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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!!!!

Happy New Year.....
We were so thrilled that Matt, Nicole, Mikey, & Enola were able to come share the brand new year with us.
We opened presents, although Enola wasnt much interested in her new doll or accesories for said doll...she sure gave us a run for our money trying to keep Opies old chewed balls and chippies out of her hands! LOL
We ate spinach stuffed shells, chicken parmesean stuffed with mushrooms, eggplant & peppers..., salad, garlic bread, pumpkin pie from Nicole & vanilla ice cream...YUM!

Then we played Wii Bowling...I was beat 2 out of 3 games by Nicole...shes all of 90 adoreable lbs...I think I was hustled. There WILL be a WII match!

The snow is falling outside this Saturday morning, Ronnies out sanding, blowing & plowing, the house is quiet, clean & Im going to enjoy finishing up creating some cute sculpted sunflowers I had going on, they have pouty little faces, & have sticks for stems I found outside,& felted leaves.

Beside the obvious gift of beautiful friendships,....

I have finally been blessed with figuring out how to post these pictures from my Kodak Gallery.
Im sure its not the correct way, but I found it by mistake...thru editing & taking out red eyes! I dont really care, I just am shivering with excitement that I can begin posting pictures on Facebook & here on my blog.

Im getting back into creating & designing full time.

I feel so sad that because of my computer problems that I wasnt able to stay in the loop with my networking/blogging sisters...I have missed them all so much.

I pray that I can rebuild my network again. Sometimes the network here has kept me going in some dark times. The void in my life had been large. SOooo if anyone from our doll making community does stop by...I sure would appreciate your comments & help me get the word out that Im back and Im alive.....
I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend, and is blessed with an abundance of blessings, healing, peace..... and plenty. I know I am...I was promised & I just feel it!!!!!

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Tina said...

Kat, I too find it pleasant and connecting to check in with all my blogging friends which you are one. Your New Year is off to a sweet start and I have the highest hopes for an amazing year. For all of us.
God bless