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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Some of my Creations from 2009

I had a ball painting this large tote bag with a design from Shari Reiner, the other side is loaded with her funky angels as well. It was sold immediately at my home show.

I thought some aged primitive stuffed stars with a variety of sayings would be cute, they sold well. I added some sweet anne, berries, baby breath, and status tucked inside of each. I stuffed them with rags, polyfill & sawdust, to add a great smell then brushed them lightly with some cinnamon.

My Santa was a doll I designed myself, he has a sweet old face with great big eyes. He sold the day after my show, someone called & asked if he was still available...The prim angels in the basket advertising that "Angels Gather Here" also sold well/ I painted their little eyes & they had twigs & cinnamon sticks for arms and legs. I included some old keys hanging from their necks, some had little charms encouraging, "strength, hope, and faith"

I painted my pickle jar with a design from "Barb Jones" who I also adore, but didnt like the first bow & removed it & added a plaid homespun, torn piece of fabric, and it sold right away.

I added a glass voltive with a tea light on top, they look so pretty lit up in the evenings. Another Barb Jones design was a pillow below with a snowman celebrating "Oh Tannenbaum" her snowfolk are the sweetest & so much fun to paint. I was secretly happy he didnt sell, so he sits on my sofa, embracing winter.

I found the pattern for Black Sheep Wool Co. from one of my favorite magazines "Create & Decorate" I am so sorry I cant think off hand what the artists name is, I will find out & make sure to let you know.

And of course my other absolute favorite is "Renee Mullins" on the last pillow. I have learned so much from these wonderful women artists & was completely knocked out with excitement when Renee added one of my pillows I had painted with her design to her website, where she encourages others to "Show Us Your Work" Shes a kind woman who I follow on Facebook. "Hi Renee"

So many of these women who do what they do...just dont realize how they inspire so many others to pick up a brush, a needle, a piece of fabric and go for it. Embracing the journey rather than the destination.

I dont ever want to forget these women... or take what they do or who they are for granted. Some dont even know how they touch us with their art, their voices, their own personal journeys. I think its so important to celebrate each other. Tell each other while were here..what they do for us....what we do for each other.
I remember finding my dear friend Stacey "The Goode Wife" on a private forum, I was so stinkin brand new, open naive, unprepared for all the "crazy" that happens when you put yourself out there.
I remember the first time I began this blog...she was the first person to see it..I was such a wreck, had only been on line for less that a month or 2, and as busy as she was, always made time to celebrate whatever I did...if it was good, bad or indifferent, she was my best supporter and still is.
Another s/hero in my life is "Pam" from "Soft in the Head".....This woman is a published designer...making time in her hysterically busy life of order filling, designing & full filling her several titles of wife, Mother, Grandie, daughter, etc... to make sure she always brightens my week by encouraging me...Thanks are indeed a Softee...

"Peanut" from "CountryFolk Keepsake" is another of my kindred spirit sisters...This woman is certifiably sweet, & I wished I lived closer cuz Id be her number one stalker(shed need a restraining order to keep my away)....Cookie, from "Curds N Whey" just lifts me with her creativity, beautiful spirit and love for Harleys & Christ...
Then there are others who just sooth my soul & ignite my own creativity with their blogs.
So thank you ladies for all of your gifts of time, never giving up on who I am, what Im trying to will always be a part of me. I dont mean to imply I want or would ever try & "copy" your work...but absolutely try to emulate your contagious passion, your gifts of inspiration, your beautiful feminine energy that surrounds you & touches so many. Yeah...That I could only hope to incorporate into my own spirit.
So back downstairs to finish the apple/peach pie I promised my poor husband who complained last night that this house has no "goodies" in it.....yeah, all 219 lbs of him whittling away close to nothing! LOL. & then off to make cheeseburg casserole, salad and italian bread for this cold New England weather dipping in the single digits...I think I should try to sew my lil chubby squirrels some sweaters & bloomers...poor lil guys!


Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

WOW!!!!! Darlin', you are one talented gal!!!! Man, I wish I lived closer, I would have loved to come to your open house.
I am thrilled to see you back in blogland. YaY!!! :> )

Tina said...

What a gifted artful soul you are.
Thanks for sharing your gifts with all you meet.
God Bless

Stacey said...


So many of us sit and do what we love, never knowing just how much we touch others. I am so thankful to be able to do what I love, but more than that, to celebrate as you say~ each other and our gifts. You are such a wonderful spirit and YOU have taught me many things, such as keeping the faith that the truth would come out, and the huge power and love of forgiveness. It is YOU that rocks my world!

To Infinity and Beyond~
The Stace Cadet

kat449 said...

Wow...Peanut, Tina, & Stacey...I thank you for providing me with such Bright light in so many of my dark times...
Art & friendship are the perfect healers that God blesses us with. I am just washed in light & wonder....

Cinlyn said...

Hey Kat! Nice to "see" you again! You're doing some great work there! Awesome painting...I esp like the wool pillow & little stars! Sounds like you had a successful home show!

Looks like you had a nice Christmas with the family...passes all too quickly for the time it takes to prepare, doesn't it?!

Have a great day Kat...stay warm! It's snowing here again today! UGH! Isn't it about spring time?!

Debra said...

What wonderful work you create Kat!
Very cute puppy in your header!!

marcuslinnus said...

wow, kat! those pillows are awesome.
could you tell me more about this "Pam" character?

Kat449 said...

Hay (((marcus))) You silly silly man...I must explain your comment or youll likely scare my friend or any friends in the future... named "Pam"
"Pam" is the name of a woman who Marcus & I have a private joke about..certainly not anyone in our "safe" community! LOL
The expressions here are not necesarrily those of Scaredy Kat & Her Own Crow! LOL