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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thumbs up! Im GOIN IN!!!!!

I Do believe in spooks..I do I do I do!!!!!!!
Well folks tomorrow morning Ill be in the hospital w/o coffee, cigarettes, make up, valuable jewelery ok..I get that... but HAIRSPRAY????? Ohhh it aint gonna be pretty at all!
A shower tonight, another one in the morning before admitting..admitting what???? any secrets I have will be one of the 2 showers they insist I take? to what? wash away any sins in case I dont make it???..what kind of wild life do they think I have that requires 2 showers in a 6 hour period???
Ohhh well theyre gonna make 2 insicsions, one on the side of my thumb, the other under my wrist into my newish tattoo!!!! to remove 4 inches of tendon to pin...PIN???? EWEWEWEEEE to the injured but shaved bone in insision #1! Im not feelin this at all.
They arent intibating me, ill be breathing on my own . Im having a surgical block but will be in a twilight state...they assured me..over and over and over again! It may surprize you, but Im NO surgery hero.. they assures me Id be in such a sedated state, theyd still have to shake me to wake me. Ill be able to respond to voice case of what???? I want a cup of coffee? a cigarette? put on my make up or spray my hair???? I mean what are they gonna ask me? OHHHHHHHHH This doesnt sound good at all. Im claiming the 5th ammendment as of NOW!
I want to be out of it...I dont want to hear my doctor asking the nurse to pass the thingy that shaves the said bone, or the hammer to secure the PINS...I dont wanna hear my doctor or anyone say UH OHHH, theyll just have to cover "THAT" with some more tattoo ink!!!!or "She did say the right hand right???"
OHHHH, so because Ronnie wont be able to post the fact that I made it, Im in lala land and on some good drugs, & because Ill be in a large bulky pressure cast for at least 10 days...Im probably not gonna be able to share my "surgical experience" for awhile. I will howver to do my best to come back and left click with my toes if I have to!!!!
I thank so many of you who have been praying, supporting and encouraging me here & on facebook.
I know Im being a big baby, but I yam what I yam....
Im praying that ill be up and attem preparring to get better to enjoy the amazing tickets Ronnie won to the ALLMAN BROTHERS on Aug 30th the night before I hopefully go back to work..Ill be back before then bragging about that blessing as soon as I can.
I sent out the giveaway goodies to Peanut from "Countryfolk Keepsakes" early this morning, so please check her blog out next week, Im sure shell be showin and tellin a couple of the goodies I sent her in addition to the Blog giveaway Prize.
So as Carol Burnett used to say before closing..Im so glaaaaad we had this tiiiime togetherrrr..(imagine me tuggin my ear right about now) just to have a laugh and say so long..................


Tina said...

Your gonna be just fine, sweets! I'll be thinking of you and sending a prayer up for you. At least one.

Laura said...

You poor dear hope you heal quick !!