric surrounding my living space just offers me a level of comfort. I am feeling that familiarity of peace, that I am needing right now since losing my Dad.I know hes peaceful and safe...its me who feels so lost. I know it will pass, I know if God brought me to it, Hell bring me through it. Im just so grateful Ive been blessed w/ this passion that provides me a way to zone out rather than the old way I used to "go away" when I wasnt clean& sober. "I am a butterfly today"..,Im able to embrace being in the sweet presence of my Higher Powers amazing grace when Im in my messy isle of fabric!

Celebrating this time of Harvest is so precious to me. I embrace the morning chill w/ a sweatshirt, flip flops ,a cup of coffee, my journal & favorite fatty pen. Opie & I sit on the deck and pray. well I pray...Opie pees & chases the squirrels! I sit quietly & thank God, the Universe for the lessons & strength Im promised, once I walk through this grief. Im trying to walk fast,....building spiritual muscle hurts. Saying goodbye always does.

While I journal, I give thanks to all the women who have supported me, encouraged, and have been loving me back to life. I have been lovingly overwhelmed w/ emails, e-cards, phone calls, endless posts from women Ive never personally met but have grown to love online. I have been focusing on my evergrowing gratitude for the insatiable desire to learn all I can on this computer, learning new ways to create, design, & keep up w/ the mindblowing artists in my life.

Harvesting for me is finding ways to give back. hopefully even a portion of what Ive been blessed with. I would be incredibly selfish if I took my blessings and ran w/o giving back. Harvest thyme means...just that. I am a firm cannot keep what you have unless you give it away. Somehow, making cards w/ other recovering clean and sober women to send to our U.S. Troops to let them know theyre honored & not forgotten just doesnt seem to be enough. I guess I have my work cut out for me, as I paint whimsical faces on my new orange friends begging for my attention & imagination.

I will end this entry by thanking all of you who have been praying for my healing, both physical & spiritual. I thank you in advance for praying for my Mom who was recently diagnosed w/ small cell limited lung cancer. I will keep you all lifted in prayer and keep the white light of hope burning for all of us.
What I do know for sure is...... that I shall "Trust in the Lord w/ all of my heart, Lean NOT on my own understanding. acknowledge Him in all my ways and He will direct my path." Prov.3:5
so dat be dat... "come on Opie... you have done enough harvesting on the trees!"
P.S. I promise pics are soon on the way!


Soft in the Head said...

You are an amazing woman! The strength within ourselves is what makes us great. When we tap into that strength we can over come any obstacle and "leap tall buildings in a single bound", lol! I am so pleased I found your blog. I have added you to my links. Take care my friend, Pam

Kat449 said...

Wow...Thank you for both gifts. I am grateful for the encouragement, support, & inspiration Ive been blessed with from amazing women I consider my heros. Its been proven that "if you want something youve never had before, do something youve never done before." hence my new blog, and phenomenal new friendships....peace, Kat