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Monday, September 8, 2008

Bienvenido Otono= Welcome Fall!

I finally completed a surpize gift for my DILs Parents Welcoming Fall.
Not the dream catchers...The Scarecrow...arrgh someday Ill figure out how to upload under the correct post!!

They took me about 3 days of picking up, drying, sanding, staining, repainting, & sewing additions to them. Ill have the kids drop them off for them folks at some point this week. it was a pleasure to feel inspired to surprize these wonderful people becuase they just touched my heart at the kids wedding and again recently, on my birthday when they had a huge vase of gorgeous flowers delivered on my birthday. Talk about as my friend Cathy says..."making my guts happy!"
So since Ive been going thru such a painful time preparing to say goodbye to my Mom as she loses her battle to this cancer, and going thru some personal growing pains myself, doing something just to surprize such a nice family, just takes me out of myself.

My husband has also been quite busy as he made 2 recovery dream catchers for a couple of my close freinds who I cannot disclose to incase they happen to read this...but they are so bright and looking at them just takes my breath away. Please let me know what you think, he will be tickled to read any feedback. These dream catchers have medallions on top of each piece between the placement of feathers. Look up please!

My Moms cat scan didnt provide positive results, we were told that in terms of time, we can expect to have her only 3-6 months before we need to say good bye.
How am I going to EVER be able to do this you guys????????

I want to thank so many of you who have kept her and our family held high in prayers. Last September when she was diagnosed, we were told she wouldnt have the year, sooo the prayers, the chemo and my Moms courage and strength have well surpassed that time line, and we all accept this is all in Gods precious time. I do ask that you continue praying for us.

For all those of you who continue asking about my friend Matt and his beautiful family...well new pictures to come this Saturday as theyve agreed to show up for a cookout Ronnie & I are planning to have so I can personally thank the beautiful network of family and friends who have supported me, and never given up on me as I celebrate a milestone in my personal walk in my life in recovery thats been altered radically & spiritually by having you in my life as well.

Although Ive been in recovery and been clean and sober for quite awhile, I dont count those several months before Sept 13th 03. I legally celebrate this date in particular because it is on this day of a personal spiritual awakening that I surrendered completely, began working the 12 steps, began working with my therapist, and allowed God to truely open my heart and let freinds in and my creativity out! so I want to embrace this day with family & friends who have walked with me on my journey that helped me become this work in progress.! Thank you Jesus. Thank you you family & friends who have held me up and believed that I could do some of this growing up that I was convinced was too late to do...the devil is a liiiiaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!
On my personal prayer list of requests and praises Id like to start by humbly coming before God and asking Him to continue keeping me clean and sober so I may better serve Him and anyone else trying to stop drinking and using mind altering drugs.
I ask that you lift my Mom while she prepares to come home to you. I ask that you help her to feel your loving Presense and relieve her of any and all pain and fear.
I ask that you bless the following family & friends:
Ronnie, David, Lana, Jordan, Noelia, Sal, Candy, Ginny, Thomas, Cathy,Sue, Miss Ruth, (Blondies Mom) Mrs. D. my therapists Mom, Quinnie aka Mike,
All of my blogging community and friends according to their needs.
Melanie, my my sober friends on S24.
I pray for affordable, non credit checking, and small pet allowing, housing...
I pray for part time employment or potential sales for my business "Scaredy Kat FolkHeart"
I thank you for all that I have, and especailly for what I dont have, all Im promised and all that you put in my path to touch, guide or love.
I thank you for the lost and the amazing Grace that they may be found...I thank you for loving me when I know I wasnt always that easy to love.
Please feel free to add your own praises or prayer requests and Id be honored to include that your needs me met.
Have a blessed day. Live it like tomorrow may not come....


Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

I LOVE your scarecrow and your hubs did a great job on the dream catchers!!
Darlin', pay no mind to the time frame doctors are givin' your mama. Only our Lord knows. I will continue to lift you all up in prayer. :> )

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

My heart is heavy for you after hearing about your mother's prognosis. The commenter before me is right, she might well be around a lot longer, but if it is her time, you can get through this. I have lost both of my parents, and it was especially hard as I didn't even know my mom was so sick, but my father's last year was so miserable that it was a blessing when he finally went Home. It hurt, oh how it hurt, but I had to release him and let him go, and I was there with him when he passed.

I'll be praying that everything works out for you! You can do this, lady! Big congrats on another year of sobriety! One day at a time!

The scarecrows are awesome! I'm sure Noelia's parents will love them. So glad that you have such a great relationship with her! Tell your hubby that the dream catchers are awesome too, especially with the medallions!


Renna said...

Kat, the scarecrow is so adorable! I know the new in-laws are going to get their socks blessed off by the gift. You are such a gifted and giving person!

Those dreamcatchers are just awesome. That is such a neat thing that your husband is doing.

I'm sorry I've not been here in awhile. I had family visiting almost all of last month. I've had short spurts of time online, so I've been making my way down my blog reading list, reading and responding to a few at a time as I'd get time.

I'm still tickled pink over my little Garden Angel; only instead of in the garden I have her in an indoor plant in my living room so she can make me smile throughout the day every day.

Love you, girl! (((hug)))

Rilda Peel said...

Hello Kat, I just wanted to drop by and speak God's blessings over you, your family and all those you requested prayer for. May each find what they need and love beyond measure. Give her mom peace beyond her understanding and Father No premature death. I love thee Father and trust you are always up to something great on our behalf~ may we receive ALL you have for us. In Jesus' Holy Name!!
Kat I my MIL just went to heaven last month and praise God she was ready and eagerly awaiting to be with Jesus. She is on a vacation that will never end.*u*
Love to you!
Born to bring value in the world, rilda *U*