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Monday, January 11, 2010

Simple Times...Simple Joys

I just love this "Kim Klassen" design I painted on some canvas duck cloth.

Ok keep scrolling...down...a little more...THERE!

Im working on a couple more of her designs...They are so relaxing & fun to paint. The prep work for the duck cloth however is quite the process...but I love to learn.

And during the evenings while watching T.V. Im stitching this fabulous but large cross stitch piece I found in my "Country Cross stitch" magazine. The tiny stitching is also good threapy for my thumb I had reconstructive surgery & another for a bone infection last Oct. so my PTherapist should be delighted Im in screaming pain after an hour of stitching! LOL.

I finally bought much needed new glasses last week, I call em my "Bi-Yocals" I didnt spend the extra $100.00 for progressive where ya cant see the line... these were expensive enough...Laura Ashley frames for me???? I wasnt looking for designer names but these were awfully cute. I was being picky since theyre gonna be on my mug for awhile...but learning to live my life with split screen is undoubtedly a challenge. Im high stepping & tripping all over the place. Yup...still.

So I thought I was seeing things when my little buddy scared the...well you know....when I caught him staring at me while chopping salad for dinner the other evening.
ok now were scrolling back up...LOL

He was just watching me, I went right up to the window & he didnt move...soI asked him to smile... snapped this picture of him. These squirrels are such a delight for the hubs & I. We fattened em up for this cold winter..theyre HUGEOLA! trying to scoot their chubby little fannies up the trees...they probably all suffer from diabetes from obesity...good thing they dont least I dont think they do.

Maybe he was just eyeing the monster apple peach pie I had coolin on our stove.

So I just thought Id stop by & share a couple of my projects, & what warms my heart....

I want to share how appreciate I am for some of you who have been posting my blog on your side bars...Im still trying to figure out how to add the Blog Follower thingy on the side of mine...if anyone has any easy instructions, Id sure be grateful...

Im still tickled I finally learned how to post pictures from my new camera. Quite by accident & after many tears..the Lord sure works in mysterious ways doesnt He? Evidently He wanted me to practice patience, perserverance, & learn not to "ever" give up... no matter what I do.

So Im going to believe Him. I have come to Him in prayers asking that He help me rebuild some of the old friends Ive made & have lost since not being here... & making new ones since Ive been back.

Some folks utilize their blogs for marketing, show casing their beautiful homes, or journaling...a variety of different reasons, but I use it for that amazing gift of feeling "connected" to some real kindred express my love for recovery while being clean & sober, to share our love for God, to be inspired while surfing to some of your blogs, passions & homes.

SO when I wasnt able to participate any longer, I felt a void in my spirit, that was great.

Although I wasnt seen here posting, it didnt mean I wasnt trying desperatley to find the solution I needed to post pictures & share little parts of my life with all of you.

I dont have a large magazine perfect or magazine worthy primitive home....Im not published myself in terms of my doll making or painting, but I do come here for encouragement, inspiration in believing that some of you who "are" very successful, that it couldnt happen to me too "if" that happens to be Gods will for my life. I dont want anything that God doesnt want for me...
Successful Blogging.....Its important, but its not everything.
Friendship & Family is everything to me.
Making a house into a home is important...
My relationship with God, & improving my life in sobriety is everything to me...
but it all has to begin somewhere.

So when I whine or complain about not being an exciting or flashy blogger...its not because Im trying to compete...Im only trying to learn, grow, push myself towards being the best I can be... I missed being a part of this community where I feel appreciated, encouraged, inspired & motivated. So I thank those of you who "get" me.

I thank those of you who generously share my blog on your side bar...I appreciate that you know youre not "yet" on mine because Im selfish or greedy, but Im learning...& Ive done some amazing things thru small steps already..dont give up on me..Ill bet it wont be long before you all see your blogs boldly & proudly sitting on the side of mine...under my own header..... Screaming that THESE...

My Favorite Kindred Spirits.


brandypouliot said...

I don't know where I should post this... But Captain Opie is sooooooooooo cute!!!

The Painted Pear Basket said...

Love your blog ! I hope that you have a great day!

Tina said...

Kat what a sweet uniquely created person you are. Thanks for your comment on my blogpost. We are gonna party in heaven together around the throne one day.
thanks for your prayers