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Monday, July 6, 2009

Scaredy Kat & Her Own Crow Giveaway!

I have been away wayyyy too long with all the excitement of going back to a new supervisory position that has brought me much learning about myself, has provided much financial relief, and has helped me meet some of thee most difficult but loving children and staff in the Transitional Educational Program I work in.
However, the downside to this new life of mine was the inability to find time and or energy to do what I have been blessed with, which is the passion to create. I am sometimes curious as to whether it is a blessing or burden.... because I do know it soothes my spirit, by creating and Ive been learning how to design my own characters.
I have met some of the most charming, talented, and inspiring doll makers, designers, painters, sculpters, that this world wide web has to offer. I have made some phenomeanl friendships, I have been tucked quite safely under some of the wings of these women. Now come on yall....Im not discriminating, cuz I know there are a vast variety of talented male artists, but the ones Im talking about happen to be women.
That said, I have missed out sorely on being a regular on some of these blogs that I used to read & respond to on a daily basis. I have spent some of the first week off for the summer, trying to read & play catch up on some of these amaaaaazing blogsites. I feel so out of the loop. I am excited to realize one of the most valuable lessons I have learned while working outside of the home is that I can have the best of both worlds...but will take alot of creativity to manage my time and find the balance I so desperately need when I go back to work on August 31st.
So I thought I would express my thanks to those of you who havent given up on me since Ive been away, & even those who have, and thought hosting another giveaway would help me meet some of the new artists, artisan and crafters who share the same excitement I do whenever we see/smell a yard of fabric, a spool of thread, a bottle of paint and at a tag sale, flea market or even a thrown away piece on the side of the road deemed worthless, until we come by, rescue it, clean it up, strip it down and do whatever we do to put love back in its grain again......
or reintroduce myself back into this wonderful community of women who do what we do.
I "am" going to insist however that although everyone in our community is more than welcome to leave a comment & sign up for this giveaway, I wont make the mistake I did the last time and include names of those who only want something free, void any blog, business, or desire other than to snag something free off the internet. I was simply amazed as a neophyte how many folks signed up with rediculous requests, briberies, nasty statements, or comments and didnt even have a blog....those Im speaking of???? Need NOT apply.
Now I am excited to offer this Handpainted Americana Pillow designed by Kim Klassen. I found this design in the August issue of Create & Decorate. Miss Kim had painted this piece on a huge plank of beautiful wood, & since I havent anything close to that, nor can I afford to purchase ...I was just sqirtin w/ excitement to paint this on a piece of muslin...the back is a dark blue Patriotic fabric w/ teeny little white stars on it, and I stained a tag that states..."Land of the free because of our brave..." secured w/ a piece of twine with a rusty saftey pin. I measured it 18 inches long & 9 inches wide, painted & sewn in a non-smoking home. It is a $32.00 value & as long as it is mailed in the good olde USofA...shipping is free. If you click on the picture, you can see the pillow up close & personal & appreciate the detail Iworkled so hard to compliment on Kims design celebrating our USA.
I invite anyone with a blog, a business, & or passion to decorate their just leave a comment on my blog w/ your email addy or blog link so I know how to contact you if you win..
If you would like to triple your chances??? I will add your name times 3 if you help me get the word out & post this giveaway on your blog...just let me know in your comment, and BAM 3 times it is....
Im also going to include a couple of primitive surprizes to sweeten the pot.
I thought of giving everyone a 2 week chance to get thier name in, so on July20th...we will pull someones lucky name out of a basket...Good luck and have a FABULOUS week yall, while we get this party started....


BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Kat! I am playing catch up too....summer keeps me away from my puter! I've missed you, it's hard to stay on top of blogging and have a life too isn't

That is a LOVELY pillow, I would sure love to win that!
I will INDEED post your giveaway on my blog at the top of my sidebar!!!


Stacey said...


I love this journey of yours and new name to boot! You most certainly LIVE YOUR SPIRIT~ and are always my hero. Never stop being who you are here.. oh some may be mean, but remember it takes so much work to make that drama. Sadly, if they put the energy in their work, they too would gain the happiness and success that we already know!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Did ya hear that?! It was me hittin' the floor when I saw this fantastic pillow!!! PLEASE toss my name into the hat! I've got my fingers, legs, toes and eyes crossed for good luck!!YaY!!
:> )

Tina said...

Oh yeah! You know I'm in for sure! I will post tomorrow on my blog and I'll be glad to add your generous giveaway to that post. It's a cutie and anyone who wins it will display it proudly I'm sure.


Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Hey Kat,
So glad to see you post again so soon; how is your hand/finger??
You don't need to enter me in this giveaway unless you really need an extra name in the hat. LOL. I know how gorgeous your work is first hand.

Laura said...

I found you through Karin @ Countryfolk Keepsakes ,your stuff is too cute I'll add ya to my blog .
The pillow is great !!
God Bless
Laura :0)

CiNdEe said...

I love primitive Americana and your pillow is just beautiful! I don't deserve to win but you can sign me up anyhow(-:
Have a great evening!

Kat449 said...

Thanks Everybody!!!
I am so excited to be able to reunite with someo fo you. Thank you for not breaking up with me forever..Being a working woman outside the home isnt all its cracked up to be, I can tell ya that! LOL
I have noticed a part ofme thats been altered since not having you all in my life on a regular basis..Im workin on changing that! thanks for still loving me.....

Prim*and*Proper said...

Hi Kat! I say your post on A Primitive Place (where I am a newbie)! I enjoyed reading your blog and have just started setting up a blog myself...still don't know what I am doing, but am really excited to get it published to the web. I hope to have it up by the end of the week. Please enter my name in your drawing. I will add your blog addie to my blog page! I am having a ball with all my new found friends! Hugs! Karen

Our Primitive Heart said...

Great pillow, Please sign me up.