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Friday, July 18, 2008

The Fall Guy!

" Trick or Treat ... Smell My Feet?" why you little wize guy...nope its just The Fall Guy. I had a blast making him. Isnt his little face so sweet? He secured on a dowel and round wooden stand, to help him embellish any table or nook & cranny. Hes going to be the hit of one of the 2 Autumn Shows I regestered for in Sept.
I hope you get a kick out of this primitive pumpkin doll I made. Ive got several goodies, body parts, neked dolls, & other autumn delights in the birthing process right now. Ive also had the pleasure of making some new recovery themed dolls, bobble heads, stitcheries, fridge magnets, tote bags, pillows God boxes & Jars....
I am so grateful that during this stressful time in my life with preparing for some scary but long awaited tests & eventual medical treatments of my own AND praying my Mom thru hers, that Ive got the oppertunity to divert my attention & worried heart by sewing, painting, designing, networking and marketing to keep me positive. I light a candle & pray for family and friends while the sewing machine is literally smoking.....
I am just so thankful that God had blessed me with some unbelieveable friends both online & face to face to help remind me that Im never alone, that miracles,& blessings are being worked out in my best interest right now at this very moment...... IMAGINE!!!!
Id appreciate any & all prayers, Im not fussy, God knows what my needs are...I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the emails, prayers, and sweet comments left concerning my Mom and her courageous battle with cancer. God bless you all with uncommon favor and supernatural miracles, & blessings..


Renna said...

God has blessed you with such talent, Kat!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Got ya covered in the prayer department darlin'! He'll keep an eye on you, I'm sure of it.
I love your "Fall Guy"!!! He does look a lil' like Lee Majors, especially the hair! :> )

Tina said...

So true, my dear. you are not alone.
I'm wrapping you up in a blanket of prayer as I write.

Love those little feet! Your creations always make me grin.


Cookie said...

Keeping you in fervent prayer, sweets and would appreciate you thinking of me here and there - Saturday morning, we are heading out for Sturgis. There are 4 couples, 5 bikes going and we have a cabin in the mountains for the week. Can't wait to get out of town, but I've been in overdrive both at work and home, trying to get all my ducks in a row.
I think of you and keep you in my prayers.

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

Just said a prayer for your dear mother.

Love these, especially the "smell my feet" sign!