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Monday, July 13, 2009

More Goodies

I just wanted to share a few of the goodies Im going to be including on this blog giveaway. I had such fun at Cape Cod Crafters the other day & picked up this sweet primitive red star on a piece of twine to hang somewhere fun in your home, then I picked up this adoreable saltbox lapel pin, a package of creme brulee tarts that smell delish!
I also added a painted primitive flag that I found one year from an artist in Create N Decorate, her first name is Stephanie & I adore her work. I wanted to share this vintage bottlecap magnet of a little girl celebrating independence day with the winner too.

I sure hope I didnt offend anyone while explaining why I wouldnt include anyone who didnt have a blog or anyone who wasnt in what I considered "a community of doll makers" I was just so surprized during my last giveaway the amount of folks blatantly wanting something,. anything free from the internet. I had people saying "Yeah Im joining even though this pillow isnt something at all Id want, my daughter might so if I won could you please paint it in another color?" Then I found someone with their addy being something like "free stuff .com

I have had a ball in the past signing up for many giveaways and I like to support several of the blogs and hard working folks, I think its a great way to get to know people, have folks
get to know me a little better & I apologize if I didnt handle this with the grace it may have required, but thats why I adore so many of teach me
so much as a neophyte myself to this wacky but wonderful world of blogging about our passions, whether that be family, friends, vacas, pets, or new desings.

Ive gotten some of thee best recipies, ideas, hints, laughs, and shed some tears from being a small part of so many of you. I wasnt trying to discriminate in any way..I was trying to limit the amount of folks who werent interested in networking or supporting, but only in gittin something.

I really appreciate the support, encouragement and inspiration Ive recieved from you in the past. Im commited in learning how to find a balance in keeping whats so close to my heart which is creating, and meeting some of the most phenomenal women who Ive become friends with while having to make a living outside of the walls of my home.
I come home like most, tired, lacking energy, and time. I feel as though Ive lost some of my dearest friends and even acquaintences while not being able to come here or create as I used to before having to work ...ya know??? working for a living IS highly over rated! LOL. Gosh I miss some of you sooo soo much.
Thank you for understanding Im still very clumsy in my walk & am tryng to learn how to be the woman of Grace so many of you are.

I have finally been given a surgery date for the reconstruction of my boo boo July 30th Im goin under the knife...yikes...Im flyin around here trying to play catch up and digging around for sweats and shorts that have elastic band waists so I can pee without the aid of the hubs!!!!! Ohhh am I gonna pay for each time hes suffered & has been bandaged & deemed helpless with "welding flash" that included eyepatches and my mercy!!!! which may or may not have been a short supply of. (GULP)
Praying prayers of gratitude for blessing me with my blogging sisters.


Tina said...

I think that's a good policy about your giveaway and I'm glad your surgery date is set and you'll get that hand fixed. Love the pic of you, hubs, and the little punkin.
Blessings all round

BittersweetPunkin said...

Kat. You crack me up...

I know what you mean about the Giveaways....I have people comment on my giveaway posts that I have never ever heard from before and when I pop over to their blog I am not on their list of faves...I think some people just Google GIVEAWAY. :)
Now I weed them out and I don't feel bad about it at all.


CiNdEe said...

I am glad you are doing that because I agree people will just sign up and want something, anything just because its free. Don't appologise its your blog and your rules(-:
The other goodies are very nice too. I haven't sewn since my daughter moved back home and took over my "craft room" It was her room to start with but you know what I mean(-: ITs been crazy here since she came home so not much time for sewing. I miss making dolls but I do keep busy with my other crafts(-: I wanted to say, I love your Uncle Sams too! Have a happy day(-:

Laura said...

I hope all goes well with your thumb ,I have enjoy stopping by your page your pieces are wonderful !
God Bless and be well
Laura :0)