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Monday, October 22, 2007

Miracles & More...........

Since I dont yet have pics...although Ive clearly learned how to set & color my printing...I am making arrangements to learn how to remove my pop up blockers preventing me from attatching & posting my pics, right after I learn how to organize & my albums!!!! Miracles on the way!!!!

Miracles & More...

One of the most beautiful miracles I cant wait to share w/ everyone is that my Mom has been nausea free & feeling pretty good since she began her brave journey on chemo therapy! Thank you "Jesus", Thank you "friends" for the prayers, I am so grateful and am convinced this is a miracle...How many cancer patients have you heard on chemo that arent ever wracked w/ debilitating side affects? I understand this may change at any given moment, and shes only begun her first week, but Im not a fool, I thank God anyway. I will take this as a miracle and the blessing that it is.
I wish I could do this for her, but I cant, so I shall pray w/o ceasing.
Mom isnt interested in computers or blogs, so she wont read this but she knows how very proud we all are of her. How inspired we are to walk through some of our own fears because of her courage. Thank you Mom for promising to give this your best shot! You are my hero...whatever the outcome may be...whether your able to complete this therapy or need to stop, You have already blessed us w/ the lesson in "Willingness and Faith". Thank you.

Miracles & more...

Now I have some exciting news that I wish I could share w/ you, but I need to wait for a little while longer until I have it in writing, (the phone calls & emails werent enough) but something very important to me is being published!!!!!! The details will be provided as soon as they are made available to me. Im sure youll hear my primal screams of glory & excitement anyway!

Miracles & More...

I have designed the most adoreable primitive snow people. (it would be politically incorrect for me to refer to them as "snowmen") I have been busy at my slow, & limping, sewing machine ( she reminds me of me, full of flaws, defects, battered, & tired...but still she moves forward) LOL. The miracle in these designs as in anything I create, is the fact that I disregarded the "warning labels" ingrained in my spirit as a young woman. I was told not to try sewing because w/ my learning disabilities, Id only dissapoint myself. I was told, "stick w/ what you know" was the suggestion, "dont set yourself up for failure" "You have barriers and you need to accept them" MIRACLES & MORE...The devil is a liar. I design, sew, market my work, paint like a banchi, bake real pie crusts, managed to create my own blog, I love to write, and I will learn how to needle punch a completed project and I WILL LEARN HOW TO POST PICTURES!!!!!!!!
Until recently, I had been a victim to these warning labels. Labels do nothing but lie. They tell your spirit that you are stupid, unworthy of having all God promised for us. They prevent us from growing into the authentic, beautiful spirited people we all deserve to be. Dont these are lies... Im so grateful I was a rebel of sorts, otherwize I wouldnt have moved the mountain of limitations that were ingrained in me. I wouldnt be the recovering, clean, & sober, painting, sewing, piemaking , home decorating, loving woman, & soon to be picture posting fool that I am, I would be coloring "inside" the lines w/ a beer, & a joint in my hand...and so much more....Challenge yourself...if they said no? you say yes... if you heard never? you say NOW!!! We can do anything... we put our minds to do...we can be whoever we want to be.... Celebrate life,,,dont endure it. When you want something youve never had must do something youve never done before. (one of my best lessons)

Miracles & More...

Gratitude list.....
Thank you Lord, for returning Helenas son to her after a tour in Iraq...Welcome home Mathew,(Doc) Thank you for protecting us, Thank you for your sacrifice, your Patriotism, making your Mom soooo proud and joyful for "who you are". I am grateful for "Whos you are"

Thank you for the blessing in the misdiagnosis of a friends lump. Thank God for lumpy boobs!!!!!

Thank you for the friends in my life, I know it wasnt all that long ago that I was too sick to embrace, honor, or participate in one of the greatest gifts in life...friendship. The phenomenal women in my life are too many to share, you know who you are. These arent just women in my neighborhood, or run of the mill women...these are POWER HITTERS!!!! Professional friends who have the ability to turn a difficult, day around by making me pee my pants w/ laughter, or move me to tears w/ a surprise blessing,.. You are successful artists, Prayer warriors, encouragers, supporters, mentors, & sisters of mine who probably arent even aware of the profound impact theyve had in my life. I read theyre blogs and learn so much about how to handle myself in chaotic moments, or when some earth disturber is trying to ...well disturb me by trying to pummel me for sport...I point & click and theres Blondie, Stacey, Jennifer, Susan, Kim, Stephanie, Diane,Karen (my therapist & life coach) my sistah Kathey, & my biologiclal sister Ginnie, teaching me how to maintain a spirit of class, femininity, grace,& I walk away w/ my head held high, my integrity in tact and Im off & prepared to move yet another mountain... or at least paint, punch, or post one.

Im grateful for the difficult lesson Im learning about forgiveness. I am soooo stubborn. I am a work in progress. I am commited to prayer & change.

Im grateful that Im able to get lost in my passion, Create in my dining room table of paint, thread, fabric, something to honor and express my thanks for being able to think outside the box..., color outside of the lines of life. Freak someone out and just bless them w/ something special for no reason other than loving them out loud. (because NICE MATTERS) it was done to me this very morning & I cant wait to do it in return before todays end... (thank you Kathey & Dennis) BIG SMOOCH!!!

I am very much thankful for my blessings, my miracles, my gifts. Until the next time, I pray that whoever shares this blog w/ me & wants to know me a little better, that you all find a place of peace today &,that youll be blessed beyond measure. live this day w/ a spirit of enthusiasm, & expectancy....Dont quit 5 minutes before your miracles about to happen.


Stacey said...

In all that you are so blessed, don't forget that YOU bless and touch many. You have incredible strength and the ability to write so much with a wonderful sense of humor. I am thankful for the gift of YOU!

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Hi Kat
you are a blessing; have to agree with Stacey on this! I always so that I am doubly blessed~ I am blessed and I know it. You are also doubly blessed. Think of all who are blessed and don't realize it. And yes, let's enjoy every minute of this life!

Doreen said...

YES Kat..I also agree with these ladies...You are a blessing. You have a wonderful outlook on your life sounds like perhaps you were lost for a while....something that happens to all of us from time to time...and now....GOOD FOR have found yourself and your spirit..and you are running with it. Life is a gift....don't waste it.


kat449 said...

Thank you Doreen & other buddies,
I have learned so much from all of you. Im excited to see what God plans are since He lead me to all of you. Youve all taught me to PUSH myself...NO COMPRIMISE!!! Thank you for your I dont stumble quite so much in mine!!!! peace, Scaredy Kat