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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Natalie Jo

Well its been so long since Ive posted on my blog. I miss this being a part of my daily life, I miss being a small part of yours.
Im still unable to find someone to help me learn how to post pictures from my computer onto here or my Face book Page etc. I know how to upload and down load normal pictures but since I have this wonderful new digital camera, the entire program has been comprimised.

This really upsets me. I feel like Ive missed out on sharing with so many of you. Thank God for Face book so I havent lost touch with so many of my friends Ive met thru blog land.
Im praying that God will put the right person in my life to"fix us"
My hubs & I are beyond blessed. I have so much to share but until I can post pictures its not much fun reading can do that in a newspaper! LOL
Life is good, it is full.
I pray that each of you are continually blessed with an abundance of Healing, Creativity, Light & Plenty.
I think everyones pretty much given up on me & my inability to blog... (I cant blame them)but just in case....I havent forgotten any of you. I am in emergency prayer for a computer angel to help me..until then...
Merry Christmas & Happy Happy New Year!

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Tina said...

Just stopping by to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. What a precious little one there.
She's amazing
Blessings to you Kat