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Monday, August 31, 2009

The Allman Brothers

Woo Hoo!!! Rockin out with The Allman Brothers & Wide Spread Panic at the Dodge Center in Hartford Ct.
Last night Ronnie & I spent thee best night out in months w/ another sober couple we had invited. Ronnie had won 4 VIP tickets from a Bikers Against Animal Cruelty Rally last month.
Ronnie & I were simply saddened & amazed at the amount of ecstacy, weed and of course $9.00 beer so many were tanked on. I mean, I know Im older, & I certainly understand that just because "we" are gratefully choosing to live a life of sobriety, that not everyone "should" not drink or smoke occasional weed at a concert, Im not condoning..Im just sayin! But we were deeply disturbed at the amount of folks our age....late 40s & 50s..some older just torqued out & rolling on "X" These people had to drive scared me. & those not doing drugs were just hammered from alcohol. I know there had to be hundreds of call outs this morning in Ct. from hangover induced suffering. Guys on both sides of us were passing joints around inviting us to take a hit...the heavy drugs disgusted me, the stale beer smelled horrible but the weed was talking to did smell kinda...well damn good. But when we got outside, my hair and clothes reeked of it all. Yuck!
The opening band was "Wide Spread Panic" very good, very hard rock...lotsa strobe lights, light sticks,loud music & dancing...lotsa cooling down w/ $4.00 bottled water...
For free tickets we couldnt have had better seats, 8 rows from the stage and dead center...we could actually see Gregg perspiring as he was thrilling us all on his keyboards. I was excited to read on his website that hes been clean and sober for a few years now. Hes 61 & unfortunately joining me & thousands of others from the battle of Hep C. Hes had to cancel several states on this tour from the painful & exhausting flu like side effects & symptoms of treatment.

It was so much fun dressing up in my tye dyed hip huggers, black silk blouse w/ bell sleeves (very Stevie Nickish), & new black strappy sandles. Of course hubs was leathered out, wore his Native American choker of elk bone& turquoise that he made, & I couldnt have felt sorrier for all the women, I clearly had thee hottest man on my arm! (sigh) Although I did have to reel him in to reality... for gawkin at the Hooter he had a chance...dirty ole man of mine! LOL

What a blast from the past...such fun. They sang some olde classics, Sweet Melissa, Whipping Post, & almost every song from Eat A Peach album.
It was a great night, we really need more date nights between us. It was quite different from the old days where I may or may not have needed a bail bondsmen, didnt have pictures taken with numbers across my chest LOL and best of all this time remembered who we saw!!!!

Well I went to my Doctors & going back to work even on light duty isnt an option or open for discussion until Ive had 4 weeks of Physical Therapy for twice a week. I wasnt happy but gratefully had felt peace in finally accepting this is Gods will not is what it is till it isnt. I was more upset that my bosses were extremely upset & one of them took it out on me verbally. It took every bit of grace & class not to remind them had they done their job in fixing the broken tile I had reported in my safety audit for 2 months before I fell, we wouldnt be having this conversation! But my sisters in Christ have taught me...when the horse is dead...dismount...they know how I feel and their anger wasnt about was about them. Jeesh is it possible Gidgets growin up????? LOL
So its Monday morning, tomorrow is my first appointment with "Mike" my P Therapist. at 7:30 am..lets get this party started...
Today Im gonig to try tracing some fun painting patterns I found on the latest issue of Create & Decorate..Tomorrow we go shopping for my new digital pictures soon.
I hope everyone embraces this day with all they have & envelop the same excitement I feel for the fast approaching autumn...I just love love love...sweaters, sweatshirts, the aroma of burning leaves, the colors, the chilly mornings & thee best designs for fall.
ohhh me needs more coffee.


BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Kat...the concert sounded like it was a great time!

I went to a Stevie Nicks concert a hundred years ago with a girl who dressed like her from head to fun.

I hope you are back to 100% soon..I will keep you in my prayers.


Tina said...

Kat, it all looks like too much fun. I can just picture you there rockin out.


Cookie said...

the Allman brothers have long been one of my faves... they are schmeared all over my ipod, intertwining with Neil Young ♥ I can imagine how good the show was Kat - you lucky girl!

Prayers for you always, sweet sister x0

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