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Monday, July 14, 2008

Busy July!!!

Enola? meet Mikey...can you say thunder thighs????? Matties back by popular demand...hee hee...he is soo my hero...

My step dad Sal, over there on the right with my son Jordan aka (Shorty), & the bravest woman I Momma!
Check out the 3 legged stroller made by "Jeep" hey...up here...

Matt, Enola, & a very proud G.G. (Glamorous grammie)

Flip flop... goes my heart when Im with my Enola, her Mom & daddy. & new flippies G.G. bought.

Clean & Very Sober Opie....

Ive been so busy, Im sorry I havent been able to post a new entry until now.

Ive been busily making my new "Sponsor Heads" which are whimsiacl & a little primitive, my sponsor heads are sitting on a bedspring acting almost as a bobble head encouraging all good things such as "Keep it Simple" "Blessed is the peacemaker" "Because Nice Matters" "One Day at a Time"etc...Ive had a few orders from my womens meetings. Its fun to make personalized ones, especially if I happen to know the recipient.

Then we had another BBQ last Saturday which my hubs had invited a few of the guys at work who were faced with some culturally diversified sensitive issues. So Ronnie thought perhaps if the guys got together outside of work, have some good eats, throw some shoes, and relax a bit, it might help and although Im not sure how theyll feel about eacho0ther at work after this, I do know they had a BALL while here. Everyone was so respectful, hungry, and behaved themselves. After several games of shoes, man the testosterone was a flyin....My heart swelled with pride for my husband. He did a good thing. He made a difference in the lives of others for at least 6 hours with these guys, Nothing much mattered to them but enjoying the day. Ill bet after seeing themselves in a relaxed environment, goofing around and enjoying their own company without the stress of getting piping & fencing orders out, they may se themselves as regular guys regardless what color their skin may be.

And I was rewarded for my efforts with a surprize visit from my Matt. Nicole and my Enola...I was only gonna help Ronnie set up and then take off but God had other plans for me...YIPEE!!! Check out her new flip flops G.G. bought her...too cute. If I ever needed a Matt, Nicole and Enola was then.

Then I saw my Mom today for the first time since Dec. and Im so sorry to share that her cancer that was shrinking has come back with vengence,. I would sure appreciate any and all prayers for her and my family at this devestating time.

Oh and of course Opies he pathetic or what?????????


Renna said...

You guys sure don't let the dust settle around your place, Kat! ;-)

I love the sponsor heads. What a cute and creative idea!

I am so sorry about your mom, and I will begin praying for her.

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Kat..the lil babies are so darn cute..and I love those lil flip flops!!

YOU look like you have been getting some're sporting a nice tan I see!! You look very healthy.

So good to see a post from you...I stopped by earlier and I'm glad I decided to come back.
I will certainly include your mother in my prayers..I am so sorry to hear the news.

Cookie said...

Aaah, Kat - you are always smiling, and that is what I love about you! I'm so sorry about your mama though. I'll be praying!

Great pics of you and your family and friends ... I love me some shoes too!

And your sponsor heads ... what a sweet wonderful creation.

Great pics, buddy!

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

I will be keeping your mother in my prayers.

Loved sharing in the visit with Matt and his sweetie pie girl!I remember your original story about him, and am thrilled to see that he is doing so well. You can sure tell you love them all a lot!

I think it's awesome that your husband worked to bring down barriers at work. Nothing like getting men together for sports to really bring them together!

Oh my gosh! Those sponsor heads are too precious! What a great idea!


Tina said...

Hello Kat.....How wonderful to see your Mom and have a face attached to the prayers.
Your Hubby is just good folk!
The babies, the sponserheads, the opie bath....
You just made me smile with this post.
Bless you, my friend