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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Good Bye 2009

What a year its been. I hope the incoming 2010 is as exciting & abundant as this year has been.
I have grown much both spiritually & creatively.

I owe much of these changes to some of you who have supported, encouraged, & loved me thru some really challenging experiences.
Thank you.
Of course some of these changes were inspired by God who has been asking me to trust Him, the process Hes planned by using people places, and things. I have been out of my comfort zone for a long time. But even thats becoming familiar so it is time for more change.

Ive been being asked by God to push myself creatively....again.

Soooo Im trying to release some of the barriers, limitations that I thought were mine but were actually of others. I do love the olde primitive, simplistic style of dolls, lifestyle etc...yet theres another area of creativity that I cannot seem to keep inside of me much longer & Ive made the decision to examine that exciting arena.
That area is creating more whimsical dolls embracing the feminine energy of the spirit of women...all kinds of women, African women, Native American women, Asian women Women who have lived during the Civil War,...all kinds of beautiful women. Im going to honor the beauty of each of us. Im also going to begin learning how to create more interesting props for these women folk.

For the longest time, Ive tried emulating some of the amazing talent & treasures each of you possess, I wasnt trying to "copy" Ohh Lord, I couldnt if I tried! LOL but I was taking a little of you, a little of her, & trying to incorporate a variety of techniques into who I am.

I have learned much. But now Im being asked to step outside of the box of what we would probably consider Primitive "norm" Im going to learn how to improve my sewing, begin working with polymer clay, Paper clay, maybe do a little beginner quilting, & definitely learn how to feel comfortable with stamps, colored inks, water colors.....I have invested so much money & time purchasing all of these wonderful supplies, & now its time to learn how to use em...not allow them to intimidate me any longer. These will all be incorporated into my dolls, their props, my characters, my spirit.
I am so excited to think Im "goin for it" I am a "Scaredy Kat with her Own Crow"
... One woman embracing her own ideas, preparred to take more risks...Ive got so many new ideas that I dont know where to begin first.
I do have some good stitcheries again, honoring the Female journey, playing with some fun threads, fibers and textiles to encourage each of us with quotes from those who have walked before us...
Ive begun sketching...ohh what a hoot that is..I am no draw-er, but I need to get some of this down as a guide....a map so to speak.
I am so thrilled now that I am learning how to master some of this picture posting with the new camera, I mean even since my last post here, Ive learned how to share these new pictures onto my Facebook Page....
Im DWELLING In POSSIBILITY" & its feeling "Right"
One of my other risks Im taking is opening myself up to networking more, making more friends via Facebook & Blogland.
I hope some of you will join me on my new journey. I do know I cant do any of this alone.
Happy New Year Everyone....Let the miracles Happen.


marci079 said...

I love you so much!!! You are such a beautiful and amazing woman!! I'm so proud of you and so inspired by your words. I look forward to reading more and just want to shout THAT'S MY AUNT!!!

Kat said...

Tears of pure JOY! Love you, love the woman you bring to all you are passionate about, and I'm so warm with the energy you post with!

Love you to bits, (((((Beautiful))))!