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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

PHOEBE & New Beginnings....

Please meet my new friend "Phoebe" I just think shes adoreable. She was suppposed to be guarding the newly planted pumpkin seeds in the patch, but instead she went off and picked herself a huge olde primitive sunflower!

I worked long & hard on Phoebe, she insisted on picking a blue rose from someones garden & stuck it in her green hat. Oooohhh I can tell Phoebes going to be a hand full when she goes to her new adoptive home. But her mischievous spirit just adds to her delightful personality as she helps prepare everyone for the autumn chill. If anyone is interested in adopting Phoebe, please email me for details or just stop by & say email will be on the bottom of this entry.
Well folks this will probably be my last entry until Monday. I have some surprizing but awesome news...I am taking down the add for an Amish girl to wed my youngest son, since he is spoken for and will be a groom on this coming Sunday on August 3d!!!!
Yes...We were just as surprized when they announced 9 days ago.....that they would be getting married privately on the 3d....UNTIL the bride to be's Mom got a hold of them and now its going to be a grand event to be celebrated at the Sheriden Hotel after a beautiful ceremony in Wickham Park in Manchester here in Ct.
Soon after the smelling salts, being fanned, & picked up off the floor, I realized they had their minds made up & I might as well accept & embrace the blessing that Im going to have another daughter in law..."Miss Noellia" she is stunningly beautiful...teeny tiny little Peruvian spitfire that has stolen Jordans heart & quite honestly has taken ours as well.
Theyve been together for the better part of this year & we are proud that she will be a new member of our family.
I am hysterically trying to pull together a new dress, shoes, haircut, & color, nails need to be filled, suit to be purchased for Ronnie, & a birage of other necessities needed to be pulled together before this blessed event....I look forward to the big day.
My oldest son David is coming from N.J. solo since his wife is in Russia attending HER brothers wedding! So my house shall be full once again & I promise to post pics to share with you all.

(side note) I sure would appreciate prayers for tomorrow as my Mom visits her oncologist for her results of her latest Cat scan since her last round of medically challenging chemo. I thank you all in advance for your kind comment,s well wishes, cards, and emails. They are absolutely the only reason Ive been able to get thru this painful time. Much love & heartfelt gratitude for having you in my online life. I adore you all!


Renna said...

Phoebe is delightful! I think some of you must go into the personality of your dolls. ;-)

Congratulations on the big event. Wow! :-)

Renna said...

Oops! I forgot to add that I will pray about the concern for your mom!

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

Phoebe is so cute, naughty though she is for stealing those flowers!

How exciting that there is going to be a wedding! Wow!

Prayers going out to your mother. Hope all will be well.


Julie said...

I love your dolls. I hope all goes well with the wedding and wish them many years of happiness together. Sorry about your Mom--prayers for her. Julie

Shay said...

How cute! :) Congrats on your son's engagement, how wonderful!

You've been tagged on my blog!

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

Phoebe is adorable.
Congrats! on your upcoming wedding event.
Prayers for your Mom that all goes well.

Irma :)

d. wilkinson said...

Phoebe is primtastical! I love her!

Congratulations on your son's wedding and newest addition to your family. I can't wait to hear how it went.

I am keeping your mother in my prayers at this difficult time for her. I'm so happy she has you to support and uplift her right now. You are her guardian angel.

Thanks so much for your sweet comments about my daughter's art. She's excited to have people see her unusual work.

Take care sweetie pie!