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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Chicken soup for the soul...

Edward scissor hands!!!!
Look at Moms new bedroom, new bed, and ohh la la... beautiful girlee thats comfort for the soul. Yoo hoo!!!! Im up here! wheres my coffee??? Ok can you say SPOILED???

Lil Sandy(yorkee-poo) helpin himself to Auntie Kats soup-erb chicken noodle!

I made a huge pot of homemade chicken noodle soup for my Mommas soul....she hasnt been able to keep much more down other than cereal, or an occasional bagel, nothing much with color, but when she said she was craving some chicken noodle soup....I was on it!

She did really good, she ate more than 3/4s of the medium size bowl we brought up to her room, but before she got done...she had a little helper....

Ronnie & I went over to Moms yesterday to spend some time with Mom. Ronnie completed the landscaping, weeding, clipping, and manicuring her lawn, & I was inside breaking down her sewing room so we could move her downstairs so she didnt have to climb them everytime she had to go to the bathroom. 4 hours later, a new twin bed and beautiful Laura Ashley quilt my sister bought for her...she had her new digs.

Emotions were running high so when it got too hot in the kitchen so to speak...I listened to my therapist, sponsor, & network of s/heros and took off outta Dodge.

It was so good to please Mom, spend some time with her, take pics, and be a part of...

Ive been so busy and excited looking for new houses to rent, I start one of my new jobs tomorrow, which I will be a lunch lady!!!The other job is working at a local craft supply store, they havent set up my hours yet but told me I did get the job...that will be for nights and weekends.

I would be so appreciative if youd all be willing to continue praying for me,& our family.
I need prayers for strength, courage, peace and willingness to breathe when sometimes the pain is so intense, Im convinced I cant catch my breath. I have a network of amazing and wild, wild, women behind me walking with me. Breathing for me. I love you all so very much.

I have a list of folks Id like to pray for, if you have any needs, desires, miracles, praises, or blessings needed for yourself, family or friends, please leave a comment so I can include them in my prayer time..It would be a privilidge to be a part of prayer intercession.
Heres mine...

~~My Moms process be a painfree, fear free, and peaceful, as she seeks Gods Presence.

~~My sobriety and strength to continue doing the next right thing.

~~An affordable, beautiful house to rent with a landlord who wont do a credit check and will allow small pets.( asap) Im gonna even ask for a nice neighborhood, or out in the country, just away from Dodge or this Heartbreak Hotel!

~~My Sisters peace of mind, and may she find the healing she so desperately needs right now.

~~My entire family whos going thru this loss, may we all gather together to be a witness to Gods love for Mom and eachother.

~~My sister Ginny, ( Hi baby!) whos going thru such painful dental issues and Im praying for a new job that will be peaceful, and where shes celebrated and rewarded with all shes worth. Of course her family too and my 6 nephews!!!

~~My friends MJ and Ruby who recieved devestating news about MJs cancer. Lord please lift these friends with healing, peace, and hope.
I dont believe in miracles...I rely on them!

~~All of my friends on a recovery site that has literally been saving my sanity, life & surrounding me with supernatural support. (Thank you Jesus) some of my spiritual possee is over there.
~~Mrs. D. who needs a miracle healing for her eyes.
~Karen who continues to believe in me. She constantly prays with and for me while I cross this path. I came to her as a broken child, and with her faith, Gods love, and and some of my own effort, I am growing into all God wants me to be.

~~Miss Ruth, Blondies precious Momma who recently began chemo therapy.


~~~I pray for my blogging community, all the women on it, all the sick and suffering who need hope and healing. I love you all so much.


Renna said...

Isn't it comforting to know how BIG our God really is?

Your Mama's new room is as lovely as can be, Kat. I loved the pics.

Just keep taking life one day at a time. God's mercies are new every morning. Each morning when you seek Him and draw near Him, He will impart to you the grace you need for that day.

Yes, I am praying!

Citygirl-Em said...

Kat, it's Em...What's happening? Can you email me and let me know how you are doing and what's wrong? I think I missed something...if it's not being too nosey...I just mean well.

Kat said...

One foot in front of the are doing SO WELL!!! ...even if it feels like he- (rhymes with well), you my dear inspiration are getting through it and growing stronger every moment. I cry with you, I pray with you, I walk with you, I rejoice with you....
Walk in Beauty,
Ima Notherkat

Tina said...

Love your heart, dear.
You are going through alot, yet so giving with your prayers and love to others. You did what my hubby and I have been talking about this past week in our family. With your Mom, even though you had to "get outta dodge" you left them better than you found them. Great job on the soup and the room.
Many blessings and all your requests will be lifted up.
God is Good ALL THE TIME.

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Still continuing to lift you up in prayer darlin'. :> )