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Monday, January 25, 2010

Hope & Healing for Haiti

I see so many other wonderful Bloggers have tapped into their hearts & have been donating their purchases to Help for Haiti.

These examples are the beauty I speak of when I often share about how my blogging sisters teach me so much about stretching ourselves.... sometimes outside of our comfort zones to make a difference. Especially in such dire times in the economy as these...

Haiti needs any & all help. Yet... I thought "How could I possibly help? Im only one person" but if we all felt that way, where would Haiti or any of us be? I do believe God blessed each of us & hasnt left anyone out with a variety of talents, & treasures...I cant help feeling He gave us these personal gifts to share times like these...We cannot take our blessing, of talents time, & whatever treasures we have been given and run..never looking back. I know I cant.

So, Ive created this Valentines Day inspired package to sell. I LOVE Deb Richies designs, she & Terrye French designs just speak to & touch my spirit... I painted Debs adoreable love struck sheep on a piece of osnaburg fabric, & sewed some fun black & white gingham, some red & white fabric surrounding the pillow. Its Bright & very chubby! Just click on the photo for a better look see.

I had a blast painting the empty mayo jar lid & added yummy Hershey Kisses, some pretty wrapped white & milk chocolate to sweeten the pot ...Then added a black n white stamped heart on a round tag snuggled inside of a bright red & white torn piece of fabric which adds a little pop.

I included 4 delicious smelling large soy tarts I purchased & am *LOVING* from Brandy Annes Candles, they are all primitive inspired & make my home smell so warm & inviting...mmmm.

I am going to offer this package WITH shipping & handling in the USA only INCLUDED for $30.00.

My husband & I will match that purchase price & hopefully "we" can make a difference & send it to an orphanage from Haiti who I found from Cookies blog "Curds n Whey"
$60.00! Together We Can...
I understand they donate 100% to Haiti. THATS what Im talking about.

If anyones interested please feel free to drop me an email at my address posted below this entry. Together "We" can touch people who absolutely need to feel touched...loved & not forgotten. I cannot even wrap my thoughts around what they are experiencing.

My life is an open book, its no newsflash that my drug addiction robbed me of everything decent, & beautiful, I was a taker the entire I was so sick so many years ago, it just feels so good to be able to finally give back what was so freely given to me...HOPE!

So Id like to introduce yall to my new hoopty "Leapin LuLu!!!"

Shes a wonderful Nissan my husband picked up & have been working diligently on with a literal mechanical autopsy, she has all new insides...we will be re- painting her white & will also be adding some wild flames on her hood!
She may not have "Hemme" but shes got onions...hence her name Leaping...LuLu! Its been awhile since Ive driven a 5 speed..poor Maxine had only 2...front & back!

But shes heading towards much needed retirement after being very loyal & good to us...but we needed her to "dependably" drive us farther than a couple of towns...
Now we can make that long awaited trip to Jersey to steal..I mean stalk..I mean see....yeah thats what I meant "see" our beautiful Grand daughter Natalie Jo.

God I miss her so much it makes my heart literally ache. We try to stay very connected & send her little gifts, clothes. goodies,& surprizes, I mean This Grammie thing is all new to me...Im thanking God for the second chance to make up where I know I failed, & fell short as a Mom some being the best Grammie I can be...
My husband & I have literally turned into Grand Parent IDIOTS!

We talk about this baby girl & bore people to pieces, AND force them to look at our pictures of her.... but ya know what? WE DONT CARE!!!! LOL
We have made promises to her Mom & Dad not to pierce, tattoo or by her anything leather until after shes 21!!!!! a-hem... The promise of "no leather jackets" may or may not be broken....The jurys still out on that one.

I included my husbands latest Jewelery Box that he recently woodburned. It can also easily hold cigars & diddies... Its beautiful & felted black inside.
He felt easily inspired after our date to the Bike Show we went to a couple of weeks ago.
It is such a rush to sit at our dining room tables some weekends & listen to loud old classic rock or Country..thats right, were out of the country music closet! LOL, share pots of flavored coffee, share lunch & I paint while he burns...beyond our wildest dreams.

I hope you enjoy the photos, I couldnt help but include me & Opie...we were taking our quiet time walk together...Im still trying to get used to these new BiYocals Im sportin & high steppin is good to see again. All gifts that we sometimes take for granted.

I am finally Cyber safe from spyware, adware and virus safe with the newest & best Norton on the market...Im not takin any chances after the horrible "Crash of 09" LOL

So today Im spending time on my Christmas Easter Bunny Challenge Im participating in with some amazing women who belong to the awesome "Cloth Doll Artistry"

I am also busy making some prim & vintage spring & Valentine themed hearts...stacked with a variety of fun embellishments, even making a couple of lapel pins...

Grilled Chicken breast, baked potato & salad for dinner, yup even in the rain we grill....Im doing good on my new healthy eating, Lost 6 lbs in 16 days. YAY me!

Thoughts of peace, creativity & plenty for all of us today..May we ALL walk in the beauty God blessed us with.

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