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Monday, August 10, 2009

Thank You Everyone

I want to thank everyone who have been praying for me, reaching out to me publicly and privately. I have not had... nor am I... having an easy time of healing.
Surgery was supposed to be only an hour and a half but because of the trauma from my fall, we were down under..for 4 hours.
On last Friday I had both pins removed...cast removed and an IV bag of antibiotic from a surprize infection administered. I am still however back in a soft cast w/ rods supporting my hand and lower arm straight.
I was soooo embarrassed that as the doctor was removing said pins...I ended up passed out w/ my head in doctors lap!!!!! my blood pressure dropped after seeing the tools and puckered incisions & state my poor hand is in. I thought there would only be 2 incisions, but because of the damage, he made 3...I was hoping I had literally died when I realized I passed out...the nurse was fanning me w/ my own chart and I was being encouraged to sip a small cup of water..I was praying would be arsenic. LOL
When I came home from the surgery and I was so altered from the risidual effects of anesthesia and powerful pain meds..I was convinced that my air conditioner was whispering to me..for 3 nights!!!! On Friday..the one where the crash of 09 happened...I had kept my commitment and brought back more than half of the remaining unused very addicting pain meds. It was the agreement we all had, as soon as the immediate hysterical post surgical pain went away, Id use perscribed motrin and stay focused on my recovery in sobriety.
I am struggling now with being back in a cast, mild tendon and ligament pain, my hand is so very weak, its my dominant hand so nothing but reading and hen pecking with left clicking and mouse rolling for me for another 3 weeks. Then physical therapy...Probably not in time for the beginning of the school year for me.
What was I thinking?
When I went to the doctor this Friday I was in la la land thinking Id be completely healed, cured. ready to sew, paint, cook, clean, journal, and begin a new baby afgan for my Grand daughter......Im in the same disabled state I was in days after surgery. Im working on acceptance.
I was so looking forward in rebuilding "Scaredy Kat and Her Own Crow" and creating a new falloween line I have been thinking of since all those medications that had me in a tea party in the circle of Alice and wonderland! LOL Re-establishing my life in blog land...but I guess God had other plans for me.
Ronnie deserves the key to the city,,,the award of being the bestest husband in the world...I have fallen deeply head over heels in love with him all over again after he lovingly catered, served and took tender care of me as if I were a brand newborn. I wanted for nothing...even threatened to serve me in a speedo and flip flops if I was feeling blue...he wanted me to smile...mission so accomplished!
Thank God hes doing some sidework for the first time since all this happened..he needs to get out of the house and do manly things like welding, working with other manly men...greasing up his world with what he loves doing.
Im a blessed woman.
Thank you all who have expressed such concern and encouragement as my summer and life were turned upside down.
Thankfully the healing has begun.
I missssssssssssssssssssss sewing...................... my flat iron... my make up and hairspray..I look and feel all of...well none of yer business. wwwwaaaaaaa...LOL


Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Hang in there and stay strong darlin'! Remember time heals. So it will take a while, but you will be back to your old self in two shakes of a lamb's tail. (Maybe three shakes)
So the air conditioner was talkin' to you? Did it tell you the winnin' Lotto numbers? :> )
As far as passin' out in the doctor's lap... I bet you secretly made his day!! :> )
Don't feel bad, my hubs still can't have blood drawn. He passed out all three times he's tried. Once, he came home with a band-aid on his "Charlie Brown" forehead. Hit his noggin on the table next to him. The poor thing, he was so embarrassed. I think they even gave him a lollipop. :> )

Tina said...

Oh my sweets, I had no idea that you were having such a difficult time of things. I will certainly keep your recovery in my prayers.
Each day will be better than the one before.
Blessings and hugs,

CiNdEe said...

I am sorry to hear your having such a difficult time. That is terrible!!!!!
I use to work at an orthopedic surgeons office for 6 years. Believe me, passing out when removing pins happens a lot. I almost passed out watching a removal one time! So you are not alone! Don't give it another thought REALLY!
Just get better and heal. Don't worry about anything else until then! I always feel that when I am hurt or sick I always want to do more things then I did when I was healthy and well! Its because of all that sitting around I guess! You will have lots of time later to do all that! Just get well!!!!
I am happy your DH is there for you too!!!!! Take care!!!!

Laura said...

You poor thing hope you heal quick !