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Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Bike Show

So Ronnie & I enjoyed quite a morning yesterday at a very over priced but so worth the splurge Bike Show in the Hartford Expo center.
We were just needing to get out of the house & do more than groceries, errands or we went out to breakfast first....then off to Harley Heaven.We even saw a couple of very SAWEET Indians....
This sweet lil thang "Miss Valerie" who was a Playboy Centerfold held my husbands attention as she autographed a garage poster for our son & his garage...I told my hubs..."you take away those inplants, her tight lil body, her gorgeous tan, smile & long blond hair...& ya got me!
She was actually standing on a crate WITH platform boots..she was a lil one...(in heighth)
I took a picture of the sign that I would lOVE to buy for my sons fits him to a tee! Im sure he would agree. So would his boyz...
I was doin a little of my own silent drooling..there were a whole lot of MCs supporting this show, (The Hells Angels) & more, lotsa big intentionally bald... or unbald... hairy boys sportin skull caps, pony tails, leathers, chaps, colors, & ink...lots of tribal ink....yum! (insert chuckle) I have my own hands full with my own middle aged hottie...but rather than feel insecure or jealousy...I just took a lil eye vaca of my own while he was in his own Fantasy Island!

Being at the show however inspired Ronnie to sketch a bike to burn...he had purchased a nice piece of wood, its actually a box, kinda like a cigar box...but wooden, & now he has a vision to begin his own project. The rough sketch is awesome, I cant wait till he completes it. He even said hed keep it for himself which is rare, no matter what he burns, someone always scoops it up & buys it...

I hope no one was offended by the sign I posted...but Im not going to pretend Im someone Im not. I "am" a child of God with a mouth(Im workin on) and sense of humor I hope isnt stripped completely.
Im excited to post some pictures of the cool "EGG" sign I painted from a Kim Klassen pattern. Its hanging in my kitchen & I might even paint one advertising Black Wool for sale...I lOVE all of her Shaker inspired primitive art work.
So thanks for spending some time at the Bike Show with us...Hubs & I bought a couple of over priced shirts but it was soo worth it. We had a ball. Its so important to make & keep dates with your spouse.


The Painted Pear Basket said...

Looks like you had some real fun for the day !!! Love the photos !

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

well, I for one am not offended!!!
i am a biker-chick from Waaaayyyy back! & have the tats to prove it!

seems we're more connected than we know, mizz Kat!

blessed be,