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Friday, July 25, 2008

Maggies Honor

Ronnie & I meet some of thee most amazing folks. All different walks of life & we feel so lucky.
A couple of these people Im refering to are 2 awesome men Robert & Michael. They live in my neighborhood & we met them on one of our walks with or w/o Opie a couple of years ago, but began a conversation the first time we saw their beautiful old girl "Maggie" who was also a Jack Russell Terrier, Maggie was 14, had lost her eyesight & clearly had no patience for our little pain in the butt Opie who always wanted to sniff her...well ya know where w/Opie bein a boy dog and all,...Mags had no patience for his curiosity, his energy, or wanting to play the I wanna sniff your pee pee dance. But Opie bored her... but I loved her spirit, it was so touching to see the trust she had for her daddy Robert & Id see them at our local concerts on the town green, or slowly & patiently walking inthe park & they had such a loving relationship.
Well Ronnie came home last week with the heartbreaking news that Maggie had passed away 3 weeks after losing Roberts precious Mom. O Lord, I just felt so heartbroken & horrible knowing I couldnt do a thing about his losing his 2 favorite women in his life. I literally moped around the house for days. Thinking how could I possibly think sending a morbid condolense card would be enough, until......I remembered months ago, my friend Stacey had sent me an adoreable doggie pattern named "Clancey" well I have never attempted anything other than an occasional doll pattern since Im directionally challenged & prefer to muddle thru designing my own...but I thought if Stacey had enough confidence in my ability to accomplish this pattern, then Id give it my best shot....I altered the wings a bit but the entire pattern was Staceys from "The Ravens Haven" & I was quite pleased w/ the outcome. I made her a set of painted wings & a halo which was embellished wire. I secured her on a wooden dowel & wooden base.
Ronnie & I walked over to give the guys their gift & they were in the garden weeding & I thought geez these guys "are" depressed sittin in that dirt weeding!!!! well needless to say when Robert & Michael opened their rendition of Maggie, I know it touched their hearts. I got GREAT BIG HAPPY HUGS & smiles & perhaps a few tears.... and they immediately displayed her on the memory book case where only the prestegious are allowed. I am beyond honored, & humbled. Roonie asked them if they think theyd get another dog when they had done some healing, & Robert said "Ill have a dog when God wants me to have a dog, Ill know when it shows up at my door, or lost in a parking lot, Ill let God make that decision for me". & I thought how faithful & beautiful to trust God when your heart is so wounded. What a lesson for me...for all of us.
Ive been going thru so much myself lately that I took my own advise & decided to stop thinking of all my own problems & do something nice for someone. Love someone out loud. Im so grateful I did because I know the pain these 2 guys are feeling & we never know what a day will bring us, so why not express our feelings for eachother while were here to enjoy it?
Well now after seeing the results of Maggie...Im going to have to create an Opie...
I just wanted to share with you the power of friendship in my life...I am so blessed.


Renna said...

What a beautiful gesture, Kat, and the Maggie you made them, adorable as she is, is bound to bring them comfort.

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

That little dog is so adorable! It's wonderful that you thought of them and I am sure they were thrilled to have a rendition of their Maggie. Can't wait to see the Opie one!


jdsober said...

Hi Kat....
Moven on up in the internet world ehh???
Love you My sweet sister

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hey Kat!! You are one busy's okay...we can catch up whenever you get a breath!! No worries Darlin!!
Big Hugs,